"YOONGI!" You screamed his name as his release shot into you. He gasped for air and then collapsed on top of you. Yoongi gave you a messy kiss and mumbled in between. "Was I good?" You held his face, "You were amazing." He got off of you and laid down beside your sweaty, exhausted body. It wasn't just sweaty. You were sexy like crazy. Every breath, making your chest rise, made him want to go through the intercourse all over again. He hugged you tightly and you leaned towards him closing your eyes in comfort. "I love you y/n." Your answer was muffled from exhaution. "Me.. too.." Mumbling to sleep was a normal thing. You woke up the next morning sore.  You shifted your hands to look for Yoongi. But the more you moved you hands, you noticed he wasn't there. Realization hit you and you got up right away.  Scared. "Yoongi?" Your eyes wandered around the room from insecurity.  The man you actually loved wasn't going to leave you without saying goodbye again. 'No.' An instant flashback just shown infront of your eyes. 'No.. It can't be like that.' "Yoongi?!" "What." He answered blandly. You let out a deep breath out of relief. "I was just.. Wondering where you were." "God. You just can't live without me can you?" You glared at him playfully and smiled. You and Yoongi had been together for exactly a year now.  After your first love left you, you weren't able to settle down.  Your first love was.. Jung Hoseok. He was beautiful. Everything about him. But, he left you after a perfect day. (FLASHBACK BOLD) "Hey~ jagi! Where are we going?" "To your favorite place in the world." "Really?" You two jammed out to music and had fun on the way to your 'favorite place' The car made a stop and you looked outside the window. The beach. "OMG! Jagi! This is my favorite place in the world!" He laughed and you ran out the car heading for the water. You threw your shoes like they didn't matter any more. But, Hoseok just stood infront of the car watching you. He beamed the smile you absolutely cherished. But when you turned around, little did you know that he had the most painful smile in the world. He was still smiling, but crying. Something was wrong. Something was painfully hurting him. But as you looked towards him, he wiped away the tears quickly and shined the beautiful smile. That night, you two were in great harmony. The best. As you collapsed on top of him, he hugged you tight and let you lay down on the bed comfortably. You cuddled into him and he wrapped hus body around you. He cleared the hair out of your face and said his last words before he disappeared. "I love you." The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed. He left you without even saying anything. After that point on, having one night stands was a usual thing, clubbing almost every day, drinking alcohol and smoking..  You got sick of that life.  That's when Yoongi came in. He went through these things. Depression, anxiety, and had more scars than you did. Somehow the things he said were cold and inhumane sometimes, but they comforted you in a strange way. Those words just healed your heart. From that point on, you knew you forgot about your first love in a second. He didn't exist to you anymore. Well maybe he did. It was weird. Hoseok would just be staring at you sometimes. It sounds crazy but... When you were talking to Yoongi in the local cafe, you saw Hoseok, Staring at you from afar. You closed your eyes hard trying to get back to your senses. When the waiter passed by, he was gone. Another time was when you were at the mall. Just hanging out with your best friend Taehyung. You went to go get some hats for Yoongi. You stood inside the store, talking to one of the employees and you saw Hoseok. In the most beautiful stance, watching you stare back. The employee got in your way, trying to get your attention back, and when you pushed him out, Hoseok was gone.  You tried to prove yourself that they were all hallucinations. But.. Something didn't feel right. Ignoring it was the best thing you could do for yourself.  (BACK TO REGULAR FONT.) "Whatever Yoongi." "Aren't I right?" He raised his eyebrow and gave you that irresistible smirk.  "Don't give me that look Yoongi. You know it kills me." "That's exactly the reason why I give you this look." You laughed at him. "Whatever." You covered your bare body with a blanket. You just sat there, waiting for him to get out. But instead, he just leaned on the wall waiting for you (you in BOLD.) to wear your clothes. "Uh.. aren't you going to.. You know.. Move?" "No." "... I wonder why..." "I want to see your body." He was too straight forward. You pressed your lips, flustered. "Why do you act like I have never seen your body before?" You got up with the blanket covering your body and took out some clothes from the drawer. "Where are you going?" ,Yoongi asked. "Going to change, where I have privacy." He grabbed your arms and stopped you. "Whoa Whoa... not so fast honey." He pulled you in for a kiss that was not expected for. You pulled back, still having the blanket around you,"What was that?" "A kiss." You glared. "I know." And then you walked off to the bathroom. As you wore your clothes, you saw a phone call come. It was a number you didn't know. "If this is another ad.. I'm so gonna kill someone." You answered. "Hello?" "..." "Hello?" Your tone changed from normal to annoyed. "Please stop calling if your go-" "Hi." This voice. It was definetely Hoseok. It was totally him. "Do you.. remember me?" You scoffed. 