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↝TOP....x Toilet↜ This Man!!! just never ordinary..
Our Bingu TOP never an ordinary Man!!!
Never ↝less↜to show how much he love VIPs!!
Picture of himself on a TOliet!!? This is why I LOVE him♡♡♡♡ @KwonOfAKind....your favorite...To...I.le..t
I believe he is only 3!!!!
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oh thanks JTOP how kind of you to show me my "favorite" 😅😅 lol . . *whispers* TOP can you talk to GD ...make this a trend 😎😚🙄 *clears throat* I mean ...don't do this again 😱😋
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Maybe GD was the one taking this picture for him......(GTOP moment!!!) from the "window".....Kwonnie get your head away from the "window"
8 months ago