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EXO Sci-Fi

About: With broken memories and horrific dreams, JongIn tries to find some peace. Until the day comes, his dreams become real. The others he had dreamed about for almost all his life, have made their way into his real life. They all suffer from the same memory loss and dreams. They join together to find out the truth of what happened to them.

The capitol planet, Exodus, was the last to fall. in the great war. People were fleeing in ships and going in different directions. One ship, The Exact 1, carrying the royal family and families from the 12 planets, shot into space, looking for allies and refuge. Word came the planet had been seized, the other ships that had escaped were caught and destroyed, they were the only ones left. They were ordered to keep on their course, by the last military line left. The Exodus planet had become a prison planet, overrun by the violent Grawl. They couldn't turn back, their hopes disseminated that the war had escalated.

Years passed on the ship. Many of the families slept in stasis while others manned the ship. They would take turns over the years. Nearly a century had passed when they finally found a small planet on the other side of the universe. They found a home.

Little did they know, that a Grawl hunter had followed them. Years would pass on their new home before they realize that each family was disappearing. It was too late to try to run. The Grawl hunter, had built a facility to keep them in, using the government to aide and capture the lost Exolusians. When the government found out what the Grawl was doing and why, they took over and did experiments on their newly acquired aliens. Trying to find out what secrets each of them held.
A young man laid on the long black leather couch comfortably, ready for his session with Dr. Yin. He liked being there, it was quiet except for the ticking clock on the wall. The walls were lined with books, books he would like to read someday. He's been coming to see Dr. Yin for three years, ever since the dreams started but he hadn't been to see Dr. Yin for over a month. His sessions had started out every week then his sessions turned to every other week, then once a month. Dr. Yin told him that was because he was progressing well since the dreams were becoming less and less. But for the last couple months since the last time he seen the doctor, they've been getting stronger and more frequent again. His new job kept him away a lot, the entertainment company he worked for now, kept him busy with training, classes, and whatever else they deemed needed for his upcoming career. He's already been chosen to be the leader of the next group, which means he gets to help select who was going to be in it. It was an exciting time for him but it also made him a little nervous.

He sits up when he hears the door open. He smiles at Dr. Yin, who readily greets him wholeheartedly.

"Mr. Kim! How have you been? I thought I was never going to see you again." he sits across from him with his notepad in his lap. "And I mean that in a good way. I thought that maybe your issue had finally resolved itself." He smiles.

"Uh yes, I just been busy at my new job." Mr. Kim replied

"Ah, so you got that job you spoke about before?"

"Yes, yes I did."

"So what brings you here today?" Dr. Yin asks curiously.

Mr. Kim leaned back in the couch, nearly pushing himself back. He thought about the other night, how he woke up sweating and in tears. Living in a dorm with other boys (especially in a room of four) and then having this problem, those dreams, wasn't going to be good.

"The dreams. They've started up again, um, it makes me nervous because I have to share a room with three others. For the past three weeks, the dreams have been really strong and vivid. The other night, I don't remember what it was I had dreamt about but I woke up crying." Mr. Kim said.

"What about other nights?"

Mr. Kim thought for a second. "They're the same as the others I've had."

Dr. Yin flipped through sheets on his notepad, "The ones when you're running with your mother and father through a field and there are lights chasing you. Is it those dreams?"

Mr. Kim shook his head, "No. It's the ones where I'm sitting in a room by myself and then.... and then...." Mr. Kim covered his face, "Talking about this, I remember what it was I had dreamt about the other night."

"Okay, that's good. What is that you remember?"

"I was sitting in that room alone and then someone was dragged in and left lying in the middle of the room. After those people left, I poked at them to see if he was still alive. He moved, it was another boy like me, he was a little smaller. His face was round, his eyebrows were thick, his mouth, his lips were shaped like a heart. I shook him, asking if he was okay. When he opened his eyes, he started to cry. He had bruises on his temples and on his wrists. He said they were trying to make him do stuff with his mind but he couldn't and they killed his mother for it. I held him, I felt as though I knew this boy but I couldn't place him, he seemed to know me though. I remember what he said, he said pretty soon all our parents will be dead.

"We sat together, keeping each other safe, comforting one another. Sometimes he would sing. He had the most beautiful voice. So beautiful, it made me cry. I remember they came and took him away. I was screaming for him, calling his name. I was banging on the door until my hands bled."

Mr. Kim sat quietly, listening to Dr. Yin scribbling on his notepad. "Do you remember the name?"

Mr. Kim shook his head no.

Dr. Yin looked up at him with a questioning glare, "I don't think I have ever asked before, but how old are you in these dreams? Do you feel you are the age you are now or do feel younger or maybe older? You mentioned that the other person is a boy like you."

He thought about it, "I'm sure I'm pretty young. When the boy was sitting next to me, his legs were slightly shorter than mine."

"Younger than 10, maybe?"

Mr. Kim nodded. "Yes because he looks really young." He thought about that dream, which was starting to fade again, and recalled them sitting next to each other singing the same song together.

"In any of your dreams, did you ever come across any other boys? I seem to remember you speaking about others."

Mr. Kim nodded. Thinking back to the first dreams, he remembered sitting in a room with seven other boys, some older than him, the younger ones looked sad and bewildered. His heart began to race thinking of them, he suddenly felt a kind of loneliness, a yearning to find them, to be with them. He closed his eyes, hoping the tears wouldn't come out.

"Are you okay?" Dr. Yin asked.

"Yes. Those dreams make me sad is all." Mr. Kim sat up straight, "I don't know why they've started up again. They were going away and then they started again."

"It maybe just that you started at your new job. Working with other young men may have triggered those thoughts and are inadvertently making you feel a little anxiety. Do you still keep your dream journal?"

"I do but I haven't written in it for a while." Mr. Kim said as he started to bite his nail.

Dr. Yin reached over into a drawer and pulled a small packet of pills, "These will help you sleep and I recommend writing in your journal again. If you want, you can come back next week and we can go over what you've recorded."

He took the packet of pills, he rarely took them before but this time he probably will. Especially if these dreams don't stop soon. He got up off the couch and headed for the door, thanking the doctor for his time.

"JongIn, don't worry, I'm here to help you." Dr. Yin said patting him on the shoulder.

Jong In smiled.
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