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Hello! hope everyone is having a good day so far! So I have a short update for you today! let's get right to it!
Keri view*** "And where did you two go off to?" Jin asked when we walked into the door. "Catching up" Yoongi said slinging an arm around my shoulders. "Okay" jin said slowly. "Yoongi do I have to have another talk with you" jin asked him. "No eomma. I'm a grown boy" yoongi chuckled. Jin slanted a look at me. "And you! I should have a talk with you about safe sex" he said seriously "but your not my child" he shrugged. "Guys we need to get ready to go out for the meet and greet" Namjoon announced. "What about a break?" Yoongi asked. "We've had the half hour. Its already been twenty minutes" namjoon said. "Oh. Shorter then I thought" he said taken aback. "You were all so amazing out there. I'm really thankful you let me watch from the side" I said to all of them. "Uh yea thanks Keri. Um you and Layla can wait in here then we'll have you go out before us to the van and meet you there" Namjoon said as he rubbed his neck nervously. "Oh okay. Then I'll see you guys after your done" I said suprised. I admitted only to myself that once they walked out I'd be sad to not get to see them all right away but I could also write down the experience I just had. "I can't believe I'm hanging out with bts. Like legitimatly going to eat with them and talk with them and get to touch them and -" "Easy there Layla" my eyes widened. "Settle down a bit. You know they are normal people and don't have to fawn over them every moment right?" I asked as I looked at her sitting in the couch. She looked up and had a huge grin on her face. "Oh I know, but I think I'm still in hyped up mode! They are my favorite group and oh I swear my fan girl self will settle down in a bit but for the moment" she squealed and I just couldn't help but laugh.  I took a seat next to her and was about to pull out my notebook but Layla grabbed my arm. "You have to tell me how you met them. Of please! I bet it was epic" she was excited. "He spilled coffee on himself" I blurted out. It stopped her for a moment. "Coffee? Who?" She asked curious. "Yoongi. I was at a coffee shop and he was sitting at the table next to me. He spilled his coffee and I bought him another cup" I said. "Okay continue" she beamed and I couldn't help but laugh. So I told her all about how we met, about my friend Mel, and somehow everything kind of just spilled out. It was like I was on a role with telling her. She would make little comments here and there and Layla finally managed to settle down. "You know, your friend Mel sounds like a real bitch. But I kind of feel bad she has to marry someone her mom picked out" Layla said completely honest. I couldn't help but laugh. "Yes I'm beginning to see that's how everyone thinks of her" I sighed. Poor Mel. "Well aside from that I'm glad your going out with Yoongi and not her." Layla said. "I like you!" I said bluntly "your all bubbly and upbeat. Plus very blunt" I told her which made her laugh. "I like you too!" Layla said. "And don't worry I'm not going to spread rumors about you to anyone" she added. "What?" I asked. "You know that your dating one of them. That would be juicy and you would probably get a lot of hate" layla pointed out. "I never thought about that before" I said.  I never thought about what would happen if people found out, it hadn't mattered to me. But maybe it matters to a lot of other people. "It would be bad if people knew?" I asked. "Well duh. Those boys are starting to hit it off and become big." She pointed out like I didn't know that, which I actually didn't. "So maybe keeping it quiet is good" I said. My happy spell was kind of coming to an end. "Like I said. I won't tell" she added. Shortly after that a security guard came to escort us to a van and then we found the guys were going in a different van. Both vans stopped at a hotel, it dropped the other people off and me and Layla moved over into the van with the guys. We went out to eat. Everyone was laughing and having fun but Layla's comments kind of shook me. I hadn't talked through the entire meal. After the meal Yoongi pulled me aside. "What's going on keri? Why do you seem different" yoongi asked. "Its nothing" I sighed. "Keri you haven't talked in the entire time since we got out of the van.  Did I do something to make you upset?" He asked unsure. I looked at him. I wasn't one to keep worries to myself if there was someone to hear them. "Layla brought up earlier how bad it would look if people found out about you dating someone" I told him.  He looked shocked, and then laughed. Like one moment he was still and scared and the next bent over in two laughing his guts out. I scoffed and turned away from him. That just hurt. This was a real concern for me and he just laughed. I started to walk away from him and that was when he reached out to me and hugged my back to his chest. "Keri keri" he repeated my name as he tried to stop laughing. "I see you don't really care" I told him. "Baby I care, but its not like its going to happen" he said. "Why not?" I whirled around to stare at him. "What? so if people see us and recognize you they won't start spreading rumors and get you in trouble" I told him. "Its not like we do much outside, we get coffee, we are in the park, at the studio and we're at your house. Very few places we go" he commented making me frown.  Wow, we did very little together. It sounded so bad like that. "So your not worried about it at all?" I asked. "Not really. Besides you could get recognized too" he pointed out making me laugh now. "Oh please. I'm a writer, I don't have my face up on a screen" I countered. I realized something in that split second. I had been completely in a serious mode and his reaction was to just laugh. I don't know if that annoyed me or not. "Keri, if something like that happens we'll deal with rumors then. I'm not going to add worry into my life that isn't necessary" yoongi sounded completely serious all of a sudden. "So you won't worry about that" I huffed "but see I will, I already am" I stated. "Keri what exactly made you worry about it in the first place? You have never once said anything about it before" he asked turning me to face him. "Layla brought it up and said she wouldn't go around spreading it-" "Then what are you worried about? She said she wouldn't. Do you not trust her?" He asked. "No, I think after spending the whole day with her and seeing how nice she is I can probably trust her" I said. Layla was a nice girl, very caring and not as awestruck as some of those girls there would have been if they met these guys. "Than trust her in this and don't worry" he said. He put his hands on my cheeks making me look at him. He looked so cute as he smiled at me with that cheeky smile on his face. "Oh fine. I'll stop worrying. For now" I told him finally giving in. "Good." He said then pressed his lips to mine in a light kiss then pulled away. "Come on let's go back to the others" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me back towards the group.
lol I feel like they were going to have a serious talk but yoongi just laughs like really, lol I see him actually being that type of person, here comes a serious moment and bam laughter sets in. lol but he straightens up, redeemer hehe.
Aww I love it! and good I was a bit worried that Layla might tell but let's trust she won't be another mel...please don't let her be like Mel lol
Keri needs a friendship that she can trust. Hopefully the other boys will like her, and perhaps she will be a good.match for JHOPE.
I hope Layla turns out to be a friend she can trust and count on. Her dysfunctional 'friendship' with Mel was just all kinds of wrong! Keri needs a friend like Layla💖