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Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.
Jongdae's POV Jongdae made it to the hospital with Minseok and they we're told to stay in the waiting room while Y/n was rushed to the emergency room. Minseok tried calling Yixing but he didn't pick up, based on the time that had passed he was back in classes again and his phone was probably on silent. Jongdae was sitting next to a man with a restless leg and blood was on his pants and hands. That wasn't nearly as unsettling as the waiting to see if she had lived. She was in surgery for at least two hours before a nurse came out. "You're the one that came with Y/F/N." The nurse addressed the man by Jongdae. Jongdae looked at him confused, the man stood up. "Yes is she okay?" He asked. Minseok grabbed Jongdae's arm, "Excuse me did you help Y/N?" Minseok asked. The man looked at both of them and then looked away. "Who are you?" The nurse turned to them. "We're her friends and friends of her husband as well." Minseok said. "So you're not the husband?" The nurse directed to the man. He shook his head, Jongdae stared at him for a second and said, "She was running from you wasn't she? You're Junmyeon." He looked at him and nodded and the blood on his hands and pants finally registered as Y/N's blood. He balled up his fist and Minseok pulled him back and told him to calm down. It wasn't nearly the place or time. Still, had he not been coming for her she wouldn't be in the hospital now. Minseok turned to the nurse and said, "Excuse me. Y/N thought she may have been pregnant is there anyway of knowing whether or not that was true?" "Um I think I should speak with the husband about that." She said. "Was she pregnant or not?" Jongdae snapped at the nurse. The nurse sighed, she couldn't bring herself to voice it so she nodded. "With the impact of the car she had internal bleeding and some damage. In her papers, it says that her test came back positive; she was pregnant. She is no longer." "Fuck." Jongdae said Minseok looked down and shook his head. Jongdae looked at Junmyeon his eyes looked hollowed out as if he were replaying what he'd seen. It didn't make him feel sorry for him it made him angry. Angry that he wouldn't leave her alone, angry that she was scared, angry that she had closed off from everyone because Yixing left her. She was doing better. Five years she'd been free and the devils favorite demon just had to come back to play. "You need to leave." Jongdae said staring at him. Junmyeon looked up at Jongdae and then at the nurse. "Is she alive?" He asked. "She's alive but she's slipped into a coma. The doctors are still working on her and we have machines helping her breathe. I really need to speak with the husband." She said. "Yixing is in classes right now he's turned down his phone we can't get a hold of him." Minseok explained. "It's important that the doctor speaks with him if you could get him here as soon as possible that would help her." The fact that she wasn't explaining what was going on made him scared but he thought of something. "Minseok call Luhan. You said he always has his phone up. He talks to Yixing he'll get him here." Minseok nodded and pulled out his phone and left the waiting room area. Jongdae turned to Junmyeon. "You're not going to want to be here when Yixing shows up. I suggest you leave." "You really think he'll show up? He left her for three days she's barely eaten a thing, she looked like hell when I got there." "Yeah and who do you think caused that? You know what you do to her. You know how to hurt her and you purposely did. You didn't think there would be any backlash? She loves him and he loves her and when he finds out that she's fighting for her life he'll come running. Hell could open up at his feet and it wouldn't be enough to stop him from coming to his wife's side. His wife. You did this to her, you're the cause of it all and you staying around only makes it worse. What do you think will happen when she wakes up anyway huh? You think she'll come running into your arms? She doesn't want you." Jongdae seethed. Junmyeon looked back at him with hard eyes but some how his expression softened. He looked at her blood on his hands and a tear ran down his face, shocking Jongdae. He sat down and stared at the ground. "When Yixing shows up, I'll leave." He said. Jongdae sighed, it wasn't like he could force him out of the hospital. Jongdae just hoped Minseok could get Yixing in time Yixing's POV Yixing was in the middle of a lecture when Luhan had opened the door to his classroom with haste. He came in with this worried expression on his face and he looked at the class and then at Yixing. He tried to settle his features but they were grim. "We need to talk." Luhan said. "Well let me finish up and we'll speak." Yixing said. "No now Yixing it's about Y/n she's-" Luhan looked to the class for a second. His voice had gone stern when he was talking to Yixing. The mention of Y/n broke his heart because he still remembered seeing her in bed with Junmyeon but his expression was grave when he said her name. "What about Y/n?" he asked. "You need to get the hospital quickly." "What? What the hell happened?" He said worried now. "She was hit by a car and the doctors need to speak with you. You need to go now, I'll cancel your classes and talk to Kyungsoo but you need