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WARNING! °Angst °Smut °rated M °foul language °boyxboy °readerxidol ☆proceed with caution♢ DETAIL you and Bobby been best friend for so long but after summer break was over things just weren't the same any more. secret were keep lies were told and your best friend stop answering his phone. but what happen after you find out the secret that your best friend sleeping with your middle school bully!? who's also a boy! a story about Bobby and b.i and you involved. a love triangle in a very twisted way. Pt.1
I hated it all, this school this place this new house… and most of all i hated him. The sound of his laughter annoyed me his presence sicken me and most of all the sound of his voice was the most painful thing to my ears. I hated him for ruining my life for always making me cry and for turning everyone against me. “What do you want from me!?” today was suppose to be the best day of my life. “Haha look at her how pathetic” but he ruin it “awe look she crying haha” And they all helped him “what a loser haha” they mocked me in my time of weakness in front of him just like he wanted them too. “Happy birthday (Y/N) haha” Of all days why did you have to choose today to turn everyone against me?! to make me the laughing stock of our whole school!? why did you have to make my whole middle school year a living hell? Why must i be here in the center of the cafeteria with everyone lunch dumped on top of me!? Why are all my note book, class work and textbook throw everywhere and rip apart? Why are my gym clothes tore and dirty while they hang above the cafeteria like a flag? Why are my friends pointing and laughing at me while they stand beside you… “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?” i hate you so much “because your existence ruined what I once called my home” the way he looked into my eyes when he said that pierced my already broken heart. I could feel the tears starting to fall i didn't want to break but he won he went to far i couldn't take it anymore. “What did i ever do to you? Why can't you leave me alone!?” i can still remember the fear that ran throughout my body the moment he grab me by my jaw as he said harshly “i’ll never stop! never do you hear me! i’ll take everything and everyone way from you and ruin every single happy moment of your worthless life” those word echoed every night in my sleep those eyes that tortured me and those hands that forcefully grab me and toss me around hunted me. “I hate you Kim Hanbin!” I hate you so much! _ Narrator POV. On the way home (Y/N) limped as she walked from school while she continued to cry and tried to dry her tears. She didn't want her parents to see her like this that was least she wanted out of today. To have them ask her questions and butt in and make things worse. “(Y/N)!!” Bobby calls out from behind “Hey wait up!” he hollers as he runs over towards the limping girl. “hey I told you to wait up did you hear me” Bobby scoffed as he wraps his arm around (Y/N) shoulder. Bobby eyes widen as he notice the scratches and bruises all over (Y/N) and the dirt that Smead all over her face as streams of tears where left down her cheeks. “Who did this to you?” bobby pulled her by her wrist causing her to stop walking. “let me go bobby” she whimpered “Answer me!” bobby ordered “I said leave me alone!” (Y/N) cried out as tears rapidly fell. Bobby didn't realize how much pain she was in but it could just stand there and watch his best friend cry let alone look the way she does. Clothing tore and dirty her hair all messed up and filled with food. This is no way someone should spend their birthday. Bobby pulled (Y/N) in close as he held onto her tightly, (Y/ N) tried to pull away but gave in and cried into bobby chest. “it's okay I'm here (Y/N) i got you” bobby sooth her as he patted her head gently. “why does he hate me so much!” she cooed “who?” “I never did anything to him I never even talked to him so why must he target me bobby wae!?” Bobby felt awful to see his best friend cry in so much agony he wasn't sure as to what he should do or say. He wanted to help her but he didn’t know how all bobby wanted to do was to make (Y/N) stop crying to see her smiling like usual. “guy can be jerks (Y/N)” bobby addressed “he got the whole school to turn against me!” she shouted so desperately. “I'm sorry” bobby apologize “he made My two friends turn their backs on me!” (Y/N) added. “I wish I was there to help you” bobby comments “I just want it all to stop Bobby… I just want him to leave me alone” cried (Y/N) “have you ever woke up and didn't want to get out of bed, to hate going to school because you don't feel Welcome. To be alone to be the outcast and the loser. To have your only two friends turn their back on you?” “(Y/N) I'm sorry I wish I knew how to help” “have you ever been so tired that you want to end it all.” (Y/N) confessed “Stop that don't talk to way!” bobby become annoyed at the way (Y/N) spoke. Bobby never wanted to see (Y/N) this way let alone hear those type of words from her lips. “he took everything away from me bobby” she cried “he didn't take me… you still have me and he will never take me away from you... “ Bobby promised as he whipped away her tears. _____ After a long torment of middle school years the time has finally arrived and you will never see the like of Kim Hanbin again. “congratulations to the graduating student and their hard work!” Your out of middle school and off to high school a new start and a new beginning will began no more bullies and no more hanburger to ruin your life. Just you and Bobby and a new high school year what more could you want. “You did! (Y/N) I'm so proud of you!” your parents congratulated you. “I knew you'd make it sweety” your dad patted your head “My baby girl growing up so fast” your mother began to cry. But there was one person you looked for, the only one person who face you couldn't wait to see and to congratulated you. “(Y/N)! YOU MADE IT!!!” the sound of that voice made your heart beat race as you turn to the direction it was coming from. There you see bobby with a boquete of flowers a big teddy bear and balloons. You couldn't help but smile as you ran towards Bobby. “Bobby! I did it!” you shouted happily. “I knew you could!” bobby replied “now we can face the world together at our new school!” bobby adds “Yas! Together!” you chuckles happily. But you weren't aware of what the future holds for the both of you and little did you know that you had just walk into a nightmare that became your reality. "Come on bobby!" "Coming (Y/N)" "I'll take everything away from her... starting with him"
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