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The second part of the concert time is here, and ehm something special is in store. This is an extra long chapter all in Yoongi's View. ⚠ Okay now for warning!There is smut in the chapter! it will have a warning before it starts!
Yoongi's View*** "Is that who I think it is?" The girl next to Keri questioned looking at me. "Uh maybe" Keri said wincing. "Keri" I called out trying to be discreet. "Is he the friend?" She asked. "Uh yea. Here let's move over there" Keri said moving to walk to me. The girl  followed. "Keri come in back here. Oh is this the friend you made?" I asked when keri and the girl went through the door. "Yes, Uh Layla this is Yoongi. Yoongi this is my new friend Layla" keri introduced. "Friend ? Oh I love that!!!! I have a new friend!" Layla exclaimed happily as she wrapped her arms around Keri.  It made me laugh at the pair. These two looked like a pair a friends. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought about how keri would react to the crowd, but it looks Like she made a new friend and it wasn't as bad as I thought she was. "She's like you when your happy" I pointed out. "Heh am I? Oh that's good to hear! I thought she was a big scardey cat" layla laughed. "But omogosh I can't believe you know one of the members of bts!" Layla exclaimed. "Actually-" "Yea I know all the members" keri said cutting me off before I could dub myself Keri's boyfriend . "Are you feeling better? Your talking normal again" Layla commented. "Its better back here" keri agreed. "Uh Keri do you want to stay back here and watch instead? It won't be the same as being in the audience, but you can watch us on the screen, or from the side of the stage" I commented looking at her worried. "Maybe that would be better to do. I'm sorry yoongi I can't see you as an audience member" she told me but I just shook my head. "Its okay. I'm just happy your here" i grinned at her. I was extremely happy she was here. "Can I stay back here too? That would be so cool!" Layla asked. "Can she yoongi?" Keri gave me puppy dog eyes. She looked cute like that. I couldn't help but nod. "Sure, your new friend can stay with you" I sighed. "Come on, the guys want to see you. Shocking, Tae worried about you this entire time too" I admitted. "Tae Tae?" Keri perked up. "And kooki. Those boys are attached to you, you know" I said shaking my head. "Omgosh! You know them that well! How come you didn't say anything! And why am I so happy those two have friends outside of their band members!" Layla was so chipper about all this. I couldn't help but be happy for Keri for finding her. I walked us back and into a room where all the guys were. "Keri!" Tae yelled out and flung himself at her then detatched himself just as fast. "Don't I look good?" He gave her a look which made her laugh. "Yes you look good, very dapper" Keri told him. "My friend mine!" Kooki came over and clung to her. Keri couldn't help but feel loved by these boys. It made a little feeling in my chest, I was a little jealous Tae and kooki were latching themselves into Keri. "Hey who did you bring with you?" Kooki asked looking behind her. Layla stood a little behind keri wide eyed. "This is my new friend Layla" keri introduced. "She's not like your other friend is she?" Tae asked curiously. "No nothing like her, so far" keri scrunched her nose. " I met her outside. She helped me get over my nerves" she said. "Oh nice! Were you nervous? I'm sorry I wasn't there for you" kooki hugged me tighter. "Hey kook! My girlfriend! mine!" I said trying to pry him off her. "Just because you got in a fight with Taehyung doesn't mean you can latch onto Keri" I pointed out. "You fought with your best friend?" She looked at him shocked. "Yes he's mean to me" kooki pouted still holding onto keri. " your my bestie now" he stated. "Awe how sweet" she said. "Um keri your dating one of the members?" Layla questioned. It looked like she was coming out of her shock. "Uh tea I kind of am " she said. "Layla was it? Are you a fan?" Jimin asked. She let out a squeak and then a yelp and a series of noises came out of her. "I can't believe I'm meeting bts. I never dreamed I would meet you all." She exclaimed "keri you are like my good luck charm!" She said hugging her from behind. Keri had two people hugging her now and I wasn't one of them. If I didn't find it so funny. "Um glad you think so" keri said awkwardly. "And now I'm touching kooki" layla squeeled as she realized by hugging keri she was touching kooki's arms. Keri was laughing now. "Can you two let me go now?" Keri asked. "Awe alright" layla pulled away and then kooki did. Once they did I pulled her to me and hugged her. She was stiff for a moment and then relaxed into me.  "Hi honey" she whispered into my shoulder so that I could just hear her. "Hi baby" I whispered back to her. The door opened and someone called a 10 minute warning into the room and then shut it again. "Alright we got to get in gear to go out there!" Namjoon called out. "Keri what do you want to do? Go back out there or stay back here?" I asked her. I couldn't believe how insensitive I was to forget she hated crowds and she had still come here and had a panic attack just from being outside. I didn't want to send her back out to be apart of the crowd if she couldn't handle that. "She can always stay backstage and watch from the side" Tae said. "Or be at the back of the crowd" Jin said. "Or stay in the room and watch the feed" Namjoon recommended. The guys were giving her options. "Those all sound like such good options!" Layla said as she stood next to kooki poking at his arm. He was staring at her not sure what to do. Layla was a small girl and that long black hair of hers was coming forward in her face alot. She actually reminded me a bit of a doll, especially with that dress she was wearing. "Hey hey Keri! If we sit next to each other we can cheer them on together!" Layla said. "Kooki I really like this coat on you. You look so handsome" layla commented. "Uh thanks" kooki said unsure as he took a step back away from her to stop the poking. "Or can we stand on the side of the stage and watch? No people but the people back here" she suggested. "I like that, can we do that?" Keri said looking at me. "Are you in my sweat shirt?" I finally noticed what she was wearing. My favorite black sweatshirt that I left at her house apparently. "Uh, yes. Why do you want it back?" She asked. "Do you have anything on under it?" I couldn't help but ask. "Yes! I have a shirt underneath I'm not crazy" she laughed. Keri let go of me and returned to standing next to Layla. "So can layla stay with me back stage and watch?" She asked. "Yes, just let me tell security. I don't want them throwing you out for being there" I nodded. "I got it" namjoon said and headed towards the door. He went out and a moment came back in with people following. "We have to head out now" namjoon said. "Okay sounds good" I said. The two girls went with a security guard and we went with several other people to our spots to go on the stage. When I was on stage I couldn't see Keri but knowing she was there I gave it my all! The crowd was crazy and loud, the cheers for us  were deafening. Every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of Keri off to the side . The show continued on and on and when it ended I came off stage and right to her. She hugged me and told me how great a job I did. Layla was sitting on the ground next to her looking exhausted. "She was cheering you all on the entire time. Some of the people back here told us to quiet down several times" keri told me making me laugh. "How did you like it?" I asked her. "You were amazing up there! This is your element!" She commented. Kooki and Tae joined us a moment later. "Kooki! Oh my gosh you'd so different when your on stage! I hardly recognized you! I swear I see a little boy here and a sexy beast out there!" Keri told kooki when she hugged him. "Oh yea! I look that good up there" kooki laughed. "Sexy so so so sexy" layla looked up from the ground at him. Kooki gave a quizzical look at her. "Are you okay?" He asked. "I'm a puddle! You did this! You were so sexy out there" layla accused him making me laugh. "Our maknae isn't a baby anymore" I laughed. "How was I?" Tae asked "Chipper now? You were so serious and focused out there! I almost didn't recognize you!" Keri Exclaimed giving him a hug! "Why is she on the ground?" Tae asked looking at Layla. "She got overwhelmed and turned into a puddle" Keri said. "The rest of the group is back in the room" I said. "Can you two take Layla there and we'll be there in a bit" I asked. I was feeling very energetic at the end of the concert. "Yea sure, come on upsy daisy" Tae said pulling Layla up off the ground. "You come with me" I grinned at keri who nodded and took my hand.
