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Konnichiwa!!! Annyeong!!! Ni hao!!! Swasdi!!!

Hi, and welcome to the Asian Drama Monster Cave!!! It's your ever loyal Asian Drama Monster Blogger @VeronicaArtino here giving you some monstrous Drama info whether it be old or new!!!

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I have news of unbelievable and astounding happenings. From a celebrity being held in a country mistaken for a criminal, to another's near deafness from an accident on set of a drama, and another's stress from working with good looking co stars. Want to know more keep reading below.

Mistaken for a Criminal

Kim Woo Bin was trapped in the Philippines due to an identity mixup with a criminal

Who would ever thought just because you have the same name you would be detained in another country. Lucky for this actor his embassy helped him out. Here is an excerpt of the article on dramafever:
You may find this hard to believe, but famous actor Kim Woo Bin was recently prohibited from leaving the Philippines due to an investigation with the Criminal Investigation Department! It turns out that a woman who shares the same legal name as him, Kim Hyun Joong, was on the run for fraud. After filming in the Philippines for his new movie Master, he was stopped at the airport due to the matching name. He had to go through documentation procedures that took a week in order to prove he wasn't the criminal the authorities were looking for.
For more on the article click here.

Experiences near Deafness

Yang Yang endured sudden deafness and pain while filming Love O2O

Talk about doing whatever it takes for your job. One actor worked through pain and not being able to hear due to an accident. Though the pain and deafness was from injuries from different dramas before doing Love O2O, it shows his dedication to his craft. One has to ask though when enough is enough without a break in a schedule. Here is an excerpt of the article from dramafever:
Popular actor Yang Yang recently stunned fans when he revealed the unbearable pains he endured while filming the drama Love O2O. The romance comedy has emerged to be a smash hit for both Chinese and International viewers, but we'd have to ask, it it worth it to the young leading man for his sacrifices? On screen, the charming Yang Yang, who is considered one of the top Chinese Flower Boys, made everything look easy whether he was romancing Zheng Shuang or jousting with rivals as a gamer or entrepreneur. However, his recent admission, as revealed in his autobiography, has stunned fans and shed a light on how young actors forget to take care of their health as they work hard to rise in the entertainment world. While filming The Lost Tomb, an action and adventure drama series, Yang Yang often didn't use a stuntman and didn't know how to avoid injuries in many scenes. The perfectionist actor, a Virgo, would insist on repeating action and fighting scenes to achieve better effects. The result was that he suffered injures to his back, lower back, and legs. He also neglected to get necessary therapy and ended up with long-lasting damages.
For more on the article click here.

Handsome Costars Causing Stress

Uhm Ji Won reveals how stressful it is to work with Kang Dong Won and Kim Woo Bin

She says this is happy concern of hers working with these two talented and good looking gentleman. Here is an excerpt of the article from allkpop:
In the new film 'Master', Uhm Ji Won had the chance to work with the two actors. Many envied her position but Uhm Ji Won revealed that she was actually under quite the stress working with Kang Dong Won and Kim Woo Bin, who are "too handsome". She explained to Herald Pop, "Eye candy? It's nice when I see them from off to the side but it's stressful when we get captured in one angle while acting. It's similar to the stress you feel when taking a picture with a pretty friend. I'm an actress. It wouldn't matter if I were a man but what am I supposed to do when the guys are prettier than me?"
For more on the article click here.

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