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Key is my UB, I'm just drawn to him. His eyes mostly, he has so much emotion in them that it slays me. Then his sexy voice and dance moves I can watch him and be in a trance all day.
How can he go from adorable cutie to sexy AF in 0.1 seconds???? And omg when he speaks with his Busan satoori I die my ears cannot handle how deep his voice gets...He's my teddy bear
I love Suga's voice it's so deep and sexy. His eyes are beautiful too. I fell in love with his song "First Love" I play the piano from time to time, I'm not good at it all but I have been in love with the piano since I was a little girl when I first heard my mother play Beethoven's Fur Elise, it also happens to be my favorite song of all time and Beethoven is my favorite #1 composer of all time. I have mixed feelings he's both a cuddly teddy bear and a cat.
Can this man's actions be considered illegal? I mean damn when I first saw this live my heart stopped, his voice at that moment with that little smirk smile of his OMG OMG!!! It still gets me to this day...
SHIN omg like this boy is I can't I just can't. His voice is just too cute and sexy he's playful and goofy. Can be serious when needed cares a lot for his members sometimes I forget he's the leader of the group.
Takashi Nikaido I love the Korean pretty boys, for Japanese I love the pretty bad boys. There are a lot of Korean men that can be pretty good bad guys too, but I find I'm drawn to the cute sexy side of Korean men and I'm drawn to the sexy bad ass in your face Japanese men although they have their fair share of pretty boys. This one made my heart flutter so much that I thought Key was going to lose his top spot as UB. It was a fleeting moment but there none the less, but Key came back with a vengeance so he still holds the top spot.
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Yeasssss!! So much yeasss in one card!