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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat back to continue the long awaited fanfic war between myself and @Sailynn .... I know it has been a while since this war started and I haven't gotten to it.... but my editor is a crazy demanding individual and has made Oppa is a Kpop Star my top priority.... so here we are continuing right were we left off... and hopefully it wont take as long for us to respond this time!!
This is a short little number about her current #1 Youngjae.... and let me tell you it was hard to write... how do you break a little sunshines heart?.... yea it was not easy for me.
If you haven't kept up with our fanfic war you can find them here!!
First she threw a Sugar Cube at me (Completely uncalled for)
Then I attacked her with a Dragon
Then she decided to toss a golden bunny at me (Why is there flying bunnies!!)
So naturally I threw an ikon bunny at her
Lastly she played dirty.... really dirty... She attacked Oppa
Now I am back with a little Sunshine for her enjoyment!



Sailynn peaked her head around the corner to her shared living room. Jojo, as always, was positioned on the couch the newest kdrama capturing her full attention. Her character pjs and overly large t-shirt a sign that she didn’t plan to leave her spot for the day. “That is creepy you know.” Sailynn jumped slightly as Jojo called out not once taking her eyes off the screen. “Either you are spying on me for some unknown reason or you are up to something. Spill it.”
She watched as the TV paused and Jojo turned to face her. “I’m not up to anything.” Sailynn said quickly as she made her way passed Jojo into the kitchen.
A heavy sigh could be heard as Jojo pushed herself off of the couch. “When are you ever up to nothing? Let’s go just tell me so I can get back to my show.”
“Nothing!” Sailynn protested without once looking up at the other girl. “I was just coming out to get a drink.”
Jojo raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “For someone who just wants a glass of water you are sure dressed up.”
Sailynn looked down at her jeans and burgundy panda long sleeve shirt. “This isn’t dressed up.” She countered.
“Ahh… but my dear the only time you pull out the Panda clothing line is when you are either meeting up with a panda or you have a date.” Jojo narrowed her eyes at Sailynn suspiciously. “So Sail.. which is it? A date with a panda or with that new little toy you have been stuck on?”
Jojo laughed as Sailynn let her jaw drop open. “He is not a toy! His name is Youngjae and you know it.”
“Ahh so it is a date with Youngjae.” Jojo smirked.
“Shush!” Sailynn blushed. “We are just going out to eat. I wouldn’t even call it a date.”
“Oh? And how many times have you gone out with him just this week alone?” Jojo teased as she moved to lean against the counter in front of Sail.
“Um….” Sailynn looked lost in thought for a moment before shaking her head and pointing back into the living room. “Isn’t oppa waiting for you in there?”
“That is the wonderful part of dating kdramas.. I can put them on pause when I want and don’t have to deal with their petty jealousy issues.”
“Still salty about Donghae and…..”
“Sail.. if you say another word I might have to beat you.” Jojo growled. “I told you we don’t talk about that man in this house.”
Sailynn laughed. “Okay okay, touchy subject huh?”
“You would know. You are the one who started it.”
“I did not!” Sailynn tried to pull out her best aegyo.
“Don’t even. I am still mad at you. Anyways, have fun on your date not date with Youngjae. I have a date with my TV.”
“Why not go out on a real date?”
“Why would I? Remember that going out on a simple ‘date’ was what got me in this place with Donghae in the first place.” Jojo stated bitterly as she walked back into the living room.
Sail looked up at the clock on the wall and let out a soft scream. She was going to be late!
“Hey Sail! You might want to see this!” Jojo called loudly from the living room.
Sail set down her hairbrush and went to find out what the needy screaming Unnie wanted now. “What is it?” She asked as she entered the living room.
To her surprise Jojo only lifted her hand to point at the TV screen in front of her. “I thought you were dating Youngjae, not Jun.K?” She asked pointedly.
“What are you….” The screen lit up with a picture of Jun.K and Sail at a music store the day before. Sail had run into him when she had gone to meet up with Youngjae, and decided to hangout after she had gotten a call from him saying he wouldn’t be able to make it. Jun.k had tried to cheer her up with a small concert on a piano in the music store they had wandered into. “It’s not like that.”
“Well if you look at it from this angle… it looks like you are whispering sweet nothings in Jun.k’s ear.” Jojo snorted. “You still haven’t learned the five-foot rule have you?” A sigh left her lips as she grabbed her laptop. “it is only worse online. You are not allowed to use your computer until I figure out a way to get this straightened up okay?”
Sail opened her mouth to agree only to be interrupted by the sound of their doorbell. “Were you expecting someone?” She eyed the puzzled Jojo.
