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March Comes In Like A Lion I'm watching this anime about a guy named Rei Kiriyama that is 17 year old that started living alone and so far, i really like it!! Its been awhile since i watch anime and has really caught my attention. It just makes me wanna say "What's going to happen next??" Lol At first, i wasnt sure if i was going to like it because of how the main character(Rei) was in a different type of art style. Link to the summary. :D https://myanimelist.net/anime/31646/3-gatsu_no_Lion
Show By Rock I'm watching the second season of this and I recommend this anime if you like cute, kawaii, and musical ish stuff! :D Heres the link to the summary if the first season if you haven't seen it yet! https://myanimelist.net/anime/27441/Show_By_Rock
Poco's Udon World Okay...this actually one of my favorite anime. This is a positive and happy anime that can make you laugh. Its also adorable! You should actually watch this! I definitely recommend it! And its also similar to Barakamon! Link down below for the summary! https://myanimelist.net/anime/32673/Udon_no_Kuni_no_Kiniro_Kemari?q=Pocos%20un
Inuyasha For this anime, im pretty sure most people knows it by now, so im not gonna pit the summary but i think this anime is really good! Its a different art style since its one if the older animes. Im actually surprise that it has a lot of episodes then a regular anime would have. Summary is down below! https://myanimelist.net/anime/249/InuYasha?q=Inuyasha%20
Oh my, more anime added into my watching list. Thanks!
My pleasure!
it has the same art style as honey and clover
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March comes in like a lion