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“Y/N ah~” he teased. You giggle but you don’t look up from your phone. You were laying in bed scrolling through your pictures you had taken that day. You were in one of Taecyeon’s shirts. Your boyfriend wouldn’t mind, in fact he may even find it cute.
“In here.” You said. A ding came from your phone and a little message popped down from your screen. It was Nichkhun, he wanted to know if you guys wanted to grab dinner tonight. You pushed down the grey bar and answered the text.
Your boyfriend came in with a scream and you laugh at his attempt to scare you. He jumped on the bed with his always smile and you returned the look.
Taecyeon’s hands came to your legs and he pulled them open so he could lay between them.
“How was you day?” He asked as he pressed a kiss onto your exposed knee and then held it to his face.
“It was great!” You say, your smile taking over your face.
“Better now that I’m here?” He questioned up at you. He thumb made little designs on your knee as he smiled at you. You smile down at him nod.
“Of course.” You reply just as your phone dings again.
Taecyeon pushes his face in your legs and hums as you check your phone. He brings his head up quickly with a loud kiss. You hold in a laugh as his hair jumps with him.
“Who’s that?” He asks playfully.
“Khun wanted to know if we wanted to get dinner with him tonight.” You say blindly as you look over the response from Nichkhun.
“He says he wants steak, are you good with-” you cut your words when you look back at Taecyeon. He wasn’t smiling, Taecyeon always smiled and now he wasn’t.
“What’s wrong, Taecyeon?” You ask as you fold your legs up and bring your head closer to him.
“Why is he texting you?” He asked. He looked confused on the verge of angry.
“Maybe your phones off?” You question.
“It’s not.” You jump slightly at his tone. He wasn’t usually this firm and angry at the same time. It kinda turned you on, but now wasn’t the time to be thinking about that.
“When did you tell him we would meet?” Taecyeon asked you.
You snapped out of your thoughts and looked down at your phone. You had typed for a hour an a half to get ready but you hadn’t sent it because you wanted to make sure Taecyeon was okay with steak.
“One hour?” You say pressing down on the send button.
“Good.” Taecyeon replied.
Taecyeon’s lips came to yours as his hands went to your knees and pushed them open. You voiced your surprise into his mouth. Taecyeon’s hands came to your waist and he pulled you down lower on the bed. This made you practically slide out of the shirt you had borrowed from him. His lips were still on yours while his hand trails up your leg.
Taecyeon pushed down on your thigh and then moved his hand to your sex. His fingers quickly laced around the waistband of your panties and he pulled them down harshly.
You moan at his aggression but the sound was swallowed by his lips. His fingers came to your folds and you moaned again. He broke the kiss to move to your neck where he started sucking harshly on a section of skin.
You moan as you gasp for air. Taecyeon’s fingers found your clit and he pinched and pressed on the sensitive nub before moving to your entrance. You moaned loudly as the tip of his fingers pushed into you but then pulled back before going any further.
“Taecyeon.” You moan, your voice causing him to groan into your neck.
Taecyeon brought his thumb up to rub your clit as he continues this assault. Just barely pushing in and then coming out. You rim spasms and you push your hips up as you try to get him to enter you, but Taecyeon knew you too well and would pull up his fingers when you tried to push onto them.
Your breathing became rigid as your body got hotter and hotter. You felt something pull inside of you. One of your hands goes to your boyfriend. You grab the back of his neck as he moves to another spot on your neck to start sucking. The other hand goes to the sheets and grabs them with greed.
“Taecyeon” You say, your body tensing up. Taecyeon groans on your skin as he licks the wounds he’s made and starts another one lower.
“Taecyeon, I think I’m…” You stop to moan as he goes in just a little deeper. The feeling of his thumb becoming harder on your clit.
“I’m gonna come, Taecyeon!” Your grip on the sheets becomes stronger as you arch your back and come around the tips of his fingers.
You slide to the bed as Taecyeon’s thumb lets go of your clit and you gasp for air. Your hand on Taecyeon’s neck goes up to his hair and you play with the light locks.
“That was..” His lips were on yours before you could finish your praise, but you welcomed the kiss. When he pulled away you smiled at him and he lowered his head to kiss your chest. Your chest was still falling and rising quickly.
Taecyeon unbuttoned a few of the buttons on the shirt as he kissed down your body.
His hands found the base of the shirt and he pushed it up a bit to kiss your stomach. Your hands went to his head and you played with his hair as he quickly sucked a mark onto your stomach.
Your phone dinged and before your hand could reach it, Taecyeon’s hands threw it of the bed. The sound of your phone hitting the floor echoed through the room.
“Taecyeon?!” You scream, sitting up to see where the phone had gone. Taecyeon’s hand came to your shoulder and he gently pushed you back into the bed as his hands came to your legs to open them wider for more room.
Taecyeon lowered his head, his lips finding your swollen nub and sucking it mercilessly. You phone was forgotten as pure pleasure swarmed through your body. You pushed your head into the pillows and moaned.
Taecyeonbrought his fingers back to your entrance. He pushed them in incredibly slowly and you arched your back into the feeling. His lips were so rough around your clit but his fingers moved so slowly inside of you.
His fingers inside of you parted as he slowly started to scissor you as he twisted his hand to change the position of his fingers. You could feel your body building for another orgasm and you held to the sides of your pillow.
“Taecyeon..” You moan. Your chest feeling tight and your legs starting to shake. He hums onto your nub and you moan loudly in return. You try to push up into his fingers but he starts moving slower and you groan at your frustration. Taecyeon lifted his head just a bit.