to go." Luhan said. Yixing nodded and walked out Luhan had to call him back for his keys and his phone. Y/n got hit by a car. Y/n got hit by a car. Y/n got hit by a car No matter how many times her ran the sentence in his mind he couldn't function himself. He had tears coming from his eyes already and his hands were shaking but based off his demeanor if there hadn't been tears he would've looked fine. He drove to the hospital as quick as stop lights and speed limits would let him and he arrived at the front desk asking for her. He was sent to the waiting room because she was still in surgery. He walked in without a fight because his mind was still trying to process what was going on. His heart was racing he'd never been so scared in his life. He walked in and saw Junmyeon sitting next to Jongdae. "What the Fuck is he doing here?" He asked. "Yixing focus for a second there's something you need to know." Minseok said. He'd pulled Yixing away from Junmyeon along with Jongdae. "Yixing listen- Y/n is in really bad condition." Jongdae said. "How did she even get hit. Why is he here, was she still with him?" "She was running away from him when she got hit. Yixing you have to forgive her she would never do anything to hurt you she'd never do this to you but Junmyeon has always had this effect on her." Jongdae said. "They met two weeks ago." Yixing said. Minseok and Jongdae looked at each other. "She still didn't tell you?" Minseok asked. "Tell me what?" Yixing asked. Jongdae sighed disappointed obviously seeing the complicated aspect of the situation but Yixing once again was kept in the dark. "Junmyeon and Y/N dated before you two met. He's the ex she told you about." Minseok said. "What?" Yixing said. "That's why she was begging for you to make him leave she knew she couldn't fight against him. She didn't want to tell you who he was because you were so happy having him around and he was your friend she didn't want to take that illusion from you. Mostly she was scared that you'd see her differently if you knew she was a masochist." "She told me about that but I can't-" "She wouldn't want you to. Look Yixing it's just who she is, it's like a kink of hers. She told you because she wanted you to understand why she bends to Junmyeon so easily. She never wanted to hurt you but she was scared, it was more than her fear of him she was scared of losing you. Now when she wakes up she's going to need you. You have to be there for her." Jongdae said. Yixing looked down taking everything in. "Yixing, there's something else." Jongdae said. Yixing looked up at Jongdae and Minseok looked at Jongdae as if he didn't think he should say it. Jongdae simply said, "Someone has to tell her and it might be easier if it comes from him." Minseok sighed, "Alright." "Yixing- Y/n was pregnant... That was why she was sick recently." Yixing wiped his face in stress, "It wouldn't have been his, she swore they hadn't gone that far." Jongdae said. "We didn't, not until the day you caught us." Junmyeon said lowly. "What the Fuck were you doing touching her? Why were you even back at the house?" Yixing snapped. "I wanted her." Junmyeon stated. Yixing punched him in the face without a thought. He wanted her? He had her and he mistreated her, he abused her, he used everything he knew about her against her. Yixing wasn't horrified by her past or even the fact that she was a masochist but he didn't want her asking him to hurt her. He'd be no better than her father or Junmyeon. All Yixing ever wanted to do was protect her. When he'd seen her naked and wrapped in a bed sheet kissing him, he felt betrayed beyond belief. She loved him, she was desperate for him the night she was crying in her sleep. He was hurt. Now he realized why she'd said all those things to him. He now realized why she wanted him out of the house and damn it he had wished he listened. He wished he could go back and just say, "Okay baby whatever you want." Their entire relationship he was determine to show her he'd never hurt her yet he'd invited her worst addiction to live with them it was only a matter of time before she broke. The sight of his once good friend disgusted him as he thought about Y/n running away from him. He thought about the baby she'd lost from being hit. He thought about her. She was taking over his mind and he couldn't help but just want to smash Junmyeon's face in for everything he'd done to her in the past and what he'd done now. Junmyeon stood up silently and for the first time Yixing noticed the blood all over his hands and his clothes. Y/n's blood, he was covered in it. Her blood was on him. "I'll never touch her again." Junmyeon said. Something in him seemed broken. Could he not handle what he'd done? Perhaps seeing her get hit and holding her fragile body while getting covered in her blood had filled him with so much regret he couldn't bare to come around her again. Good. Junmyeon walked out of the waiting room just as the nurse walked in. "Zhang Yixing?" She asked. Yixing turned around and he answered, "You're the husband correct?" She asked. "Yes, is Y/n alright what's happened?" "She's been stabilized and they managed to stop the bleeding. The doctors are switching her to another room so you can visit her but she's in a coma still. We can only hope that she'll come out of it on her own." She said. "Where is she?" He asked. "Right this