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Ji Bai (Wang Kai) is a stone-faced team leader of the Violent Crime Unit. Xu Xu (Wang Zi-wen) is a new intern specializing in offender profiling. Tasked with solving a series of crimes that are somehow mysteriously connected, the two develop feelings for each other. Xu Xu draws comic panels of their relationship, portraying herself as a snail and Ji as a lion.

EPISODES: 21 (2016)

GENRE: Romance, Crime, Thriller


Xu Xu (Wang Zi-wen) - Profiling intern at Ling Municipal Police. Why is she my favorite character? For once my favorite character is the female lead. That rarely happens. Usually the male lead is my fav but there is something about Xu Xu that I really liked. She's interesting, funny about adorable. Xu Xu is so smart and I wanted to cry with her when she cried. She has a likeable personality, she's talkative and serious most of the time. She doesn't smile much unless she finds something funny. Xu Xu is able to read people and base what happens off of instinct and most of the time her instincts are correct. She didn't pass the physical exam for the police department but was able to get in because of her abilities. I just really enjoyed watching her character and she was just so cute!


Ji Bai (Wang Kai) - Detective at Ling Police Department.

My thoughts about him?

Ji Bai rejects the idea of Xu Xu working at the police department because she's not physically capable. I think he's just worried that she'll get hurt and wants to kick her out. When he sees that she is pretty sharp and smart, he starts to consider that there is potential in her and keeps her but says he will kick her out if she doesn't pass the physical exam in 3 months. Ji Bai is cold but at the same time he can be sweet. He's just really good at hiding it. He is as sharp as Xu Xu but more physically impressive than smart. He is extremely strong and tough to beat. He teaches Xu Xu how to shoot and fight, he also teaches Yao Meng intellectually since she lacks somewhat in that department. Ji Bai is really handsome and great to look at. He also has his funny and cute scenes.


Yao Meng (Xu Yue) - Police intern at Ling Police Department. Zhao Han (Yu Heng) - Police Officer at Ling Police Department. Ye Zi-xin (Zhao Yuan-yuan) - Member of the Ye family and Ji Bai's childhood friend. Ye Qiao (Wu Xiao-yu) - Heiress of the Ye Corporation. Brother Lu / General Po (Zhang Yan-yan) - Head of a drug cartel.


I really love the plot. I really like the mystery, crime, romance genre but I haven't seen many. This is probably the most intense and entertaining of the ones I've seen. It kept me on the end of my bed and was fun to watch. It wasn't always serious but had it's funny and adorable scenes as well between the main couple which made the pace go nicely. This drama was great from the start and had a great ending as well but I think it could've dragged out for at least 10 more episodes. This drama was a nice size and a quick watch but I wanted more investigations and romance. Although it gave me what I wanted I think they could've given me more. I love when a drama makes me want more because not many have done that for me. Sometimes I wish dramas were shorter because they would just drag but this one didn't at all. The crimes were so intense and got my heart racing. They kept me guessing nonstop and it was an overall fun ride. I really liked the plot is what I'm trying to say. They mixed everything in perfectly.


This couple right here is super adorable and will have you smiling from the simplest things possible. Like drinking from the same bottle of water... XD The snail and the lion are a weird combination, I never thought they'd be a good combo but they were. They are the other half of each other and fit together perfectly. She's intelligent and he is physically capable. They just work. I kept smiling when these two had their sweet moments, they were rare but they occurred. When those moments did happen I was like a child receiving candy. I was so happy for them. They are so innocent too, it's adorable. Or should I say Xu Xu is innocent which is so cute and makes them even more cute. Him just touching her made her blush. So basically I really liked this couple and their chemistry is undeniable. They have great chemistry!


"Happiness End" by Zeng Jei - It's slow, has a nice build up and her voice is smooth and beautiful. It's the ending song and I like it.


Xu Xu Taken Hostage - This scene was intense, thrilling and also funny near the end because Ji Bai grabs Xu Xu's boob when he catches her. XD First & Final Kiss - I love this scene, it's so adorable and you can feel so much chemistry in this scene. The kiss is passionate and sweet. He doesn't even have to propose because he knows she'll say yes. It also takes place at their friends wedding.


I loved so many things about this drama! It had a nice pace, great character development for the 2 female leads, adorable romance, great chemistry, intense fight scenes and the crimes were always a mystery. It was a fun ride to watch the crimes slowly get solved. I love the cut art style opening that plays in every episode, sometimes it gets switched up. Great casting choices, they all did amazing! Good job on making love a female character more than the male lead for once. I give you props for that. The cinematography was so beautiful to watch even when they ran it was gorgeous... Highly entertaining storyline that pulls you right in from the start and fun characters. The music wasn't really anything too special, it didn't wow me but it was good yet simple. Lastly great ending and I LOVE the main couple so much, they were so cute together. The short and cute mixed with the tall and handsome fit perfectly together! RATE: 9/10 - Maybe if the soundtrack was somewhat more impressive and I had a few more episodes than I would give this a 10 but other than that I thought this drama was amazing, beautiful, interesting and adorable. I definitely recommend to the mystery, action and romance lovers!

Have you watched "When A Snail Falls In Love", if so did you like it?

I've thought about watching this one, but I have a difficult time listening to Chinese for some reason. I did finish all the episodes of The Nine Gates and loved it.
What I liked about this one is that it wasn't voiced over like a lot of other dramas are. That's one reason I stray away from Chinese dramas but I've seen about 3 c dramas. It's also written by the same writer of Love Me If You Dare and that drama was super popular. This one is also popular but not as popular.
wow! that's was a kiss .
I know, right? It's so good!