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Here is my second confession letter! I hope you guys like it! Sorry for it being short...
Dear Youngjae, I realized that it's probably an unusual behavior for me to be fantasizing about you. It surely feels unusual for me… I mean, i'm nothing more than just a fangirl. I'm currently just at a loss for words at the moment… it's like talking to myself and wanting to get a response from you. At this point, i'm just going crazy. You're on my mind every day, and I often wonder things many others do. What do you hide from the world? What do you do when you see a pretty female in front of you? Do you like counting the stars at night? How does it feel to perform on stage, having so many people screaming out to you, with posters in hands, and lips stained with your lyrics, with your name. I guess I'll never know, I am just a fangirl after all. Today I dreamt about you. When I woke, I wrote everything down. I saw you again today. This time however, you weren't a poster, a video playing, a photo, or a face on a shirt. No, you were standing there, meters away from where I stood. You were smiling, your eyes shone like no other, and your lips curled into the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. You turned your head and your eyes met mine. You didn't turn the other way. No, you didn't even move. It was like I was under your spell; I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Your smile disappeared slightly, as you seemed to get lost in my eyes, while I, I was already lost in your chocolate brown eyes. Everything in my mind just blurred out and only your name appeared, 'Youngjae, Youngjae, Youngjae.’ Your smile came back, and it was enough to just make my heart stop and my knees suddenly felt like jelly. It didn't stop there, Oh god, it didn't. You started moving your feet. And instead of walking away, you made your way towards me. No one has ever walked so perfect in my eyes, and no one has ever looked at me with such intensity that your eyes held. I felt my face turn red, even if I wasn't too keen on my senses. The smile on your face grew the minute you were just a foot away from me. 'Youngjae, Youngjae, Youngjae,’ your name was the only thing that was processed. Then you leaned down to my level before you opened your mouth and whispered a small hello. I woke up with your name stained on my lips, my head, and my heart. 'Youngjae, Youngjae, Youngjae.’ How would that actually feel? To have you stand in front of me and say a single word that would sure enough send me on a frenzy. I guess I'll never know, after all, I'm just a fangirl hopelessly in love with you.
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awe this made me smile on my cute.
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