'He has the odacity to call me?" "Umm.. You have to say your name first." He cleared his throat and spoke, "Hoseok." 'Shit.' "I'm sorry, I think you called the wrong number. I don't remember anyone named Hoseok. He doesn't exist to me anymore." "Y/n-" "Please don't call me like that. I'm telling you, someone named Hoseok has never been in my life. EVER." And you hung up. You clenched your teeth trying to hold the tears back. Yoongi knocked on the door. "Hey, you alright? Your taking a while." "Uh.. I'm okay, I got a freaking prank call." "Oh.. okay then, come out. We need to go get some groceries." "Okay." You let out a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. 'It's okay.. it's okay." You were in love with Yoongi. Why were you getting so shaky? You two came back from getting groceries and started to organize the food. Yoongi called you, "Hey, y/n! You got a call from Jungkook." "Kookie? Okay.." Normally Jungkook doesn't call you unless it's really important. He was the type to prefer texting than calling, unless it was an emergency. "Hello?" "NOONA!" "What? What happened?" "HOSEOK HYUNG. I SAW HOSEOK HYUNG. HE CANE TO MY FREAKING HOUSE!" "What?" "HE CAME TO-" "Jungkook calm down. Take a deep breath and talk to me." He let out a deep breath and continued talking. "Well... he came to my house and started talking about you. If you still live at the same house." "Okay.." "And he told me that he needed to talk to you about something. Something important. "Were you calm infront of him?" "Yeah.." "Good" "He said something about your mom.. Oh! He said that he needed to talk to you about his dad and your mom." "My mom?" "Yeah." "But.. my mom's-" "DEAD! I KNOW. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT." "Okay Jungkook. Thanks for telling me." You ended the call and put your face into your hands. 'Why is this happening now? Why when I'm dating Yoongi?' When these thoughts roamed around your head, Yoongi interrupted. "Hey, you good?" You jumped a little at the sudden interruption. "Yeah. It's-" "NOTHING." You looked at him. "That's what you always say." You bit your lips as he came closer to you. "Hey, yoongi..." "Why do you never talk to me about things? You always say it's nothing, but there's always something going on. I don't want you to have all the hardships inside of you giving stress to yourself. I want you to share everything with me." You looked at him with sincere eyes, but you couldn't find the courage to speak up. "Of course, you just can't tell me, huh?" You licked your lips, as they got drier. "Yoongi.. It's.. I don't want to make the problem to become bigger." "You think I'm going to make the problem bigger? All I want to do is support you. Is that going to make the problem BIGGER?!" He closed his eyes and put his hands on his hips. He was mad. "Yoongi-yah.. don't be mad. I'll call you when I need you." "When's that?" "Huh?" "You always say that. That's how you get out of these problems. I want to know when I can actually support you and help you. I don't just live with you, I don't just have sex with you. I do this out of love. Tell me if I have a problem." You hesitated to answer. He didn't have a problem. It was all you. You started to think, 'This never happened between me and Hoseok.' You told Hoseok everything. From the small things, to the big things. But with Yoongi.. You were hiding almost everything. You weren't honest with him. "It's my problem." "What?" He looked up with an eyebrow raised. "I said it's my problem." He licked his lips and looked up at the ceiling frustrated. There was a moment of silence, and then Yoongi broke it. "Is it your problem that you've been seeing your ex-boyfriend these days?" You scrunched your eye brows and tilted your head. "How did you.." "Oh, so it was true." "What?" "About you seeing your ex." "I never saw him." "I know you aren't cheating on me or anything. I just heard you thought you were seeing hallucinations." "Who told you?" "The person you were just on the phone with." 'Fuck Jungkook.' "I just found out that they weren't hallucinations. He was actually there." Yoongi started to listen closely. "Tell me more." You let out a deep breath and started to tell him the whole story of who your ex was and what he did, and what he meant to you. "Yoongi.. but I have a problem.." "What is it?" "After I heard his voice on the phone this morning, I was a little shaky on my feelings." He stared blankly at you. "What?" "I thought I would never be able to fall for that piece of shit again, but.. when I heard his voice, it really.. made my heart flutter." Yoongi stared at you confused. "But, he hurt you y/n. He.. He.. hurt you." "I know.. this is why I didn't tell you. You wouldn't understand my feelings towards Hoseok." "Yeah, I can't understand." "... Hoseok was my first love, like I told you. I thought he-" That's when the doorbell rang. All the hair in your body stood up. 