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Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.
Y/n's POV You could hear doctors talking but their words were meshed and incoherent. You couldn't remember what happened, not even why you couldn't move. Most of your conscious had been in one long beautiful dream. Jongdae, Minseok and you were at a cafe drinking tea and chatting. Jongdae was making you laugh and you grabbed his cheekbones and then you'd tease him about being Minseok's wife. Minseok would just laugh but he wouldn't disagree. Only one thing felt out of place.... Someone was missing in all your happiness. It was a life after Junmyeon but something felt out of place and you found yourself going to a house that wasn't a home. Your pictures seemed lonely, you were lonely and in all that there was no desire to return to Junmyeon but to find the missing link. This house was like a ghost home, it was haunted by things you couldn't see. A few times you felt like a ghost yourself, light and ready to fade away. There was this voice though that kept reaching out for you. "Hi baby. I brought you something." You looked down at your hand but you could feel something soft running across it. There was nothing in your hand as far as you could see though. What were you being haunted by? "It's a bear, the small one from our bedroom. I got it for you for Valentine's Day. We were already married for two years then." The voice said. Married? You looked down and noticed the glow of something on the floor, shinning beautifully in the light. You bent down to pick it up. A wedding ring. That's right you were married! That's why the house felt like a ghost house. You strived to remember him, his name, his face. You stared at the ring and read the inscription. "Forever yours- Yixing." You read. Yixing. Yixing. Zhang. Yixing. You were married to Zhang Yixing. You willed yourself to remember. Something, anything. You repeated his name in your mind almost screaming it until something came back. It felt like you were locked in the house. Not meant to leave until you discovered who he was. You ran into your bedroom and opened draws. This once sweet dream had now become something like a race against time to remember the man you married. Almost as if you didn't remember him, he'd be erased from your life for good. Yixing. Who was he? His voice was far too kind, so sweet. Then you remembered his dimple and a smile cracked on your face. He had an innocent smile and a dimple you'd put your finger in when you saw it. His kiss was sweet, and he smelled like fresh rain. That scent had filled your nose multiple times. He called you baby and you called him Jagi or your China Prince. He was Chinese he came to Seoul you couldn't remember why but you remembered he was a teacher. He loved his job, his students loved him too. He could sing too, he had such a lovely voice and he knew how to move his hips when he danced. He was captivating. You remembered dancing with him at night in a gazebo at a park. The gazebo was lit up with little lights and you had on a lavender dress that he spun you around in. He told you to close your eyes and you did. When he told you to open them, he was on one knee with an engagement ring. You remembered crying and happily saying yes. You remembered that happiness so well your heart felt like it would burst. You were happy because you didn't believe you deserved him yet he wanted you anyway. For sometime your mind ran through memories trying to put pieces to a puzzle back together; you were trying to find Yixing. Memories were all you had and some had been lost, some of them didn't make sense it was like watching a movie that wasn't finished. You did remember the 'I love you's' and the way he touched you. The kisses and dates, you were remembering his laugh and eyes. The way he touched your hair and held you close to him. When you were upset, he would bring you close to him. His hand would hold the back of your head and he'd kiss your forehead. The way he held you, you wished you could really feel it. You were begging your body to move, this feeling of being helpless and without him was starting to over take you. You were trying to reach out to him, you whined at the fact that you couldn't move much. You kept going, your hand kept reaching for him. "Yixing." You called to him. He seemed as though he were walking away from you. You found more will to go after him. You felt your fingers, more real than before your forefinger moved. You kept trying harder and harder. "Yix- ing." You whined. "Baby I'm right here." You heard his voice and you wanted to wake up so bad. You heard him earlier, something about your smile. "Yix-ing." "Come on baby open your eyes I'm right here." You felt his hand wrap around your hand and you could feel your hand tighten around his hand. "Baby open your eyes." He encouraged. He sounded closer, your eyes moved behind your eyelids. Damn it Y/n open your eyes. Look at him! You screamed at yourself, your lids felt lighter and your eyes opened up. You blinked slowly and his face came into view. His hand was on your forehead brushing hair away. He smiled once he saw you look up at him. "Hi baby." He said. "Hi." Your voice was scratchy and weak from not using it for so long. You smiled at him and he kissed you. His forehead laid on top of yours and his fingers laced with yours. "I'm so happy you're awake baby. I love you." "Yixing." You whispered. "Shh shh. It's okay. I'm right here. I've waited so long for you baby. I'm so happy you're awake." You couldn't help crying; you weren't sure why but you had the feeling like he was going to leave you. You didn't want him to leave; you couldn't remember much of anything, much less of how you got into the hospital. It still hurt a bit to move but you tried sitting up on your own. "Hold on don't move so much baby." "Don't leave me." You cried. "Baby I'm right here. I'm not going any where." He tried to soothe you. He kissed your forehead and you took in a breath. "Please don't leave me. Please-" "Y/n I'm right here baby I'm not leaving. Look at me," He cupped your face so you'd look at him. "I love you I won't leave you. I'm right here okay. Okay?" He said. You nodded with your head in his hands and he kissed your forehead again. "I saw you but you were walking away from me. I thought you didn't want me. I can't lose you." You