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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with part two of Test Your Knowledge.
I am really surprised that more people didn't even try to figure out who he is... but Looks like I win this round!
Now... let me introduce you to 29 year old actor model Kim Young Kwang! This man began acting in 2008 and modeled before that in major fashion shows with many different popular designers.
Since no one knew who he was let's take a chance to get to know him some shall we?
Name: Kim Young Kwang
Profession: Model and actor
Birthdate: January 11, 1987
Height: 187cm (6'2")
Star sign: Capricorn
Agency: Daydream Ent
Drama List: Year - Show (Character)
2008 - The World That They Live In (Lee Jan Hwan)
2009 - Triple (Jae Wook)
2009 - My Fair Lady (Jung Woo Sung)
2010 - More Charming by the Day (Lee Yeong Kwang)
2011 - White Christmas (Jo Yeong Jae)
2011 - Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Lee Seul Woo)
2012 - Love Rain (Han Tae Sung)
2012 - Can We Get Married? (Ki Joon)
2013 - Birth Secret (Park Soo Chang)
2013 - Good Doctor (Han Jin Wook)
2014 - Secret Love (Yoon Joon Moon)
2014 - Plus Nine Boys (Kang Jin Gu)
2014 - Pinocchio (Seo Bum Jo)
2015 - Dr. Ian (Dr. Mo Ian)
2015 - D-Day (Dr. Lee Hae Seong)
2016 - Go Ho's Starry Night (Kang Tae Ho)
2016 - Sweet Stranger and Me (Chef Go Nan Gil)
2008 - Korea Fashion Photographers Association - Best New Model - WON
2009 - 4th Asia Model Festival Awards - Best Fashion Model - WON
2009 - Korea Tourism Organization - 한국을 빛낸 100명의 위인들 - WON
2009 - 2nd Style Icon Awards - Style Icon, Model Category - WON
2013 - KBS Drama Awards - Best New Actor - Good Doctor - Nominated
2014 - 22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards - Best New Actor in a film - Hot Young Bloods - WON
2014 - SBS Drama Awards - New Star Award - Pinocchio - WON
Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks Test Your knowledge challenge. I will see you back here next week with another episode!
Until Then
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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Lol he shares the same birthday as my sister, that's pretty neat. If only I knew his name then I would've gotten it because I've seen him in dramas.
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lol thats why I feel ashamed though because I'm really good at remembering names. But it's all good, I'll remember his name from now on. Yay, brownie points! 😂
damn it...I knew he looked familiar 😣😣😣😣