“Nope, but watch out might be the camera Nazis.” She called over her shoulder as Sail made her way to the door.
Sail pulled open the door slowly and couldn’t help the surprised gasp that left her lips. “Youngjae? What are you doing here?”
“I decided to come over and see if you wanted to go out today since I wasn’t able to make it yesterday.” He asked shyly.
“Well…” Sail tried to get her mind passed the confused bubble it had entered. He must not know about the media reports. There was no way she could go out with him in public now. People would only come up with more ridiculous rumors if she was caught out with Youngjae only a day after being caught getting too close to Jun.K.
“Sail! Have you called Jun.K? JYP is probably more capable at handling dating issues than I am. Plus you need to explain to…..” Jojo walked around the corner and froze as she noticed Youngjae. “Well that was fast.” She moved to pull Sail aside and invite the confused man in. “Well I was going to suggest going to JYP to meet up with you and Jun.K but I guess you were a step ahead.”
Sail motioned for Jojo to shut up, but leave it to the savage panther to completely ignore her. “Who knew he would get caught before you were.” She teased.
“Caught?” Youngjae looked at the girls even more lost than before.
“Dating Sail. I mean I figured the media would have figured out about you two first, but seems Jun.K doesn’t know the meaning of secrecy.” She sat down and busied herself on her laptop.
Youngjae looked up at Sailynn his eyebrows knit tightly in bewilderment. “Dating?”
“That is what it says. Plus, I can’t blame them, I mean look at these pictures.” Jojo motioned to her laptop.
“Pictures?” Youngjae moved to sit next to Jojo on the couch his attention placed fully on the articles on the bright screen.
Sail’s eyes widened in panic. She was going to kill Jojo for this later! How could she not bring her head out of the issue long enough to notice something was off? Sail let her attention turn to the computer as well, afraid to see the look on Youngjae’s face as Jojo pointed out the pictures. “This one seems to be the one gaining the most attention.” The picture showed Jun.K seated at the piano and Sail leaning down to say something into his ear a bright smile plaster on both of their faces. “Personally I think this one is worse.” Sail looked at the picture and thought back to when Jun.K had been trying to force her to eat more street foods despite being already full. In this shot he was trying to talk her into eating a hotteok and was holding it up to her mouth… and of course it was at such an angle it looked like he was feeding her.
The photos didn’t stop there. One showed them walking extremely close as they made their way through the overcrowded marketplace, another showed Jun.K holding a door open for her and bowing playfully as she walked through, then there was one of them standing over a jewelry case in a store.
Sail cringed as she looked on. For anyone who was just going off of these pictures it really did look like a date. Her gaze slowly drifted over to Youngjae and their eyes met. His face was void of any emotions and a dark glare seemed to settle in his eyes. “Youngjae,”
With a look of frustration Youngjae stood up and bowed to Jojo. “Sorry Noona, looks like something came up.”
Jojo raised an eyebrow as she watched him walk away. “Bye Youngjae-ah tell the guys to call me if anything gets solved at JYP.”
“I will.” He replayed kindly back.
Sail watched his movements. His usual happy stride was now blocky and rigid and his once bright sunshine smile was replaced by a thin line as his lips pressed together. She continued to gaze at him as he put on his shoes. “Youngjae wait.” She called out again only to watch him walk out the door not once looking back in her direction.
One week, three days, and five hours. That is how long it had been since he had left her house. 57 messages sat unresponded and unopened in their kakaotalk chat. Sail sat staring at the offending chat wondering when he would give her a chance to explain. She had watched him on the Vapp with the rest of his group the smile plastered on his lips never truly reaching his eyes.
‘Youngjae let me explain.’ She typed out the message before shaking her head and deleting it for the tenth time. How was she supposed to fix everything when he wouldn’t talk to her? In fact, none of the guys had bothered contacting her like they usually did. The only reason she knew anything about them was because they all still talked to Jojo. Even Youngjae had replied to her messages.
“Staring at your phone isn’t going to make him respond.” Jojo said pitifully. “Why don’t you come out with me today?”
Sail looked up at her and shook her head. “I don’t feel like going out.” The rumors had been denied by JYP and Jojo had even put out a statement for Sail, but still people talked about whether the companies were lying to cover it up or if Jun.K and Sail really weren’t together.
“Come on, I am going to JYP.” Sail’s eyes lit up. “Mark and Jackson invited me to go there for lunch. Might as well take the chance to try and talk things out with him.” Jojo poked Sail’s cheek. “Plus, I don’t like seeing my little maknae all depressed. You are no fun this way.”
“Do you think he will talk to me?”
