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I am so bad at keeping pace with these things but hey school is pain so yeah...Imma do days 5-7. I don't understand Day 7 since we already it on Day 4 but I guess its suppose to be more detaile(?)

Day 5

3 Boys Republic Songs I Love: These are all songs I currently like by them
1. Get Down
2. Party Rock
3. Dress Up

Day 6

3 NCT U Songs I Love:
1. Seventh Sense
2. Without You
These are the only songs by NCT U but I also like "Switch" which has all of NCT in it

Day 7

How I Found Out About Boys Republic:
Well I had actually watch a Youtuber react to their song "Get Down" and it actually influence me to watch their mv on my own time. They caught my attention and I've always wanted to learn more about them.
There ya go. Don't be afraid to participate if you want too. It's not too late! Make sure to tag me and the NCT mod squad in your cards :)
Seven Senses Mod Squad:
Seven Senses Tag List:
*let me know if you want to be tagged or not*
same with NCT
AH I'm sorry, the question for day 7 was supposed to be what was the first song you discover by Boys Republic
Well it kind of worked out lol