'Hoseok.' You ran to the door and opened it. There he was. The criminal that stole your heart and abandoned it. The piece of shit that won't let your heart stay with the person you're with. "Y/n.." His eyes were so full of sadness. It wasn't the usual Hoseok you were used to. "You still live here?" "Uh-" That's when Yoongi came up from behind. Hoseok looked like his heart broke when he saw Yoongi. "Who's this?" "I'm her boyfriend." Hoseok didn't speak. His heart was already broken. "You weren't going to expect her to wait for you until you came back, were you? I hope you're not that selfish. Just because your heart doesn't know which way to go, doesn't mean you have to ruin a beautiful girl's future and make her stay single." You pressed your lips and said nothing. Hoseok just looked down at the ground. Yoongi pulled you in closer, grabbing your arm. "You know who I hate the most in this world y/n?" You looked up at him. "I hate people who don't end things clearly. Like.. for example, giving a girl their best day ever and then leaving them without a goodbye the next day. Would that explain it?" You couldn't look at Yoongi or Hoseok clearly. Hoseok finally looked up and talked. "Y/n.. we need to talk about your mom." "My mom's dead." "I know. That's why I need to talk to you about it. About her death." You stared into his eyes. He really had something to talk about. It looked like he wouldn't be able to live without telling you. His face was pale, he lost more weight, and he lost his smile. He looked like he was beat up. "Hey.. Yoongi.. I uh.. I think I'll talk to Hoseok for a minute. Umm.. I promise it won't take too long." He suddenly closed the door and hugged you. "Hey-" "Y/n... I'm scared." You were surprised. Yoongi was always so bold and charismatic. He wasn't scared of anything. But.. he just said that he was scared. "I don't want to lose you. You.. you fill my life." You hugged him back, but inside you didn't know what was going to happen. You thought Hoseok was gone. Disappeared out of your life. But, as you looked at him.. something changed. You couldn't change the memories he gifted you, or the heart fluttering moments, or him. You couldn't change Hoseok for goodness sakes. He just made you heart softer. You pulled Yoongi and told him, "I'll be back." You walked out the door and Hoseok waited for you. You two walked. "Y/n.." "Get to the point Hoseok." You were scared too. Scared that you would fall for him. "So.. Your mom was in a car accident right?" "Yeah." He closed his eyes, and a tear rolled down his face. He started to talk about how his dad was a CEO in a famous company and he fell for your mom few years back. "Wait.. you had a dad?" He never talked about his parents when you dated him. He.. was known as an orphan. "My mom ran away because she hated my dad. He had a short temper. He does everything to do what he wants. So, I decided to run away from my family. Anyway, my dad really fell for your mom." He bit his lips nervous and scared. You couldn't help but hold his hand. "It's okay Hoseok, talk to me." "Your mom was beautiful. And that's why my dad fell for her. But, that was when you were already born and she had a husband, of course. But, my dad tried everything for your mom to come to him. Money, gifts, etc. He asked why your mom wouldn't come to him. And your mom answered with determination and proudness." "What did she say?" "I'm happy." A tear rolled down your face as you thought of your mom. "I'm happy with my husband and my child. All the money you tried giving me will never be able to fill this happiness." Hoseok's voice was shaking from all the tears coming out from him. He cleared his throat and looked at you. "But, my dad was mad. He got mad that he was never able to give that kind of happiness for my mom or me. So.. he-" "Killed my mom?" Hoseok automatically got on his knees. "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry." You stood there blankly, just crying. "I don't know why he didn't just leave your mom alone. He just couldn't get his temper out.. so.. he made his murder into an accident." You fell down also, in tragedy. In tears. Hoseok couldn't look at you straight in the eye out of guilt. You held your face in your hands and cried your heart out. Your mom was always the woman you looked up to. But, your lover's dad killed her. What was supposed to happen? You stopped your tears and called his name. "Hoseok." He couldn't stop crying. You were already able to guess how he lived through the years. Drowned in guilt, crying everyday, trying to erase the memory of you and the sin his dad had made. But it wasn't his fault. It was his dad's fault. Why was he crying? "Hoseok." You lifted his face and kissed him. Hoseok wanted to forget about everything that was happening around him. Everything. You felt the same. The raging fire that was inside of you automatically died as soon as you kissed him. You wanted to forget about Yoongi, your mom, your dad's tragic life, and his dad. You just wanted him back now. He lived in pain for all these years because of his shitty dad. It wasn't even his fault. You held his face and didn't let go. You just didn't want to let go of him ever again. Hoseok kissed you passionately back. He let go and put your forehead on his. You two had your eyes closed and felt your breaths touching eachother. He didn't let go of your face and went back at your lips again. This time, NO THOUGHTS. No thoughts when you guys were kissing. His tongue explored the inside of your mouth and you moaned at the sweetness. You missed this. Yoongi was never able to make this feeling. He was dominant, strong, and powerful. You missed a sweet and soft kiss like this. "Hoseok." You pulled away. He looked at you. "I love you." And his lips met yours, and so did his heart. You two were going to be back at it again.
This is a special one shot I have been working on days! I hoped you guys liked it~^^ I'll be back soon with my other fanfics! Love ya guys! ❤️❤️
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