way." She said. She lead them down the hall and to Y/n's room but she said that only Yixing should enter. Jongdae and Minseok waited outside as he walked in. What he walked into made his heart sink even more. Her heart rate was stable but she had a mask on to keep her breathing. Her head was bandage up her arm had a purple bruise on it. She had IV's sticking in her arm, she looked unhealthy. He walked around the bed and sat down beside her, little tears leaving his eyes as he reached for her hand she was just barely warm. Her hands were cold but her heart rate wasn't dropping. What had she done? What had he done? His dear wife, the love of his life he'd walked out on because he felt upset and betrayed and now she was here. He should've just told Junmyeon to leave, he should've just listened to her; he could see how upset about she was. Why didn't he listen? Why didn't he see it, that she was scared? That night they slept together and she cried he should've known there was more behind that. He should've known when she cried in her sleep begging him not to go. He should've known. Yixing continued to beat himself up as he watched her sleeping form. She slipped into a coma they had told him. A doctor walked into the room and closed the door behind him. "Mr. Zhang I'm Doctor Kim I worked on your wife." Yixing didn't look up, his eyes were glued to her. She looked so helpless. His hands still cupped hers and Yixing swallowed and said, "Will she be alright?" "The car struck your wife quite hard Mr.Zhang. If the man at the scene hadn't performed CPR and kept her blood flowing she would've died. The internal damage she suffered we were able to patch up and we stopped the bleeding but her body is weak. Unfortunately, the accident also resulted in a miscarry we wouldn't have been able to save the baby either way. Right now she's still alive but her chances of coming out of the coma herself are slim." "What are you telling me?" Yixing looked up at him finally. "I'm saying we've done all we can do for now. Her body will have to repair itself on its own but it's possible she won't wake up and if she does she may not be the same. She suffered some damage to the back of her head and with her already weak state it's hard to say if she'll make it. We can keep her on the IV and the machine will keep her breathing but right now all we can do is monitor her progress. I'm sorry." Yixing nodded because if he opened his mouth he'd say something rude. It wasn't the doctors fault and he knew that which was why he kept his mouth shut but he was furious and broken hearted. She miscarried because of how she was hit. She was hit hard, so hard she had a large bruise and had been hit on the head. She slipped into a coma during surgery so it was possible she would never wake up. He wiped his face of his tears only for fresh ones to follow behind. He reached into his pocket and pulled out her wedding ring. He'd held onto it since the day he saw it on the ground. He thought she was still upset at him. He was scared she was leaving him because she thought he didn't love her anymore after finding out she was a masochist. He loved her so much he couldn't let go of the ring no matter how upset he was at her. So he kept taking it with him to work. Three days he hadn't said a word to her and she hadn't tried to talk to him either. She probably stayed in bed and didn't move maybe that's why she was so weak. Jongdae even came to him to ask what was going on because she stopped showing up to work. He slipped her wedding ring back on her finger. When she woke up, she'd see it. She had to wake up, she had too. He loved her and he couldn't let her die without knowing that he was sorry for leaving and sorry for not listening, knowing damn well she had issues in her past. He was sorry for not making the connections, he was sorry for not protecting her. He just wanted her to wake up and call him jagi again. "Keep fighting baby, when you wake up I'll be here. I love you so much so don't give up. Please just come back to me." He said to her. Silence was all that filled the room. For the next three months silence was all that ever greeted him in the room. His home was a ghost house without her meeting him at the front door or being in bed beside him. For his lunches he'd come to visit her and Jongdae and Minseok would show up as well. Junmyeon had sent flowers once to her room and the card read his apologies to both her and Yixing. He promised not to come around again. He hadn't since. After three months, silence still was all that greeted him into the room. He sat next to her bed and read to her. She was looking better, her bruises were gone. They'd taken the bandages off her head. They had checked her organs with a body scan making sure everything was healing properly. She needed more time to heal but now all that Yixing wanted was for her to wake. "Y/n this character reminds me of you. She has a smile that can lure any man. You have a smile like that. The kind that makes any one that sees it smile back." He said. Silence. He continued reading out loud to her. She always did love fantasy books. She liked romance too. He was turning the page when he noticed something. It made him stop reading and look closely. Had he seen what he thought he saw? He continued to watch closely and then...
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