“No way to know until you try right?” Jojo turned to head towards the front door. “Come on, let’s go.”
Would he talk to her? Would he give her a chance to explain what had happened? Had Jun.K told him that it was a misunderstanding? If he did why was Youngjae still ignoring her? Sail pushed herself off of the couch and sighed. Only one way to find out right?
Silence… total and completely awkward silence filled the practice room. It had amazed Sail how things had changed in just a moment. When Jojo had walked in a chorus of ‘Noona!’ could be heard ringing in the small space, but once Sail had popped her head in everyone had frozen in place and glanced over at Youngjae.
He looked momentarily thrown off to see her standing there, but honestly how long would he be able to avoid her if he was still hanging out with Jojo?
“Come on Noona we can go to the new coffee house next door!” BamBam said brightly as he grabbed on to Jojo’s arm to pull her towards the door.
“I hear they have some tasty chocolate cakes!” Yugyeom added in as he too started to drag Jojo from the room.
“Okay! No need to pull!” Jojo laughed halfheartedly as she looked over her shoulder to where Sail and Youngjae stood just staring at each other. “We will be right back Sail.” She called out as the rest of the members moved to join the pushy maknaes.
Sail waited for the sound of the door closing before she opened her mouth.
“Stop.” Youngjae sighed as he shook his head. “I don’t want to hear it.”
“Why not?”
“Why don’t I want to hear you explain how you went out with Jun.K Hyung that day? Why don’t I want to listen to him go on about what a great date it was?”
Sail’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “It wasn’t a date!”
“Who do I believe? You who decided to go out and get all kinds of attention with hyung when I was too busy to see you… or my senior who I have known for years?”
Sail could feel her heart race as the reason he had been ignoring her came into light. “I will talk to Jun.K, it wasn’t a date. He must have misunderstood.”
“Misunderstood?” Youngjae chuckled darkly. “No, I think I was the only one who misunderstood. I should have listened to Jackson when he said Jun.k liked you. I thought maybe you liked me.”
The look of utter heartbreak on his face almost brought Sail to her knees. She felt the tingling sensation in her nose that always struck before the tears started to flow freely from her eyes. “I do.” She said weakly.
Youngjae’s eyes grew dark as he clicked his tongue and started to move towards the door. “Still going to lie to me until the end huh?”
Sail held back a sob as the tears threatened to spill from her eyes. He had completely cut her off. She had never imagined Youngjae could be this cold until this moment. “I’m not lying!”
“You’re not? Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes I am sure! I wouldn’t lie to you!”
Sail watched in confusion as he pulled out his phone and busied himself with the contraption. Before she could ask him what he was doing the practice room door opened and to Sail’s dismay Jun.K and Taecyeon walked in. “I heard you were here.” Jun.k smiled brightly. “Hey are you okay?” He asked taking notice of the tear streaks running down Sail’s face.
“I’m fine.” She answered shortly. Her eyes had yet to leave Youngjae who now looked even more angry than he had been moments ago. Without a word he slipped out the door and left Sail alone with the older idols.
“What do you say to getting lunch with us?” Taecyeon motioned towards the door. “You look like you could use some fresh air.”
Sail nodded weakly and followed them to the JYP building exit. As she reached the doors her phone started to chime causing her to stop and look down in surprise. It was Youngjae’s ringtone! She quickly opened the text and almost screamed involuntarily. Staring back at her was a picture from Jojo’s birthday party a few months ago. In the picture a drunk Sail sat on an equally drunk Jun.K’s lap. He arms wrapped tightly around her waist and their lips pressed together in a drunken passion kiss. Under the picture one message was sent. Just one word that tore Sail’s heart out of her chest and had her grasping for air. One word that made the tears she had been trying to kill fall freely down her cheeks again. One word that summed up exactly how Youngjae would see her forever. All it took was one drunken picture she didn’t know existed to surface and everything was gone. Sail bit her lip to keep from breaking down in the JYP Lobby her eyes glued to the word that had struck her in the heart.
I wasn't nearly as evil with this as I should have been.... but there is always a chance for next time.
I hope you all enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next story in our fanfic war!
@Sailynn ... the ball is in your court love!
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Well damn jojo that wasn't heart wrenching at all 😢😢 I feel for you @Sailynn * hugs*
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*blinks back the tears* I-I see how it is. Now I can pull an ace from my sleeve.
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lies! you attack me for no reason all thr time
OK. I'm just reading these! and. and. and @Sailynn I'm crying for you... had I known that pin was there. I think I would have tried to explain it... but my heart I'd breaking for you! great writing JOJO!
thank you