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WARNING! °Angst °Smut °rated M °foul language °boyxboy °readerxidol ☆proceed with caution♢ DETAIL you and Bobby been best friend for so long but after summer break was over things just weren't the same any more. secret were keep lies were told and your best friend stop answering his phone. but what happen after you find out the secret that your best friend sleeping with your middle school bully!? who's also a boy! a story about Bobby and b.i and you involved. a love triangle in a very twisted way. Pt.1 Pt.2
PART 3 Summer break had finally arrived after a long junior year in high school the time of chill back and relax had finally arrived but you weren't so happy about it at all. The reason to your unhappiness was because “My best friend leaving to a camping trip during summer break!?” you exclaimed “(Y/N) i told you this last week and week before that” said Bobby. "but why?! How can you just leave me here alone during summer" you whined as you tugged on the sleeve of Bobby sweater. "But you know how bad I've been wanting to go to this camping trip." said Bobby as he sat down next you. “But what about me bobby. What am I supposed to do now?” “will you can go and hang out with other friends of yours” bobby suggested “You are my only friend!” you shouted as you stood up from the park bench. Bobby lean in close to you his face just an inch away from yours as you stared into his smiling eyes. “please don’t be upset with me” Bobby said softly as he Placed both his hands upon your cheek. "Tsk..whatever” you responded as you smacked both of his hands away then crossed your arms in front of yourself. "(Y/N), come on please don't be like this" Bobby plead “you know how long I've waited for the chance like this” he explains but you only look away and pretend to not hear him "please, Not everyone get an opportunity like this,” bobby whined as he tugged at your hoody. “To get accepted to go to YG training camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity you can't make me miss this chance (Y/N) please” bobby adds as he begs you to understand and to not be so upset. But with a stomp to the ground and a look to the other side you ignored him again. "Why are you doing this to me~" whined Bobby as he grabbed you by your shoulders and gently shook you. “Look at me!~” he whined again as he tried to get you to look at him. Eventually you did and saw bobby puppy like eyes as he pouted cutely. Bobby knew this was one your weakness you couldn't resist those puppy dog eyes of his. "okay gosh fine, fine. Now stop making that ugly face already I get it… geez” you cuff as slide your hand down bobby face. “aish! Your so annoying” you grunted playful as you gently shoved Bobby away from you. Bobby just chuckled at how cute you get when you get annoyed and flustered. “what are you looking at?!” you shouted as cross your arm and tap the tip of your toe. “Thank you!!!!!” Bobby shouted excitedly as he grabbed you by your waist and lifted you up as he spun you around happily. "Thank you! So much! Thank you. (Y/N)!” “YaH!” you slurred. “I promise to messages you whenever I get the chance okay." he smiled and you couldn't help but smile back. "you better or else I swear I won't ever forgive" you pouted cutely. Bobby nod his head firmly. “I promise” he swear. "now PUT ME DOWN!" you shouted while smacking him on his shoulder. but Bobby only laughed and toss you over his shoulder and started running while you continued to smack him on back and shouted loudly to be put down. _________ The next morning you waited with bobby in front of his house as he waited for the bus that would be taking him to YG training camp to arrive. “have fun” you mumbled “aish come on I'll be back don't worry” bobby ruffled your hair. You knew he'd come back but what sadden you was the thought of him changing or things being different between the two of you when summer break is over. Or what if Bobby was to become famous and forget all about you and you're left alone again just like before. “Bobby-” “(Y/N)! Look the bus is almost here!” bobby shouted as he pointed at the bus that approach you both. the automatic doors open as they made a swishing sound as if air pressure was being released. Bobby smiled at you and pulled you in for a hug then quickly let go as he patted your head than boarded the bus. you waved goodbye as Bobby made his way to his seat. Bobby chose to sit on the right hand side one 5th row by the window. Turning to look out the window bobby waved bye back at you and making a heart with his thumb and index finger. You giggles as you return one back then the bus start his engine and