“Who made you this wet, Y/N?” He asked over your sex. You could feel his breath on your skin as he spoke. His fingers curling inside of you.
“You did, Taecyeon.” You say. Your body arching as it started reaching its climax.
“Who?” He said, pushing his fingers deeper. Your toes curled tightly as your hands grip to the sheets.
“You did, Taecyeon.” You answer again, you were close. So close.
“I can’t hear you.” Taecyeon’s tone was so sexy and his voice was low and full of gravel.
“Taec! Taecyeon, please.” You beg. Every muscle in your body begged with your words.
Taecyeon moans at his view before bringing his head down again and slurping up your juices. The feeling of his tongue on your clit was all your body needed to come down hard over Taecyeon’s fingers.
“Oh my God!” You cried as you tried to calm down, your body was still shaking a little bit and your hair was sticking to your neck.
Taecyeon kissed your clit and the touch made your body quiver. He kissed down to your folds and started slowly licking up your juices.
“Taecyeon.” You say weakly as your hand came to his hair. Taecyeon lifted his head a bit. You pushed the hair off of his forehead and his eyes look up at yours. They were so hungry that it made you lick and bite your lip.
Taecyeon didn’t order you but lay back and grab onto the sheets lightly. You hand the feeling you would need them soon enough.
With that, Taecyeon dove into your folds. His tongue working fast as he quickly licked and sucked you up. You moan and whine and twist your body beneath him but it only makes him go quicker. His tongue darts into you and cry out as he licks your walls.
Taecyeon licks up to your clit and takes it between his teeth again. It was still sore from minutes ago but it somehow felt good. Taecyeon’s fingers come up to continue what his tongue left off. They swirl into you and your walls push against them. The building coming back again as you give up on trying to control you breathing.
His fingers push in quickly and harsher than anything before. You cry at the feeling of speed. Your back arches and you cry out his name again. The feeling of his harsh sucking with his quick fingers were almost too much for you.
Taecyeon releases your clit and lifts his head.
“Do you like this, Y/N?” Taecyeon asked. His voice was hoarse from the lack of using it and it turned you on so much more.
“Yes. Taecyeon.” You moan each syllable with his fingers movements and he slows down his fingers so he can hear you properly.
Taecyeon nods with each syllable and the smile is finally back on his face. He pushes his fingers in hard and fast, over and over and you feel your body start to shake.
“Come on, baby.” He says and your body obeys as you come around him again.
“Holy shit.” Taecyeon groans as he feels how hard you’re coming around his still moving fingers.
“Turn over, Y/N.” He says as he slowly removes his fingers and quickly starts undoing his belt. You felt sleep start to cover your shoulders but you push it away and turn over.
Taecyeon pushes up your shirt until it’s around your neck and you take it off from there. His hands already at your sides and pulling you onto his cock before you can finish taking the shirt off.
“Oh, Y\N.” He groans as he pulls you onto him. You moan as your body rocks back with his strength. Taecyeon was grinding into you slowly. He was hitting so deep inside of you that you were sure you would be seeing stars with the next roll of his hips. Your head goes limp and you struggle for your arms not to give in and cause you to collapse.
Taecyeon’s hands leave your sides as he reaches down to unclasp your bra while he rolls into you. Taecyeon leans down and grabs onto your breasts before he sits up again.
“Come here, baby.” He says as your head falls back onto his shoulder Taecyeon rocks into you a little faster and hit that toe curling spot inside you. You reached back and grabbed onto him as your body started to tighten.
“Taecyeon.” You say and he nods down at you.
“Almost.” He says and you hope that he can come soon because you weren’t sure you could hold it off.
Taecyeon.” You say again, this time softer and he groans, going faster and hitting that spot repeatedly.
A quick soft moan leaves your lips with every snap of his hips and you pull away from him to return to your hands and knees.
Taecyeon’s hands return to your hips and he pulls you back and onto him even harder. You cry out, your nails scratching the wall as your build up gets to it peek.
“Taecyeon!” You scream and he pounds you harder.
“Almost, Y/N.” You whine as you push your face into the pillow and try to concentrate.
“Now, Y/N. Now.”Taecyeonk groans.
He didn’t have to say it twice. You scream as you clench around him and come down for your- . You had forgotten how many times you hand came. Taecyeon lets you fall to the bed and comes around to scoop you into his arms. You look up at him to see the smile you love.
“You can’t go to sleep, Y/N.” He says as he pets your hair.
“But,” you whine, making him laugh.
“Come on.” He says as he picks you up and walks you to the bathroom.
“Let’s get you clean.”Taecyeon says as he set you on the counter. Which was a good call seeing as you weren’t sure you’d be able to walk. Taecyeon turns on the water for you and runs his hand under it to check the temperature.
“There!” He said, turning to you and smiling brightly.
A loud knock came from the door and both of you looked toward the sound. Taecyeon’s smile disappeared as he looks over at you.
“How long did we take?” He asks and you shrug at him.
“Okay,” he says. “You, take a shower. I’ll say that you took too long to get ready and that when you’re done we will leave.” His hands went everywhere while he talked and it put a smile on you face.
You nodded at the agreement and stood.
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literally, my uterus has never flipped as much as it did when I read this. twice.
I need a cigarette! and I hate smoking! JESUS EM!!
damn it Emm and just before i have to work too lol.
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