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You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.
Day 7/25
We are going to be spending the weekend in Seongnam together. We have already seen the night lights and I was super surprised and overwhelmed with joy that we had to explore the rest of Seongnam.
"Taehyung let's go here." I said pointing to an outside ice rink.
"I was thinking of bringing you somewhere else though." He said looking elsewhere.
"C'mon just 30 minutes." I said pulling him along.
"Oh fine." He gave up.
To my surprise, he couldn't ice skate at all, mind as well step in without slipping and falling on his butt. I swear I was trying my hardest to keep my laugh in. I offered my hand to him and stood him up, his feet were sliding all over the place.
"(y/n) you better help me."
"Okay, hold onto the side." I said leading him to the side. I backed up letting go of his hand.
"Don't let go." He said reaching for me, but almost slipping he gripped the rail like his life depended on it.
"Just watch." I said focusing on my feet.
"Just stand and start to push with the tip of your foot" (Just sayin, I am terrible at ice skating, so don't take any of the advice here it's probably false)
"Okay, can you help me now?" I laughed and glided back towards him. But someone bumped into me. I fell and landed with a strangely familiar boy on top of me. I stared into his eyes observing his face. He got off of me and apologized non stop.
"Jun is that you?" I asked and he lifted his head immediately. We both gasped at the same time.
"(y/n)! How've you been?"
"I've been good. You haven't changed much, look wise."
"Are you saying that in a good way or bad way?"
"Mmmm... both." I laughed. Then a girl came rushing over to Jun.
"Jun! There you are! Who is this?" She asked pointing to me.
I bowed and introduced myself and heard Taehyung yelling to me. I turned around forgetting him for a second.
"Oh, sorry Taehyung, I bumped into an old friend." I motioned both of them to come over here.
"This is my boyfriend Taehyung." I said to Jun.
"This is my girlfriend Hyuna." I went to shake hands with her.
"let's go to a cafe and catch up on the five years that we haven't seen each other." I nodded and we both followed them.
After drinking hot chocolate and eating a small snack I became friends with Hyuna and Taehyung became friends with Jun. We were all reminiscing about the past and how we became friends.
It's really nice to see someone you haven't seen for years.
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