begins to Drive off. Bobby watched you walk back home as the bus was about to turn the corner. Suddenly the feeling of sadness and loneliness suppressed bobby. He didn't know why he felt that way suddenly or as to why he was both happy and sad at the same time. Bobby shook his head as he shrugged his shoulder and lean back on his seat. He didn't want to worry much about it instead he want to be pump for finally getting to go to YG training camp. A one and a lifetime opportunity and he finally going to be able to take it. Bobby plugged in his earbuds and turn up the music in his phone on full blast as he stared out the window. Bobby mind began to wonder off again as he thought about all source of stuff like what would YG camp looks like if there a inner door pool or a lake? Does it look like a actual camp or some high tech campus. He then started to wonder if He'll be able to make any friends this summer. considering the fact that you're his only close friend and hardly talks to others when you're around because bobby knew how protective you can be. But bobby like to socialize and meet new people, he enjoyed making new friends. He use to dream about being the most know kid in town when he was just a little boy. bobby had a very outstanding imagination. With a heavy sigh bobby break away from his daydream and glances out the window; something seem to have caught his attention. Bobby sat up straight then got closer to the window he notice as the bus turn a street something about This street seem similar it was like some type of deja vu type of feeling. Know you when you so somewhere and you swore you've been there before or seen or done something that had already seem to occur. The bus drove down by the street that was close to your house then Bobby expression was full of excitement as the bus drove past your house then turn. The look on bobby face quickly changed to confusion. Bobby slightly rose from his seat as he look around, "um Hey, where we going?" Bobby tapped the boy in front of him on the shoulder. The boy flinched as he was startled by Bobby sudden appearances. "oh shi-... you scared" Said The boy with a deep tone of voice. "Oh sorry” bobby apologize “so where are we going?" He ask again as he tap the boy's shoulder once more. "Aish… so annoying” the guy mumbled. “excuse me” Bobby tapped again. “Oh fucking hell!! there still more people to pick up now leave me alone!!” He responded with annoyance in his voice. Bobby lift a head up a bit, his chin pointing up and then bring it back down as he give a big 'Oh' and sat back down and looked out the window again. “rude much, fuck tarde” bobby whispered. The boy in front of Bobby overheard as he turn to look a Bobby with a piss off look then just shook his head and sat back down. Bobby watched intensively as the bus pass each house, one was blue small one, another one was white one with a porch, then another house that look old and lonely. finally the bus stopped in front of a decent looking house it was a dirty shade of white with half dead grass but bushes as green as a lime with beautiful white flowers. Bobby eyes avert from the blooming flowers and move towards the strangely familiar figure that walked out of the house. Bobby tried to get a quick look at the boy's face but couldn't because of his hoodie and the way he hung his head as he stares at the ground when he walked. Bobby eyes followed the boy as he entered the bus the moment the boy removed his hoodie Bobby eyes widen as if he had just the most shocking thing the world, As if he had just seen the living dead. _______ Finally removing his hoodie and looking up to look for a empty seat B.I made his way down the alley of the bus. Bobby gasped the moment he noticed it was B.I, Bobby gasp was quite loud that it startled the Boy in front of him again. " -aish! Really!" the boy grunted. "what is he doing here" Bobby said to himself. keeping his eyes on B.I B.I walked to an empty spot he meet eye to eye with bobby who quickly averts his eyes as he look outside again biting his fingernails. B.I smirked as he grab his things from the seat up front and moved down closer to bobby. bobby started to get nervous as he watched from the side of his eyes B.I get closer and closer than stop… with a glance at the empty spot next to bobby then over at the empty seat across from him. B.I tosses his bag on to the shelf space then sit down across from bobby as put both his legs on the seats then leans against the wall while he rested his head on the window just a bit. B.I than plug in his earphones and played his music followed by slowly shut his eyes. B.I would always find car rides or bus ride relaxing for