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It's Day 7 of the challenge and today is about the character who grew on you. I have a lot of trouble with this as I actually didn't have one as only one character in Bleach to my eyes was bad in any particular way and that character will never grow on me because useless garbage has no place to me until of proves other wise :3 so here's the character who grew on me.

Don Kanonji

The Don is quite honestly a character who's bad like hilariously bad and that's why he grew on me. Upon his first appearance he fights a hollow and it's to much for him to handle he's pretty much exposed as a fraud by Ichigo and he can't actually do a whole lot. But just like Mr. Satan he has a huge following and doesn't like to disappoint his fans, he even created the Karakura Superheroes because he wanted to protect Karakura town...while alspo boosting ratings for his failing show xD and yes while Don Kanonji is a useless character he's funny useless, you know he's not supposed to be taken seriously so you just let him be and embrass the hilarity he gets into BWAHAHAHAHAHA (it is pretty contagious)
What about you guys? Any character in Bleach grow on you? Maybe Keigo after the time skip? Maybe Karin after the time skip whoever they are go on and leave a comment or make a card there always fun :3 Thanks for reading :) Tagging@AdamDean @Zeenyte
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chad or sado was a charcter i had to grow on me. i never really cared for him but i thought eventually he was cool with his hertiage and anilty being simlar to hollows