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I do not own Leo just the idea and Rose are mine. I do not own the pictures but thank you to Google for supplying them and Pic-Collage for helping me make this cover.
Okay this is my first ever smut I am posting in a competition. I hope you all enjoy it. Good luck to everyone that has entered! ^_^/
Rose couldn’t help but moan as Leo adjusted his thrust. 

“Faster!” Rose moaned without thinking. Leo stopped moving all together. His hands still gripping her waist. He leant forward getting close to her face. Rose froze knowing she had crossed a line. Leo was in his Dom mode. That meant absolutely no back talking or ordering him around. His breath fanned her face from being so close. The sharp look in his eyes was a clear warning to be silent. 

“Did you say something Baby?” He asked quietly. Rose barely shook her head already trying to figure out what her punishment could be. So far he had been lenient with her. She hoped that was the case now as well. 

“You know the rules.” He moaned as he began moving his hips slowly. The sudden movement caused a whimper to fall from Rose’s lips. 

“I’m in charge.” He stopped moving once more causing Rose to let out a moan of frustration. Leo’s gaze sharpened. Rose instantly knew she was in trouble once more. A sharp bite to her shoulder made her gasp and whine at the pain. Leo gave a rough lick to the red mark he left. The pain was short lived as Leo began pounding into her. Rose begun to get lost in the ecstasy with Leo’s cock going in and out so rapidly. It wasn’t long before Rose felt the feeling in her stomach. Leo didn’t slow down as she orgasmed. If anything he seemed to speed up causing Rose to cry out.
The pleasure was so intense that Rose went to reach for Leo. The sharp tug was a harsh reminder that her arms were tied behind her back. It was both a turn on and annoyance at the same time. Leo reached down and began to furiously rub Roses already sensitive clit. Rose’s body tensed at the heightened pleasure with Leo never stopping his thrusting. The pleasure was too much and caused her to cum again. Not long after Leo came with a grunt. He pulled out and pulled off the now full condom off his placid cock tossing it into the garbage. Panting Leo laid beside Rose while both tried to come down from their high. Rose was still breathing too harshly for Leo’s liking. 

“Get your breathing under control.” Leo’s voice was firm but his touch was gentle as he ran it along her stomach in soothing circles. Rose nodded and focused on controlling her breathing. Two orgasms in one night was still a lot for her to handle. After a few minutes Rose had her breathing under control. Knowing it was a weakness of both of theirs Rose figured it was safe to speak.

“Appa.” Rose dared to speak. Leo looked over not saying anything. 
“Can you untie me?” She asked before adding in a softer tone. “Please.” 

Leo didn’t say anything but rolled over so he was now all but laying atop of Rose. The weight of his body atop of hers gave her a mixture of feelings. It was harder to breath but, not impossible. The heat of his body atop of hers had her wanting him again. Even if she needed a break. 

“You tried to tell Appa what to do. You know the rules. You need to be punished. Maybe your punishment should be staying tied up all night.” He suggested. Leo was only half kidding but Rose seemed to think otherwise. 

“No!” Rose spoke lifting her head slightly. A raised eyebrow had her placing her head back down. He was only half kidding about leaving her tied up but she didn’t need to know that. 
“I-I mean please no Appa! Please!” Rose pleaded using her best pitiful face she could muster. “Y-you could spank me instead?!” Shocked at her own words her mouth fell open.
Leo didn’t bother to hide his amusement and surprise. He liked the idea. 
“Okay.” He agreed and forced himself to get up. He climbed off the bed and went over to the wall that held all the spanking paddles. Leo liked to go hard but he knew that would push Rose away. That was not something he wanted right now. He chose one that was still affective in pain but nothing that could seriously harm her. He removed it off the wall before walking over to the large over stuffed chair. The chair seemed more fit for a king than in a dungeon room. 

“Get over here.” Leo spoke without moving. 
Holding back groan Rose willed her tired body to sit up. A task more trying than she expected. Coming so quickly and twice in one night took more of a toll on her than she would of thought. She couldn’t deny her anticipation for her punishment caused her pussy to tingle. Rose shivered as her feet touched the cold concrete causing goosebumps to appear on her skin. It took her a minute to get her balance before she could begin walking to Leo. Once beside him she bent over his lap without being told. 

“I’ll give you ten spankings. After each hit you’ll apologize for giving your master orders.” Leo informed her. Rose nodded but jerked when she felt a sharp pain to her bum. 
“Answer!” Leo’s voiced sent shivers down her spine.

