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So ive been seeing this around all day today on social media and thought id join in! My theme was matching gray hair with Jimin !! ♡♡

*Because Jimin is my UB and the love of my life! ♡* *I know im not as cute as Jimin so bear with me lol* xD
*Ignore my ratchet snapchat lol*
* We actually have a matching piercing ♡ * * I actually got it because of Jimin ^_^ * Ahh, this was fun, hopefully you guys can join in!! If you do please tag me id love to see your #ArmySelcaDay Cards!! ♡♡*
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I loved this! So cute! I love your hair!
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Ahh i see lol mines not too bad luckily but i guess i should keep trimming it 😆