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Hey Otakus! It's your friendly Anime Mod Here and since I feel like the Community could use some more Anime Spirit I thought.... Why Not Try to Know About Eachother a Little Bit More!

I would LOVE IT if you guys would participate in this little activity!

If you can.. Make a card of your Favorite Anime Series explaining a little as to why you Love it. Then the more people participate the more we find out who else loves the same Anime's as you! After today I'll tally up all of the Anime's Mentioned and the Top 5 Anime's Mentioned will each get an Anime Week Challenge!

But....When it Comes to an Awesome Anime Series it's always hard to just Choose ONE!

So You Can Chose Your Top 5 Favorite Anime Series!!

Mine Are....

1.) Fairy Tail❤

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Fairy Tail❤ It's just amazing! Theres just so much to love from this anime from the amazing Characters to the Incredible Magic! Fairy Tail will always have a place in my heart❤

2.) Yuri!!! On Ice❤ (New)

This anime is just LIFE! This is one of the those anime's where you just instantly fall in love with and not just the Character's but the Music, the Ice Skating, All of it! It's an all time fav no doubt❤

3.) Gintama❤

Gintama is one of the most HILARIOUS SHOWS I have ever watched! There is never a dull moment when it comes to this anime or the action filled parts! The Character's are just so awesome and The Odd Jobs will always be the best group!❤

4.) Your Lie In April❤

TuT this Anime is just... Beautiful. This Anime hits me hard especially in the heart. It connected with me in just so many levels and I fell in love with EVERYTHING! The Music. The Animation. The Character's. All of it❤ One of the best Anime's out there no doubt!

5.) Yona of the Dawn❤

I love this anime due to the Main Character. Her whole character development was just perfect and made me very happy that I honestly need me a Second Season of this Anime!!!

So what are your Top 5 Favorite Anime Series?! Please Tag Me @AimeBolanos so I dont miss your card!


You mean explain every anime ever?? Haha or almost at least. Awesome idea NAKAMA!!!
Omg! I need to get on this. ASAP!
Is there a due date for these??
@assasingod well since no one did any lol not really xD
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@assasingod TuT aww thank you lol you dont have to but I would love to see it😄
Fairy tail
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