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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok. What: Still don't know but there is Smut. Story: Y'all wanted a second part so here we go.
You sat there looking at the response you typed. You first put 'no' then you thought to ask why? Now all you had typed was 'no thanks' no matter what, whatever you were going to say next would sound rude and since you couldn't really figure out what you wanted to say you decided to ignore him. Kiseok decided to end you two and now he wanted you back? You didn't know why but you weren't going back to someone who would just stop seeing you all because of a little pressure. Honestly, you didn't know why he stopped seeing you but that's what you had assumed was the reason. Either way you had no obligation to go back to him. You went to have coffee with Gray. He said he had something to talk about with you. You had a sneaky suspicion it had to do with Kiseok's text. Honestly, had everything stayed in secret like you asked then you two would probably still be together. Why did he have to go and announce your relationship? Things were fine the way they were. You headed into the coffee shop before Gray and took your seat after getting your coffee. You looked at Kiseok's text again; he sent that yesterday you didn't see it until today. You started to type: You: I have no reason to get back with you. You almost sent that but erased it again. The truth is you wanted him back but you were too stubborn to just say 'okay let's get back together'. You were too stubborn to admit it to yourself. Besides that response made it sound like you were using him. Considering the fact that you were still in your early twenties and Kiseok was already in his thirties, the age gap between you two had everyone questioning your intentions. It only slightly made sense but it wasn't like Kiseok was fourty. You weren't a gold digger but you'd hook up with a silver fox with money for one reason and one reason only: the sex. It probably would've been a one night stand anyway it was just one of your fantasy. You wondered what it would be like, outside of that, you didn't need anyone's money or fame to help you with anything. You didn't have much when you started out but by no means did you get into this company because of connections, sleeping your way in or tricks. You used your talent because you actually had it. Not that any of the other girls didn't but you weren't about to let anyone question your acting ability or modeling even your dancing and what you didn't know you were more than willing to learn. You were fluent in three languages not including your native tongue. You were taught from a young age so you had skills but because of "numbers" people got their panties in a bunch. It probably got on his nerves or maybe he got scared whatever it was he ended it without any explanation and you were annoyed about that. He was lucky you even tolerated being around him other wise you would've thrown that drink in his face the night he got drunk with Jay, you, Hoody and Gray. Claiming you may be sleeping around, that pissed you off so much. He apologized the next day but you basically blew him off. Jay and Hoody wanted you two to get along and for the most part, when he wasn't drunk, you two did get along. You made it up in your mind that you were done with him. You didn't hear Gray come in; you had been in deep thought when he took a seat. "Seonghwa." You said. "Hey Y/n are you okay?" He asked. You nodded, "How are you?" "Good good. Sorry I'm late I would've bought your coffee for you." He said. "It's fine. Gray are you sure you're alright?" You asked. He was rubbing his hand on his thigh and he looked kind of nervous, kind of timid. You wondered what was going on and then you started thinking maybe he really was in cahoots with Kiseok. You turned more to face him and said, "Seonghwa what's going on you said you wanted to talk to me about something." He sighed and chuckled a little. He nodded and reached for your hand. "Are you still in love with Kiseok?" He asked. You looked at him strangely, "I don't recall ever saying I was in love with Kiseok before." "That's not an answer." He said. "Because I don't know why you're asking." "You think I came here for him right." He said. "Am I wrong?" "Not entirely. Do you remember back when we did the music video for Pay attention? I had to kind of play the innocent friend comforting you but later was revealed to be stealing you from Simon." He said. "Yeah." "I don't want to steal you from Kiseok but I was really into you before you two even announced you were seeing each other. Hoody and Jay tried to deter me and sometimes I would think about giving up but that day I wanted to ask you out." He said. "Seonghwa." You said surprised. "You're really pretty and I have a lot of fun hanging out with you. I feel like I can really talk to you. You're like one of the guys just with, you know, boobs." You laughed, "So you're saying you still like me?" You asked. "Yeah but the problem is that Kiseok is still in love with you. If you're still in love with him then I know I have to back off but if you're not and you tell him- man I sound like a terrible friend." He laughed at himself. "Well, you feel how you feel not even Kiseok can change that. It doesn't make you a terrible friend. Seonghwa I like you but the way I like you is different from how I liked Kiseok." You said. He nodded kind of disappointed. "Kiseok wanted our relationship to be known and now we're over. I wanted it to be a secret even from the other AOMG artists. I mean would you be okay keeping your relationship a secret. I never wanted anyone to know." You said. It didn't help much and being