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Episode 13......gosh.....(sigh).......a lot of people has mention that they are frustrated (which I understand why you would be), but the ending was a cliffhanger that left me gasping! I was just like what >o< why would you end it like that!? Oh well..... 1)So I really didn't understand this part but some reason in order to bring him back to his body the weird madam lady had to eraser every memory he had of Tae...which I'm not sure why.... 2)He wakes up and then he has no clue whatsoever of what has happen (which is where we all start screaming!) and then there is poor Tae crying because she knows that he doesn't know her anymore and only she can still feel that love....so sad. 3) The rest of the show got my really angry so I rather not go over it, but what I did I find funny was how the little sun try to help them by bringing them together and then he thought he was hitting on Tae which was cute too, hahaha. 4) I really don't like the aunt or the Hana an girl.... 5)What is Chae planning to do that she needs to use Tae's body in order to do it??? O.O 6) OHHHHMMMMYYYYGOOOOOODDDDNNNEESSS He came and is trying out if she is the one!!!!!!!! Ahhhh! 7)WHERE IS THE TRAILER? T-T Well you guys I'm not sure what my thoughts are yet because I'm still trying to recover from the whole thing, but what do you guys think? Leave your comments below I'm curious to hear what you thought. :)
hahahaha agree :
i believe that it will defintely be a happy ending... or i quit being a kdrma addict!! lol
I'm hoping for a good one, but we don't know how the Hong sisters are going to pull on us after ally the hair pulling moments and tear my poor heart will give out on me ;p hahah I agree this drama is really different and that is why we love it because it's something new...there is going to be one more episode added to the series so that means a lot can happen in 4 episodes >.<
I'm hoping for a happy ending...love this drama...so different then most. I read that there will be a one or two episode extension...sure hope so.
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