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Bridal Mask is getting better and BETTER! Episode 4 English Subs here. I'm uploading all the previews out there so follow me at for previews of all our favourite Kdramas! ================================= Gaksital is targeting the five of us Do you really want to Rianto You can do it! I will help you. I can do it too KangDo: It's you.. you are Bun Ee KangSan: I dont want to live like this... I dont know how to do it any other way KangSan: Hurry up! It's a matter of time before they reveal my true identity KangDo: Brother??? Was it you?
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Thank you for sharing this!
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This a great fast paced drama.
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I couldn't help the tears. So sad. Even when KangSan was feeding Kangto the fish... such sweet brotherly love.
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