rejected was something hard to deal with. He seemed slightly prepared because he knew Kiseok still had feelings for you. He did tell you he loved you, you just never said it back. Seonghwa smiled at you and nodded, "I understand." He said. You felt bad because you enjoyed his company. You two had gotten rather close but you didn't seem to think that he liked you. Now Kiseok's jealousy didn't seem so outrageous. "Here let me give you a hug." You said. You leaned over to give him a hug and you felt his hand rub your back the same as you were. You sat back down closer to him and you took his hand in yours. "I'm sorry." You said. "Don't be, you can't help how you feel." He said. His finger slightly grazing your chin. You leaned on his shoulder and drank your coffee. You two started talking about other things. What he was going to do for AOMG's American tour or what he wanted to work on after the tour. He wanted you in one of his videos you told him whenever he needed you to just call. You two spent longer in the coffee shop than either one of you had intended but that was usually how things went. You two got along so well that when you two started talking, time went by quickly. Then someone interrupted it all. Actually two someones' Kiseok had come into the shop and saw you and Gray. He greeted Gray and just as he went to greet you Gray got a phone call. He decided to take it outside and you didn't really want to ask him to stay. You nodded and stayed in your seat looking at your phone. "You never answered me." He said. "Answered what?" You said. "The text I sent." He said. "You didn't send a question so there was nothing to answer." you stated plainly. "Y/N." "What?" "Jagiya! Look at me." He said desperate. You looked up at him, "What?" you said. He sighed, he reached over for your hand. You didn't flee from him, as far as you were concerned, you had no reason to run from him. "Are you and Gray seeing each other?" He asked. "Are you still on about that? We're not even together and you still think I'm seeing him." "It's not like it's hard for you to keep a secret." He said. You narrowed your eyes on him. You were slightly offended by that because you didn't like what he was implying. He wants you back yet he was talking to you like this. You stood up and said, "Whatever Simon don't believe me if you want. We're not together anymore so I have no reason to care." You started to walk off but he grabbed your arm and asked you to stay. "I have some place to be." You said. "Where, I'll take you." He said. "I don't want to be around you right now Simon, now let go." You said. He released your arm and you turned to walk out. You texted Gray that you had left and he asked if you and Kiseok had a fight. You told him you couldn't stand to be in the same setting as him at the moment and so you left. You knew he wouldn't buy it but he dropped the subject and said he'd see you later. You went straight home after that. You went and did you hair, got rid of some papers and cleaned up your place. It was small but you liked it. You didn't have a roommate or a family so it wasn't like you needed much space anyway. Anymore room and the place would've felt lonely. You did just get a new puppy who was now running around chasing your hamster in his little ball. He was a little British bulldog you named Tobi and your hamsters name was Hamtaro. You were playing around with both of them when your doorbell rang. It wasn't too late, about eight o'clock by now, so you put Hamtaro up and took Tobi with you to the door. You opened it up to see Kiseok standing there. "Kiseok are you alright?" You asked. He didn't look ill but something was off about him. "Why won't you come back to me?" He said. "Kiseok what's wrong with you have you been drinking? How did you get here?" "I took a cab from the club. I wanted to see you. Jagi, Y/n I'm sorry okay. I'm sorry I broke up with you, I love you. It was a mistake I shouldn't have done it." You sighed, "Look just get in the house I'll get you some water and see if I can reach Jay to come pick you up." You said. He walked in, petting Tobi's head as he did. He stood in front of you and brushed your hair away from your face. You could see his eyes had gone dark. He wasn't talking like a drunk man but he was slightly off balance. You put Tobi down and walked over to his bed and you walked into the house with Kiseok following behind. "Just sit down I'll get you something to drink." You said. You walked over to your counter tops and reached up for a cup from your cupboards. "You never said you loved me Y/n." He said. "We're not together." You said. "That doesn't mean you don't feel anything for me. We're not together and I said I loved you. Do you love me back?" You placed the glass of water on the table for him and said, "You need to drink this." "Y/n answer the question." he said impatient. "Why does it matter?" You said upset. "Because I still love you and if you love me too then shouldn't we try and get back together? I want you Y/n I've missed you." He said. "If sex was all you wanted you don't have to claim to be in love with me to get it." You bit at him. "I just want you Y/n I want you to be mine." "Then why did you end it? If you really wanted to be with me then why did you end it two days after saying 'I love you', you ended things. I may be a lot of things but a liar isn't one of them." You said. You moved to go get your phone but he followed you. He grabbed your arm and pulled you into him and kissed you. He kissed you hard pushing you back into the wall. You kissed him back because his lips were always like heaven. His hands made it under your shirt and to your bra unhooking it and freeing you from its snug hold. His lips continued their passionate assault on yours while his hand made their way to your breast. His thumbs going over your nipples creating an amazing sensation. They got hard quick and he pinched them making you moan into his mouth. He pulled his hands back from your shirt and moved back for a second to take off your shirt and he threw it to the ground. He kissed you again and you gripped onto his shirt to stay upright. He opened your bedroom door and pushed you down on your small twin bed. He took off his shirt and climbed on top of you and kissed you again. You ran your hands down his chest while he kissed you. You got to his belt and unbuckled it quick. His kiss got more heated and you unbuttoned his pants as fast as your hands would move. You felt him through his briefs and he groaned bringing your bottom lip between his teeth. He sat up to push his pants off and you went for your pants as well. He smacked your hands away and he kicked his pants off before he hovered over you and said against your lips, "Don't touch." You nodded, now far too caught up in the act to really stop him or to realize that he'd made you upset moments ago. He curled his fingers into the trim of your panties and gripping both your pants and underwear he ripped them off of you and tossed them aside. He grabbed you by your ankles and pulled you down and opened your legs. His tongue swiped quickly up your slit before it flicked back and forth rapidly on your clit. You moaned loudly running your hand in his hair and your other hand went through yours. His tongue made circles around your clit. You tried to close your legs but he forced them open again pushing them against the bed. His tongue rolled in waves up your folds. You moaned his name, "You were so wet for me baby. You've missed me. I can taste it." He said. He sucked on your clit and your back began to arch. You came down catching your breath when he pulled back. He pushed two fingers inside of you twisting them as he quickly moved in and out of you. You whined, "Oh, fuck. Kiseok-ah." "I make you feel good right baby? No one else. Only me." He said moving his fingers faster. He curled his fingers and let his tongue flick back and forth on your clit. You gripped his hair tighter pushing him down into you a little more and his tongue made circles again before he started to suck on your clit. "Fuck!" You said, your body shaking below him. "Don't come yet Y/n." "Then stop touching me." You moaned. His thumb came to your clit as he raised up to kiss you again. His fingers kept pumping into you and his thumb showed attention to your clit. You could taste yourself on him. His tongue came down to your neck making you raise up a little again. "I know he wants you but I can't let him have you." He said. "Who?" You moaned. "Gray." "Ahh!" You moaned when his fingers hit an amazing spot. You gripped his shoulders, panting; your eyes pleading for a release but he shook his head already knowing you wanted to come. "You're going to have to be good Y/n. If you come now I'll spank you for being bad." "Please." You begged for either a release of for him to stop touching you. "Say you love me. Tell me the truth and say it Y/n." You shook your head. You kept your eyes shut and your mouth open trying to breathe. "Kiseok please." you whined. "You can't come until you say it." He said. He pulled his fingers out of you and you cried at the loss of them. He licked his fingers in front of you making you lick your lips then bite them as you watched him. He smiled, "Do you want a taste?" He pressed his fingers to your lips and you parted them taking his fingers into your mouth. You sucked on his finger while he started to kiss your breast. His tongue working again in circles around your nipple before he sucked on it. You ran your hand through his hair and he pulled his fingers from your mouth. "Baby I can't wait any longer." He said. He pulled off his briefs and came up to your heat rubbing himself against your clit a few times to further tease you. He closed your legs together and lifted them on the same shoulder and started moving himself along your pressed together thighs. You whined that he wasn't inside you. "If you want me you have to say it." He said. You shook your head while playing with your nipples. He tapped both of your hands so you wouldn't. "All of you belongs to me. Say you love me and I'll fuck you so good. Otherwise you won't get to cum tonight." "I thought you were drunk." You whined. "I am but I still love you. I still want to Fuck you. I want you feeling so good that you're screaming my name. So come on baby, tell me how you feel." You placed your arm on your head panting. "I like you." You said. He shook his head, "That's not enough." He said. He let your legs down and twisted your body so your lower half was on its side but your upper half was still facing him. He kept moving between your thighs and the torture came in when he hit your clit but you wanted him inside you. He kissed you while he continued his thrusts. "Okay Kiseok." You said grabbing his arm. "Say it so I can hear you." He said. You pushed him away so you could turn to face him. He looked back at you waiting and you looked away. "Y/n be with me. I'll never leave you again. Baby," His hand cradled your cheek. "I love you so much." "Then why did you leave?" You pressed the question again. "Because Gray is in love with you. You two got along so well I thought you wanted him. I thought maybe you were seeing him. You don't talk to me as much as him, you laugh and smile a lot when he's around. You're more open around him but with me you're always careful. You don't want a lot of PDA, you didn't want to be in a lot of videos with me or be seen in public with me even after