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Sorry I'm uploading this so late but I wanted to do this rather not Today is about the character you first fell in love with and mine dates a ways back.

Gin Ichimaru

Gin was the first character I fell in love with for a bit of an odd reason. I first learned of Bleach by playing the DS game Blade of Fate and in this game Gin was my favorite to pick his 3rd bar special Yarisazame (I think) was awesome, and when Dark souls came around (not you souls series >.> shoo) it became over powered. As I watched the anime Gin did hilarious thing after awesome thing time and your time again from knocking Ichigo back after cutting off Jidanbo's arm then wrapping up Kenpachi and dragging him away. Then when he left and said that little bit to Rangiku I knew there was even more to his character and eventually he developed and grew over time. I think Gin is without a doubt a badass character who had a badass backstory doing what he could fpor the one he loved. It says a lot about his character and he is definitely the Itachi of Bleach (fight for someone else's sake but be the bad guy while doing said fighting then die a good guy ultimately showing off your bad assery :3)
While I'd love to know what you guy's characters are I have a nightmare difficulty to beat in BBS so I'ma get back to it :3 thanks for reading Tagging: @AdamDean @Zeenyte
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ichigo kurosaki was the first charcter i fell in love. when i first seen him did bankai. it touched somthing in my soul that hyped me the fuck up him bs byakuya was amazing. automaticly making me love ichigo. when he had is back turned looked at the swuad six captain and said TENSA ZANGETSU i was OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH