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Some of you are already familiar with my troubled history with biases, but for those who are not, a (not so) brief summary of my painful past year ~ T.O.P has always been my bias. From day 1. From before I even knew what a bias was. I fell in love with him as an actor, and when my sister introduced me to this really cool band she liked - Big Bang - it was all over for me. That said, you will not find T.O.P on this list. Why? Because he, along with the rest of Big Bang are so far beyond UB's that comparing anyone else to them simply wouldn't be fair. I would drop any plans to meet or see any other group or bias for the opportunity to see Big Bang. At the same time I think I would be horrifically intimidated meeting any of them, no matter how much I have always heard how approachable and nice they are. I'm fairly certain I would be like a deer in headlights and only be able to stare open-mouthed at them if they talked to me, incoherently mumbling responses only after they walked away. I would humiliate myself, undoubtedly. Sorry, that was a really long way to explain why none of Big Bang will be on this list. Anyway.... A little over a year ago, my peaceful Big Bang centered life was flipped upside-down when an evil little boy flashed his abs and a beautiful smile, and my entire kpop world crashed down around me. You may know this home wrecker as BTS's Jimin. He ruined not only my life, but my entire bias list. Jimin, however, has recently been dethroned himself, and now I will finally get to my actual list (thank you for letting me ramble - I don't have anyone irl who understands the pain of changing biases, lol) So my current UB is........
♡Jinhwan of iKON ♡ and the wreckers are....
Mino of WINNER
Jimin of BTS
D.O. of EXO
Leo of VIXX
Bobby of iKON (I kept going between Bobby, WINNER's Seunghoon, and Hongbin from VIXX because it is very close between those three)
This helped Bobby win that last spot - these two are just too cute ♡♡♡ So what is your story? Who tops your list?
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