we released our relationship. I thought you were seeing him too." "You didn't trust me." You said. "Seonghwa is my friend and my coworker but when it comes to you he becomes something like a rival. Pay attention's video kind of stuck in my head. All those things happening in the video was happening with us. Jay and Hoody told me I was being ridiculous and this past month alone has been hell without you baby." "But you assumed the worst in me because I treat you different. Kiseok I have too because people thought I was using you and that wasn't it. Gray is just a friend to me I was with you, you shouldn't have doubted me." You sighed. "I know. I love you Y/n, I shouldn't have let you go." He said. He parted your legs and pushed inside of you making you inhale sharply. He started moving slowly at an even pace. His dark eyes were staring at you while he started to push inside you with more force. "You're so tight Y/n." He moaned as he leaned down to kiss you. You kissed him back, his hand came to your upper back and he pulled into his chest. He snapped his hips into you while kissing you harder and little by little he got faster fucking you harder now. "Kiseok, Kiseok. Oh fuck! Kiseok." You moaned. "Tell me Y/n, please baby let me hear you." "I-I -love you. Ohhh fuck I'm gonna cum." You cried squeezing his shoulder. Your body was shaking under him getting closer and closer to your release. You came undone quickly as you squeezed him and screamed his name into the room. He came at the same time as you, filling you up and calling your name. He rolled over onto the bed panting. You laid your hand on his chest feeling yourself falling asleep. He laced his fingers with yours and said, "Can we get back together?" "It has to be a secret." You mumbled. "I want people to know you're mine." "You want Gray to know, I'll tell him tomorrow." You yawned and closed your eyes listening to him chuckle. You heard him whisper, "You're right that's true." The next day rolled around and you woke up to an empty bed. Part of you wondered if it was a dream or not. You got up and put your clothes on knowing it was definitely not a dream and you very much needed a shower. You got out of your room and didn't see Tobi on his bed. You walked deeper into the opening of your small apartment when the front door opened and startled you. Tobi came running up the two little steps with his stubs for legs and you bent down to pet him. "Sorry he was crying by the bed this morning so I figured that meant he needed to use the bathroom. I didn't want to wake you up." Kiseok said. "It's alright I much prefer that than a piss stain on my floor." You said. He came up to you as you stood up and he kissed you, his hand on your cheek lovingly and his lips tasting like candy. "You ate a lollipop didn't you?" You said. He nodded and pulled another one out of his pocket and unwrapped it. He pressed it against your lips and you gave it a little lick. He shook his head, "Baby open your mouth." He said. You opened up a little more and he pushed the lollipop into your mouth running it against your tongue. He watched carefully how you sucked on it and a smile came to his face. "I may have to put you to bed again jagi." He said. You popped the lollipop out of your mouth and said, "You can try." He smiled and placed his hands on your waist and leaned down, you wrapped your arm around his neck and your lips almost came in contact when your phone rang. You sighed, "Give me a second." you said. You went to answer your phone and said, "Seonghwa, what's up?" "Hey have you by chance either seen or heard from Kiseok? Jay said he lost him at the club last night. His car is still there but he hasn't seen him have you?" "Uh, yeah he was took a cab to my place last night he was a little drunk so I let him stay here." You said. "Oh okay good I can tell Jay, he can pick him up." Gray said. "Okay I'll let him know to be ready." "Oh hey Y/n?" He said. "Yeah?" "You two are back together aren't you?" You looked at Kiseok and sighed, "Yeah we are but don't tell anyone. Okay." "We're still good right?" He asked. "Of course, you're one of my best friends and if he doesn't like it he can walk out." You said challenging Kiseok. He smiled and shook his head, Gray just chucked and said he'd see you later before you hung up. "Jay's coming to get you. So be ready to get out of my place." "Alright. Come by my place and have dinner with me tonight." he said. "We'll see." You said. "Wasn't a request." He smiled. You smiled, cocking an eyebrow and putting the lollipop back into your mouth. He was the first one you said I love you too. He got his second chance. He better not fuck it up....
Fck up! I want a 3rd one xD
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@dreemer13 @royalpandajedi Aw okay you guys win I guess. I'll make it a story
LOVE IT!! You have made an amazing chapter again. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! 🤗
lol you're welcome
Thank you for continuing it with the same quality, gosh I miss reading your stuff.. so good!! Feels good to be back. Such a lovely read
lol I'm glad you like it, people asked for a second part so I felt I had to. glad you're back also
I honestly would like to see more... but that's the writer in me... it was a smooth ending... I could see everything... I am complete! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 💝
yeahhh?!!! I mean Grey is my WHOA! AND I actually wanted him to win! but this works too... I liked it!!!
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@dreemer13 lol I can't believe anyone liked this one I felt like it was all forced but it true I could make it longer. I'll have to think about
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