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I did this and I found it fun, and I lowkey liked the story I created with this, so basically in the comments write a story as long as you like, BUT u can only use your reccomended words from right - to left over and over. Example: right - middle -left -right - middle - left .... :) "I am not sure if I had to order a one-of-a-kind, but I can give you a lot of memories" ^ did that now using the right to left method
This is the one is did: thanks for your birthday. we will be without you. you will be okay with you! I love you. the last time you have to do is accept incoming email it your way through the years to come home. I have been jealous at me. my hands were trembling I can tell you that I was facing a few seconds to load the last time you have to right click on a road trip to new York, and I have to be a good idea, but then the next and I will not only was I actually concerned about this. the strange boy got to me. my stomach. the sky. the last time. I have been jealous at me. my hands were scraped aswell, but I can take out the best of the time that you cant trust. the sky. I am, I didn't keep your eyes and began to course. the last time you have a home, and my parents had a twin bed with you. you can never have to be the result of a panic attack,
I really liked it bc to me it sort of made sense? like a loved person is going away or something and this person is writing a letter or thinking out loud idk
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@shadoheart I like it
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I don't know how to call you now to see if you have any questions please let me know where you are and what you are looking for and what you are doing for me and my feelings of what is going on with that and with my friend
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on Wed Mar to the Kamehameha I have to go to a few days to come in and around for a few of the vocals are you going to the usa I was wondering what to do it in the world is a great day and I have a good day to get to the Kamehameha
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When you remember me that it was a very nice place to be a deer and a half to get to the bottom of the world and the people who are in a call or text me if I have to say that I am a little confused about it but I am not sure if I can get it to you on Monday and Tuesday if you have any questions please let me know what you think you are going to get to the zoo all over the house to get to school for the next few days of my life with the kids to see if they can get it to you on Monday and Tuesday.
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