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Chapter 8

The moment Nara felt a hand on her shoulder. She quickly lifted it, and hold it in place while pulling the person forward twisting his body and pushing his chest against the cold wall, while holding the knife in the other hand to his throat. "Nuna?" Stated the man with a trembling voice, who was hiding his face under a black face mask and cap. "Jackson?" Nara asked surprised. "Is that a knife?" Jackson asked trying to move his head backwards from the knife. Nara quickly released Jackson and removed the knife from his throat and tried to hide it behind her back. "What are you doing out here at this hour?" "Me? What about you? And what about that knife? It's that the type of knife soldiers use? Why do you have a knife like that?" Jackson asked confused and agitated facing Nara and removing the mask that covered his face. "Ah, the knife? I-I" Said Nara trying to find an excuse, "I-I collect them!" "You...collect them?" Jackson asked giving a weird look at Nara. "Yeah, I collect them," Nara said laughing nervously. "But what are you doing out at this hour carrying a knife?" "Well, I...uh...went out to buy some ramyeon and well you can never be too careful." She said putting the knife back into her pants. "I've never known of girls going out carrying knives at night" Jackson said trying to take a peak of the knife Nara was hiding. "And those moves you pulled on me made you seem like you were used to this." "Yes, well, I used to practice taekwondo," she clarifed pulling her hoodie down. "I know a few moves." "A few moves? You almost pulled my arm off!" Jackson said in disbelief. "Well, I was really good." Nara said pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. "Anyways, you shouldn't be here! Do the guys know you're here?" "I, kinda sneaked out" Jackson said giving Nara a big smile. "Are you trying to get in trouble?" "No, I wanted to make sure you were okay. It seemed something was bothering you before" said Jackson with concern on his face. "I'm fine" said Nara. "I told you before that you didn't need to worry about it." "Nuna, you can trust me. You know that, right?" Jackson declared staring directly at Nara's eyes. Nara looked at Jackson and saw the honesty reflected on his eyes. She wanted to let him know what was going on but she didn't know how he would take it. "I-" said Nara when suddenly her thoughts got interrupted by someone screaming for help. "Shit!" Exclaimed Nara looking in the direction of the screams. "Jackson, go home!" She said before taking off towards the ruckus. "Nuna! Wait!" Screamed Jackson trailing Nara behind. "Damn it!" Exclaimed Nara at the sight in front of her. A creature was holding on to a girl, it's mouth completely latched in her throat. Nara could see that it was too late for her. Her languid body looked completely lifeless. "What the hell?!" Screamed a surprised Jackson bumping to a stop against Nara. Damn it! Nara thought, it seemed faith was determined to let Jackson in on her secret. There was no saving the victim now. The only thing left now was to dispose of the creature. The hell with it! Nara thought before lunging forward to tackle the beast in front of her.
Jackson couldn't believe what he was seeing. Nara had lunged forward to fight the beast that was attacking a girl. He wasn't surprised by the beast as much as he was surprised by Nara. He knew these creatures existed but he had never seen one in person. Nara had made a big cut in the creature's back with a big sword. Where was she hiding that sword? "Nuna?" Jackson said continuing watching in disbelief. The creature had released the lifeless body of his victim on the concrete and was now giving his whole attention to Nara, who seemed unfazed by the monster standing I'm front of her. Nara screamed before she launched forward making a big cut in the creature's stomach barely evading the punch the creature had thrown. The creature screamed in pain and turned around to where Nara was standing now. His wound was taking a little longer to heal thanks to the liquid UV rays that where released into each cut made by Nara's sword. Nara once again ran forward, this time managing to jump over the creature and in one swift move slice his head off before landing with a big thud behind him. Nara heard the creature's head falling off onto the concrete. She stood up and turned around to see the body quickly turn into a pile of ashes. She walked towards the victim and took her pulse confirming that it was too late for her. She pressed some buttons on her watch making the sword recede into place. She immediately called a number and said, "I need some clean up on ---." There was nothing else to do but to wait for the cleaning crew. They would take care of making the victim look as another victim of a robbery gone wrong. That was only if the body hadn't been mangled beyond recognition, otherwise they would make the body disappear completely. The victim becoming just another faceless missing person. "Nuna?" Jackson asked Nara with a trembling voice. "Shit!" Nara exhaled looking at Jackson who had witnessed the whole ordeal. "Go wait for me home," she ordered "I'll explained everything there later. They can't find you here." Jackson assented and said scoffing, "I'm really looking forward to see how you're gonna explain this."
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