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Hello Monbebe!

How are you guys doing? Are you guys hanging in there? Please don't stress too much! I know life might be tough for a lot right now, put try to look at the positive!
FIGHTING MONBEBE you can get through this! ♡ ^^
Anyways, we back at it again with these events. BUT wait before you start saying things like, "Annahi, we get it, you love the boys." or "Calm down with your events, chill brah!" hahaha
I know, but please forgive me, try to hang in there with events for a couple more weeks :D
This event involves the FanFic Vingle Community featuring other Kpop community groups and Monsta X is included into this event/contest.
Just like the other fan fic event from Halloween, there will be this One-Shot one dedicated to Christmas/Holiday season!
I can't wait to read all of your fan fics with the Monsta X boys.
Please follow and stay updated with Monsta X one-shot authors for this event being clipped into the collection created by Monsta Mod Supporter @resavalencia (HERE).
Also, I will not be able to post the winner for this contest because I will be out of the country during that time, but do know @resavalencia will be posting the winner and the whole Monsta Mod Team will help in choosing the winner!
(but lets be honest you all are winners :))


Forgot to say that this event will start Tomorrow December 7th and the last day to submit your cards will be on December 21st. The winner will be chosen on the 23rd of December~

Have fun guys!

Christmas is amazing so I can't wait to read some of these one-shots.

Monsta Mod Team:


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Oooo~ MAYBE I can actually participate this time since my last day of school for the year is today ;3; ❤️✨
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😄 aw thanks~ ❤️💜
I'll see if I'll write a story for Monsta X. I didn't in the last one, so I'll try this time ^-^
@CrookedShadow Okay, I can't wait to read it 😁