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Group Name: Standing Egg
Debuted: 2010
Latest Comeback: November 10th, 2016
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Members: (3)
The band is made up of three people, Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3, who produce and compose the music. As they don't have a vocalist or musicians, they feature various guest indies artists like Clover (guitar, vocals), Windy (vocals), Han Gyul (double bass), or Hana (djembe) for their songs and performances. (Source)
So there won't be any profiles for this group, as the real members aren't known! I will however do profiles for the artists/musicians that are featured on their songs.
Name: Ryu Seok Won
Stage Name: Clover
Born: N/A
Position: vocalist and guitarist.
Name: Lee Han Kyul
Stage Name: Han Kyul
Born: N/A
Position: double bass and electric bass.
Name: Song Ha Na
Stage Name: Hana
Born: N/A
Position: djembe and the percussion.
No picture available.
Stage Name: Windy
Born: N/A
Position: Vocalist
No picture available.
Stage Name: Lee Yeni
Born: N/A
Position: Keyboard
No picture available.
Stage Name: Lee Yeseul
Born: N/A
Position: Vocalist
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Omo!!! I love standing egg...their newest song is just soo touching I cried...I loved it. Very interesting to knw there's 3..I didn't knw. Thank you!!
You're welcome!!
Oh wow, what a mysterious group O.O