“I understand master.” Rose nodded biting her lip.

“Good.” Leo spoke and then waited a while to spank her. It payed off as she jumped at the first hit a squeal leaving her lips.

“O-one. I’m sorry master.” She closed her eyes at the burning feeling. She couldn’t help but be turned on even more when Leo lightly ran his hands against her butt-cheek. It soothed and heightened her senses at the same time.

“Two.” She jumped at the sudden sharp pain. “I’m sorry master.” 
By the time they reached ten Rose was out of breath and turned on again. Her butt burned but in such a good way. The pain was harsh but not unbearable. She could handle it. 

“Have you learned your lesson or Do I need to teach you again?” Leo asked knowing she was turned on.
“I’ve learned my lesson master.” She panted. Rose jerked when his fingers began to lightly toy with her pussy.

“It looks like you enjoyed that baby slave.” Leo’s voice was husky turning Rose on further. She whimpered as his fingers parted her lips and began to tease. 

“Let’s go another round.” Leo spoke more to himself than Rose. Rose tightly shut her lips to avoid more punishment but couldn’t stop squirming. A sharp smack stopped all her movements. 

With a groan and some struggle Rose climbed off Leo’s lap. Kneeling in front of him she waited for his orders. The cold concrete sent a shiver through her but with her body heating up it felt nice. She tried to stay off her ass for now. It was a bit stingy. Maybe she could convince Leo to put some more rugs down here. Rose didn’t move but couldn’t help but squirm in her spot. Leo rose from his seat and grabbed another condom. As he sat Leo grabbed her chin with just enough force to show her who was in charge. 

“Suck until I tell you to stop.” He guided her mouth to his cock before releasing her. Rose did as she was instructed and began to gently suck. His moans and dick hardening turned her on further. Leo knew he was reaching his peek. Not wanting to come yet he pulled Roses hair to get her stop. He quickly placed the condom on.

“Ride me.” He ordered. With a grunt Rose stood and climbed onto Leo’s lap. He helped position her above his dick before slamming her down. The force nearly caused her to cum and ripped a long moan from her. Leo groaned and began to grind his hips. How could Rose pussy still be so tight?! Leo couldn’t help but wonder before being lost in the bliss. 

“Bounce!” Leo smacked her ass causing Rose to yelp. Still she did as he asked. The sounds of moans and skin slapping together seemed to echo off the walls. Rising a hand Leo gripped Roses hair forcing her to look at him. 

“Who’s in charge?” He asked not stopping his thrusts. Rose tried to move her head but it was kept steady by Leo’s hand. Her eyes began to began to close in pleasure before snapping open at the sharp smack to her bottom.

“Master.” She moaned knowing he wanted eye contact. She couldn’t look away if she wanted with Leo gripping her hair. He always had control down here. It was more of turn on then she could ever imagined. Being dominated in the bedroom or dungeon was more exhilarating than she expected. Leo’s hand in his hair the possessive dominate showing in his eyes had her wanting to cum. She knew not to without Leo’s command. 
“Who is your master?” Leo grunted as he thrusted into her pussy.

“Appa.” She moaned. 

“Good girl.” He reached down and pinched her clit as he spoke.
“Cum with Appa.” Instantly Rose came with a sharp cry. Leo followed with a low groan. Too tired to move a panting Rose leant forward resting her head on Leo’s shoulder. For a while neither moved catching their breath and enjoying the feeling of the other. Finally Leo was going to tell Rose to get up but found she was already asleep. Leo sighed annoyed. He didn’t have the strength to carry her up all those steps. Sighing Leo placed an arm under and on her back to keep her to his chest. Drawing strength from who knows where Leo stood with the girl and carried her to the bed. Carefully he laid her in the center before untying her bounds and lifting the blanket to her chin. She looked peaceful in her sleep.
Leo removed the condom and frowned.
 He was sweaty and reeked of sex. That was fine during sex but afterwards he liked to shower. Leo went to go upstairs to wash and sleep but stopped at the bottom step. Rose was just his submissive. A girlfriend was just what he agreed to get what he wanted. So then if she was his slave, why did he feel guilty for leaving her alone? Leo did his best to dismiss the thought and began climbing the stairs. He showered and climbed into bed pretending it didn’t matter that she down there alone. She was safe. That was how he tried to justify his feelings for her. It took a while for him to fall into a restless sleep.
are you going to continue this? it is really good!
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Sure! It won't be out for a while. I have another story to finish first but I'll make sure to tag you.
@selfishmachines enjoy~ 😈😈