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Omg you guys another teaser for the Big Bang Comeback has been released and I can't

Lyrics by T.O.P, GD, and Taeyang

^^you guys know this is about to he LIT!!

Between "Last Dance" and "FXXK IT" which song do you think you're going to like more?

Ahhh! I can't wait!! I feel like 'FXXK IT' is going to have a Bang Bang Bang feel. Just an all out party song. The title 'Last Dance' immediately makes me think it's a ballad and I am not ready for any emotions that can come from something with that title!
I'm so excited yet so scared and dying all at the same time I don't even get it😥
Last Dance.... sounds sad😭😭😭😭 TOP is enlisting soon....NO....😥😥😥😥