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And with this, not only am I entering the Got7 Community Giveaway- I also get something completely off my chest and that to me, was much needed. I hope you all enjoy! *bows*
My eyes lock with the pools of deep brown silk in front of me. I breathe to try and calm the chaotic storm in my mind, in my heart, in my trembling hands. “I hope,” I begin. “that this will not alter our friendship if you do not meet eye to eye with me at the end of this.... confession.” I lick my lips and exhale slowly through my nose, keeping my eyes pinned to the ones staring back, reflecting the identical perplexity inside of me. “Here it goes.” I take one last deep breath. “I like you. I'm sorry for being so direct, it's just that I've been holding it for so long and I just- I Don't know how else to express it other than telling you face to face about all the things you make me feel when you are near or even away.” I breathe. “I ask that you do not turn from me- I beg for that to be the last thing you do because I value you as a whole as the human that stands before me with such radiance that even my soul cannot withstand the emotions that ravage against my heart- My never ending trails of thoughts With your image attached to every single one of them.” I gasp for air. Taking a second to calm myself down when I noticed the volume that my voice had reached just as I lost oxygen in my lungs. I clear my throat. “I'm sorry. I do not wish to scare you away with how I'm coming off when all I want to do is tell you that I like you so; that your laugh causes a thousands storms to unleash deep inside and I have no way of figuring out how to control those beasts and yet when I look at you all over again, I always seem to confine in the idea that every single entity is worth the trouble.” I breathe once more. “No. You are not a rock in my shoe- I cannot express how far you are from being a disturbance regardless of all the damage you may have done to me without you even realizing it was happening. Unwantedly, unexpectedly- My eyes began to search for you in the crowd on their own, when my head kept saying it was just a glitch that nothing would happen between you and I nor that you could never feel any type of attraction towards me- I mean, I'm a ball of sunshine, but even I can only radiate so much unlike you- whereas being compared you are the brightest in the known universe, a Sirius and I- I cannot even outshine our dearest Sun.” I lick my lips and swallow to moisten my vocal cords. “I apologize once again for beating around the bush and rambling on about things that may or may not make sense within this cluster of points I'm trying to state. You make me so nervous that I find myself trembling in my own shoes- something that I've never felt until that day I acknowledged these feelings I have for you and everything else started to crumble around me but I did not notice the walls breaking down, the empty throne that was once held by a man they call TOP had been abandoned and you- you took that place in my heart and now rule above my other loves and preferences without a drop of confidence escaping your statue. The emitting radiance keeping all things at bay, as the walls continue to crash around your feet because you- you are perfect. To me- to my eyes- to my ever lasting desires.” My shoulders relax as a small sigh escapes through my mouth. “I wish I could keep this confession sweet and short like all of our other conversations but when it comes to how I really feel deep inside my core, I cannot contain those beasts to a humane level when all they want to do is rush out of my mouth and yell at the world how much I have grown to care about you. How much you mean to me. How all I need in life is your smile for it radiates more than the combined intensity of a million stars and that my dearest, is all I'll ever ask of you if you accept my first statement-” I bite my lip and drop my head to stare at my washed out, dirty black shoes then slowly lift my head and try to smile politely, despite my heart thumping loudly in my ears. “I like you.” “Like? That sounded more like a straight up love confession my dear.” The voice of my roommate Jojo made me turn away to look at her standing in my doorway. “Does it?” I ask. “I don't know how to shorten it.” She smirked. “Don't shorten it. I like how it sounds, though, you should learn how to speak at a normal speed instead of jumbling all of your words together and gasping for air like a dying walrus.” I giggle. “Sorry. I don't know what you're talking about when it comes to confessing to....” I swallow hard with the clear image in my head. “Is that why you're practicing in front of a mirror? Are you going to pretend you're looking at yourself when you tell him all this?” I turn back to the pools of deep brown silk and watch the reflection smile back at me. “Yeah. I need all the courage in the world to tell that ball of sunshine that I like him.” “I can picture it already, Sail. Poor Youngjae is going to be bright red and you, you'll be even brighter.” I turn around giggling, “I'll bet you dinner that he'll radiate even more.”
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