cried. "Baby I'll never leave you, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. You'll never see Junmyeon again." He said. You looked up at him shocked, "How do you know about Junmyeon?" "Jongdae and Minseok explained it to me when I came to see you." He said. "Why would they do that? I didn't want you to know about him." You said. He straightened up looking at you confused. You looked back at him wiping your eyes. "Y/n don't you remember?" "Remember what?" You asked. "Y/n how long have we been married?" He asked. "Two years." You answered. Yixing looked at you in even more disbelief. You looked at him worried not sure why he was looking like that. You swallowed and scooted up the bed to sit up a little better. He placed a hand on your shoulder so you would stop moving. He was probably worried you might place too much strain on yourself. He pressed the button on the side of your bed to help lift you up a little more but he wouldn't go too far. "Yixing?" You asked. "Y/n do you remember anything that happened to you?" You shook your head. "We've been married three years Y/n not two, you know that don't you?" He said. "We got married in 2013 it's only 2015." You said. "Baby it's 2016. You got hit by a car while trying to get away from Junmyeon. You've been in a coma for three months." He said. You were running from Junmyeon? How did he know where you were? What would stop him from coming back? Well Yixing, you should know that. Your head was starting to hurt though. Yixing excused himself for a second to go get a doctor to come check on you. You didn't want him to leave but he promised he'd be right back in he'd make it quick. It was 2016, a whole year has disappeared from your head. You didn't even remember getting hit by a car. Your hand went to your stomach, you were hungry. There was an IV still attached to you and the heart monitor was still going. You looked down at your hand with your wedding ring on it. Three years of marriage already huh? You smiled, the door opened back up and Yixing came back in with a doctor. He asked you how you were feeling and asked you a few questions trying to rejog your memory but aside from a headache nothing was coming back. You couldn't remember anything from the past year. He told Yixing to just get you around familiar things and your memory may come back on it's own but he also said there was a chance you wouldn't remember at all. Honestly, Yixing seemed happy that at the very least you were awake. He was ready to get you home and you were ready to get home. With him so close to you, you could smell his body wash. You remembered lounging in the house with nothing but his shirt on and your underwear. Unfortunately, the doctor hadn't released you for another few days. They wanted to keep an eye on you. They checked your vitals, your head and gave you a full body scan. Aside from a cramp or two you were okay to walk out of the hospital with Yixing after a few days. When he took you home, it was just as you remembered it was but some how those odd echos existed within it. Yixing was very careful about what he revealed to you about the past year but it wasn't until you stumbled upon a missed phone call on your answering machine that you found out you were pregnant again. Your doctor had called you three months ago, sometime before you were hit and you went to ask Yixing about it. "You said you felt sick for a while so I asked you to go get checked, apparently part of the check up was a blood test to see if you were pregnant. I'm not sure if you even knew before you were hit considering the message is still on the machine." Yixing said. "So I wasn't that far along. There was nothing for them to save." You said sadly. "Baby we can try if you want. When the semester ends, I'll take you on a long vacation. We can stay home or go far away and I'll do whatever you want me to." He said. "Do you want a baby Yixing?" You asked. "I haven't really thought about it. Do you?" He asked. "Uh Yixing did I ever tell you about when I was pregnant the first time?" you asked. "You were pregnant before?" He asked. You nodded and said, "With Junmyeon's baby but I knew I would be attached to him for much longer if I had the baby so I decided to have an abortion in secret. I didn't even tell him I was pregnant." Yixing hugged you and said, "Hey, don't think about him okay. You're safe." "What if it was karma and I lost our baby because of what I did?" You asked tearing up. He kissed your head, "Shush it's alright baby there was nothing you could've done about the baby. I'm just so happy you're okay. We can try again if you want. I'll take good care of you both okay. Do you want to start trying?" You thought for a second, "Yeah- let's start trying to have a baby." "Come here so we can practice." He said coming to kiss you making you laugh. You two decided to move out of the house though. Yixing found the place to hold too many bad memories. You felt it had more to do with Junmyeon possibly resurfacing than anything else. Honestly, if you two were going to start trying to have a baby it would be best if Junmyeon didn't know where to find you. You didn't want him anywhere near you let alone your baby. Just as he promised, the end of the semester came and he'd taken you on vacation to Jeju City. The moment you two got to the hotel you two went to work. "Zhang Yixing put a baby in me." You said. "With pleasure baby." He said before he picked you up and laid you on the bed.... Epilogue You and Yixing had some trouble getting pregnant again. The effects of your accident plus your past abortion made it difficult for you to conceive but after two years of trying you two finally received the news that you were pregnant. Yixing had bought you a giant teddy bear in celebration of the brand new baby. He was extra protective over you too. You never regained your full memory from the year you lost but with all the bad stuff that happened you weren't in much of a rush to remember it all. The Dean hired new teachers and since Yixing had an aide he came home from work earlier which made you happy. You were free of a terrible addiction and your happiness was returned to you. Junmyeon was no longer trouble for you because you had Yixing. You got to build a family of your own with the love of your life and you wouldn't have it any other way....
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