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I was originally not going to enter, but the idea of an adorable Daehyun Christmas one shot was too tempting. Also can we just talk about how I some how managed to write 1004 words? Hahahaha. The song at the end is Noel - Proposal. Ever since I found Dae's cover it was so tempting to write something with it
“Jagi!” Daehyun yelled from the living room as I finished wrapping presents for my niece and nephew in the dining room.
“It’s finally snowing!” He laughed as I dropped everything and ran into the living room like a little girl. He was sat on the couch holding his stomach as the wrapping paper rolled off the table and laid there, abandoned. “Why do you get so excited about snow?”
“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….” I sang quietly, looking at him and laughing. “I haven’t had snow on Christmas in about 3 years. I kinda miss it.”
“It snowed last week and all you did was complain about how it was cold.”
“That was last week. Today is Christmas Eve. Of course I’m excited. You get snow every year on Christmas. You wouldn’t understand.” I stuck my tongue out at him. “I’ll be back!” I yelled at him, running out of the house to grab two fresh snowballs and running back in before I would freeze.
“Yah! What are you doing?! You’re gonna get sick!” He yelled at me, getting off the couch.
“You’ll see!” I told him, grabbing cups from the kitchen and putting the snowballs in them before grabbing vanilla extract and whatever random fruit juice was in the fridge and made homemade snow cones. He stood behind me, putting his head on my shoulder while he had his arms behind his back. I smiled at him, kissing his cheek and turning around, handing the snow cone to him. He raised an eyebrow at me before laughing at my huge smile as I took a bite out of the snow cone. “My dad did this every year for as long as I remember. It’s our tradition. Then my brother and I would go have a battle royal of snowball fight.” I laughed at the memory. “One year he even packed it with gravel and it hit me in the eye. I obviously cried, but after we made a snow fort.” I trailed off, feeling sort of bittersweet. Now that my brother had twins, that meant our tradition moved on from him and I to his family and him.
“Come on.” Daehyun said, grabbing the snow cone out of my hand and setting it on the counter along with his before pulling me out of the room and grabbing my coat, gloves, and boots. He handed them to me then grabbed his own. Once we were both dressed, he pulled me out of the house and quickly made a snowball and threw it at me. It hit me in the chest and I laughed at him before covering my breasts and yelling at him.
“Oh it’s on!”
Hours passed. Hundreds of snowballs were thrown, one snow fort half made before it collapsed on me. Daehyun’s red cheeks and nose matched my own as he finally dragged me back inside. My niece and nephew’s presents lay forgotten on the table as we took off our winter gear and he sent me into the living room with the heater on full blast and a fuzzy faux fur blanket lie on the couch while he made us hot chocolate. I swiftly ran to the bathroom and blew my runny nose before going back into the living room and huddling in the blanket, waiting for Daehyun to return so that we could cuddle and get warm again.
Sneezes and coughs racked my body the entire night, even while I was trying to finish wrapping the last present, a princess doll, for my niece. Daehyun walked over to me and felt my forehead before frowning.
“Yah..I told you that you’d get sick.” He tsked. “Take some medicine and let’s go to bed.” He said.
“I’m fine.” I smiled at him, my voice sounding rough as I began to lose it.
“Take a warm bath first. Don’t get your hair wet though. That’ll make you colder.” He pushed me towards the bathroom. “I’ll finish this. Trust me.”
“Alright, fine.”
One bath and 4 presents added to the others under the tree, Daehyun and I were cuddled under what seemed like 100 blankets. I was staring into his beautiful eyes before lovingly stroking it. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, kissing my forehead. As he pulled back, the clock started tolling, signaling that it was midnight. It was Christmas Day.
“Merry Christmas, my love.” He whispered to me. “There’s a present I want to give you right now, is that okay?” He asked.
“Are you sure? We have to get up in a couple hours for my brother.”
“I’m sure. I’ll be right back.” He said, crawling out of bed and heading to the dresser just across from our bed. Opening his underwear drawer, he pulled out a small purple box. He came back to the bed and I sat up as he sat next to me and handed it to me. I already felt tears pricking in my eyes. I looked at him then opened it to reveal the most beautiful earrings and necklace with a small bag. “Read the necklace.” He whispered. Pulling the necklace I read the beautiful script.
“I will make you smile. I will only give you happiness as I stay by your side forever.” I read out loud. Daehyun smiled and started to sing.
“The words that I only wanted to give to you,
In the end I didn’t even say,
Will you marry me?” I put my hands to my mouth as he grabbed the little bag and brought out the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen.
“You don’t have to cry
Don’t cry, hold your head up and smile now
I will make you smile
I will only give you happiness as I stay by your side forever
Don’t be afraid
Everything will go well.” He trailed off, looking at me with hopeful eyes as my face was covered with tears.
“What do you say, jagi?”
“What do you think?” I asked, hugging him tightly as he laughed
“Thank you.”
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Ahhh that was so cute!! I loved it!! 😄😍😍💖