SMUT SMUT!!! I pulled her to me and then moved to the closest room available. It turned out to be a small room that had random boxes in. I pushed her up against the closed door, my lips finding hers in a hungry kiss. "You were amazing out there honey. So good!" She said in between kisses. I pulled the sweatshirt off her to see that it was just a thin t shirt she had on underneath. I kissed down her neck and cupped her breasts. She was making small noises in the back of her throat as I drew lower then thought screw it and pulled her top off and saw her just in her bra, those breasts of her barely covered by the see through material. Why did they create this thing. "Yoongi" she moaned. "Your wild" "Like an animal" I mumbled before I licked through the material around her nipple. "We shouldn't be doing this" she said but it didn't sound like she put forth any move to stop. I pulled at her jeans but she stopped me. "I'm not doing it without a condom yoongi" her words were clear now. I couldn't help but grin. Thank you Jimin for giving me that condom the other day. I thought. "I have one baby." I said moving up her body and kissing her. She grinned. "I'm not going to question that" she said as she quickly undid her pants and I took the que and undid mine. With both our pants around our knees I felt her center and fingered her. She was wet and ready. I was brimming and needing to be inside of her. I found the condom in my pocket, opened it and slid it over my cock. "I need this. I need you" she moaned. "Oh yes" I groaned as I entered her. She slid out of the rest of her pants at some point because she was wrapping her legs around my back and I was pumping into her, pinning her against the door and my body. She felt so good, so wet. I pumped fast into her until she came around me and moments later I came with her. A heavy breath came out and then a sigh as she wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder. "Oh that was good" she sighed. "So good" I repeated. "I'm still tingling" she whispered in my ear. It made my cock twitch, still inside of her. It drew a noise out of her and then she was moving. She was wiggling on me and the movement caused me to react more and more and even as I had been semi hard a moment ago, I was hard as a rock now. She continued moving and making little noises in her throat. When she bit my ear, the feel of that mixed with her heavy breathing in my ear hand me wanting to come again. Her hands gripped onto my jacket, I could feel it still and then she came again, so fast. I held on a little bit longer before I came. "That was amazing" she said as she lowered her legs and I finally withdrew out of her. The condom was full and crap did I not know what to do with it. "I'm getting dressed" she mumbled picking up her clothes. Gods she had nothing on but that see through bra. "Are you always like this after a show?" She asked. "Just when I know your standing there watching." I smirked at her then I pulled my pants up and straightened out my clothes. She was already mostly dressed now. "Well in that case. I'll be sure to remember that" she chuckled "You have so much energy" "I get pumped full of it when I'm on stage" I told her. The stage and fans made me energetic.  Keri, seeing me and waiting for me right when I got off stage. That made me horny and wanting to fuck her against anything available. Which is exactly what I did. "I don't want to rush off but if we don't the guys will be taking guesses at what were doing" keri pointed out. I kissed her one last time. "True true. I have to find a place to put the condom though" I commented. "Oh uh is there a garbage in here?" She asked looking around. We both looked around and actually did find a big garbage bin that did have a bunch of paper in it. I pushed the condom further in until the paper covered it and didn't show. "Okay ready to head to the guys?" I asked. "We still have a signing and pictures to do. If you want to wait in the dressing room we'll be done in an hour and we can all go out to eat" I told her as we walked to the dressing room. "Can Layla stay with me and hang out?" I asked. "Well she has been this whole time already" I shrugged. "Thank you honey" she grinned at me. "And where did you two go off to?" Jin asked when we walked into the door.
That was hot and steamy with Yoongi and Keri. Oh gosh its bad I can really only imagine Yoongi being this way after a concert, pumped full of energy and needing a release. (pun intended lol) okay maybe Jimin as well lol. Many of you seem to like the new character Layla, hmm thinking of keeping her around, maybe setting her up with someone should I? maybe not? ah I'm loving her so far!
I have a feeling eomma Jin knows exactly what just happened between Keri and Yoongi oh snaps. Jin may have some words for them 😂😂 I do really like Layla though, she's the type of friend Keri needs in her life!
I'm liking the Layla! hahaha but honestly that warning! the dirty minded continue down hahaha😂👌👌👌 ... also side note... I'm already shipping Layla Tae... damnint did she say she had a bf? cause I don't remember reading that or anything~🤔😇
I like Layla so far. However I can't ignore that smutty smut smut 😈😈😈😈
I really love this story. I love how caring everyone is and I really like the new friend layla...
lol everyone is so caring. and happy Layla is fitting in just fine with everyone. 😁
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