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HunterxHunter...And i gotta say i absolutely loved it from beginning to end
Haha this anime is just epic!! Now check his former work yu yu hakusho haha.
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@DevilsSon It's an older show from back on toonami days. Yusuke is killed saving a kid, he is known as a delinquent or trouble maker n then he is brought back to life n meets up with a high school bully and then they travel completing tasks mainly fighting in order t get yusuke back his true life's he meets with 2 demons and they end up helping him along the way n then he stands fighting this main male protagonist multiple times who he is pretty much a top fighter n battler. Pretty good anime, started in 92 so back in the shounen and action martial arts anime days were kicking off.
WARNING do not read if you haven't seen hunterxhunter. @LuffyNewman Iwatched the one from years ago I have yet to see the remake does this one go past the ants ?? and gohn all most dying
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they could've did more for hunter x hunter so much we dont know still about a few charaters and the way it ended made it seem like they where
Hmmmm yes join the fandom. So did you watch the original, the 2011, or both?
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Ooo, you should watch the newer one too. 😝