some odd reason. Along the way to pick up the other kids Bobby would make quick glances at B.I from the corner of his eye. Sometimes he'd find himself stare at B.I admiring his face structure and soft looking skin. Bobby watched as B.I slept so calmly and peacefully. “How could someone so mean, arrogant and rude have such a sweet smile and a peaceful gentle face while they slept?” bobby whispered under his breath. “Who are you really?” he muttered “what?” the boy in front of Bobby responded “huh what?” bobby was lost. The boy rolled his eyes as he sat back and look at his phone as he mutter nothingness underneath his breath. Bobby only shrugged his shoulder and lean back on his seat while he look out the window and let his mind wonder as he continued to ponder. After such a long bus ride They finally arrived at the camp around mid noon. All of the young boys jump and press their face against the bus window as it pulled up closer to the camp entrance. The Bus came to a complete stop and allowing one of the guidance staff to stand up and announce with a loud and firm voice, " do not forget to gather all of your personal belongings and meet up at the camp entrance. That is where you'll need to sign in in order to receive your schedule.” everyone stood up and starched with that said and just as the counselor was about to step off the bus he turn around and smile “oh that right welcome to YG training camp let's all have a amazing summer break” with that said he bow and step off the bus. All of the young boys stood silently before the excitement finally hit them as every boy yank their bags and toss them over their shoulders as they rushed out of the bus, will almost everyone. B.I was still fast asleep with his ear phone on. Bobby notice him there as he was just about get up from his seat, he wasn't sure if he should gently tap B.I or kick him to wake him up. Unsure of which seem right at the time bobby slight nudge B.I foot with his knee making it look like an accident. B.I quickly woke up as he sat up from his seat he was still half asleep as he look over a Bobby who signal him to follow. the half awake boy did as he was told and follow bobby after gathering his things. All of the kid met up by the camp entrance where they had to sign in and get their cabin number and key. "for a camp it sure is fancy" a boy comment. "i know right, but it is YG. what did you expect?" another boy replied followed by a chuckled "true, but like seriously it look like a campus for a school just more nature-y" Bobby overheard and looked around, realizing it was true what the guy said, it did look fancy and like a school campus but with trees and stuff. Suddenly when Bobby was about to ask B.I something he notice that B.I had suddenly vanish. "name?" the front desk lady asked “what?” bobby was dumbfounded. “your name?” the woman asked again. "oh. uh Kim Ji-won" he introduced himself as he scratched his head still slightly looking around to see if he spots B.I. the lady searched for Bobby name, Bobby stared at her. She look like those snobby type of lady that hated their job but had no choice but to keep it and chew gum annoyingly. “okay initial here, here and here” the woman ordered bobby. “and these are for you it's the booklet that explain what you will experience here and the rules also more information about the camp and the program.” the woman explain as she had bobby the guide book. Bobby smiles as he grab the books and bows. “Also these will be the key to your cabin room the number is behind the key” the lady added. Bobby accepted the keys and bow then took off happily to look for his cabin. When Bobby finally arrived to his cabin he notice another bed. "hmm I wonder who's gonna be my roommate?" Bobby said to himself as he toss his luggage to the side then jumps onto his bed. "Wooow!" he hollered. "what the fu- ugh! really you" the boy said as he walked into the cabin. "hey its the boy who sat in front of me." Bobby smile happily. "it's june" "whaa?" "My name is June" "oh, hey you can call me bobby” bobby greeted “nice to meet you" he added as he grab a hold of June hand. "I think we're gonna get along just fine" Bobby smiled as shake june hand. june just looked confused and wonder if Bobby was ever drop on his head then yanked his hand away. “right…” June snickered as he rub the palm of his hand on the side of his jeans. - While unpacking bobby asked june questions, like ‘what made you want to become an idol?’ and ‘how many sibling do you have?’ ‘do you have a favorite western singer?’ and ‘do you have a girlfriend’ June didn't protest against it he thought might as well have some small talk while cleaning up. Though most of the time it was bobby asking these ridiculous questions while june just nod his head pretending to listens half of the time. Only time june would answer back was when it involved singing, music, clothing, shoes. Nothing if it involved sibling and dating or friends. Surprising they were actually getting along just like bobby had mention. Once they finished they went outside and walked to the cafeteria, where they had a welcoming dinner for everyone. "so who your guidance counselor?" Bobby ask june along the way. "I got Daesung and Taeyang. what about you?" June responded as he took a glimpse at his book than at Bobbys. "Um, Jiyong aka GD and T.O.P" Bobby said, his tone of voice was cocky as he toss his book to June junhoe just chuckled a bit, he found it quick amusing at how quickly thing would get bobby excited. After everyone gather their food and drinks and were all seated at a table, YG started to welcome everyone after wards he explain the purpose of this whole program after that he begin to state the rules. "first rule no fighting is allowed. If there is to be a fight amongst two peers or more they will all be expelled and never allowed to join my program again. second everyone must be at their cabins before 10 unless instructed otherwise. third, you must wake up at 6 am and be at your assigned guidance counselor every morning at that time they will be your trainers as well. everyone will have to participate in every group activity and work hard, no slacking around is allowed. weekend are the free day but we also have group activities at night." YG went on by the time it ended everyone had finally finished eating and had to go to bed. tomorrow was the start of Bobby first day of training and boy was he excited, he wouldn't shut up and talk almost all night until June finally told him to shut up and go to sleep. Morning had finally arrived as june and bobby clean up and went to their guidances counselor. Bobby walk into the room where his counselor should be. "you're late." GD said as Bobby walked in. "I got lost for a bit...sorry" Bobby bow and went to take his seat. "Okay. yo! I'm G dragon I'll be one of your guidance counselor. I'll be helping you with your rap skills and composing your own lyrics. same with T.O.P he'll be doing the same thing. mostly with rap skills." GD introduced himself "Yo I'm T.O.P" "Alright then, today we're just going to help with your class schedule. As well as to Where to find some things and other thing that YG instructed us to do. you will be trained on your singing, dancing and all that stuff etc. but we will be your main focus. since that what you sign up for." GD explained. "Oh yeah everyone has to help clean the classroom ones out of the week... also the Bathroom. those are the rules" T.O.P added. "alright so let partner you guys up" GD started giving out a card with a name to everyone. "Alright, which ever person has the same name as you. that your' partner Now Go and look." GD added "And hurry up we don't like wait to long and no complaining on who you get. you get, what you get and you shut up" TOP Addressed Bobby glanced at his card it read ‘Double B’ bobby arched a brow and shrugged his shoulder. Just as he was about to get up another card was toss onto his desk. Bobby look at the card and noticed that it said the same as his. "how did you know it was me?" Bobby asked while holding up the card. "it's obvious" said B.I as he grab his card back and sat down next to bobby. "alright everyone good. great! the person who is your partner Will be your partner from now on. Which mean in everything you do and in every classes okay.” instructed GD “oh an even cleaning the toilet together” said T.O.P “I Objected!” bobby shouted as he stood up from his seat. “And I don't care now sit down” GD responded. Bobby sat back down and looked at B.I who stared at him in a judgement way. Bobby slouched back onto his seat as h through a mini fit. “alright that's it for today see you all later!” TOP said. “no wait hold on i also want you two to pick out rap song and work on it for tomorrow to show us your skill. both an English and Korean one okay now leave" GD ended the class with that as he and top walked out. everyone stood up and bow and walk out. Bobby stood up from his desk and slowly walk out the class when suddenly B.I slightly bumped into him. Bobby look up as B.I smirk and glance at him for a second before turning around and continued walking. Bobby cringed his teeth as he ball up his fist and whispered to him “you will not kill him, you must become a rapper” bobby repeated as he walked to his next class.
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