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Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) is a high school student who dreams to be a teacher, but she needs money for her education. So, One day, she meets the Chairman of the Kang Group who offers her the chance to live in his house if she accomplishes the mission of reuniting his three grandsons, under some conditions, such as she cannot date anyone among them. At the Sky House, she meets Kang Ji-woon (Jung Il-woo), a soft hearted but lonely and wild-child rebel, Kang Hyun-min (Ahn Jae-hyun), a playboy plutocrat who does whatever he wants, Kang Seo-woo (Lee Jung-shin), a top singer-songwriter who is gentle and kind to Ha-won, and finally Lee Yoon-sung (Choi Min), the Chairman's secretary and their bodyguard.

EPISODES: 16 (2016) GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Drama


Kang Ji-woon (Jung Il-woo) - The middle cousin, who went from an orphan living in poverty to a royalty overnight. Although he seems to be wild and rebellious on the outside, he is soft hearted, extremely lonely and sensitive on the inside. At first, he tries to get closer to Ha-won in order to protect Hye-ji, who likes Hyun-min. However, as he gets to know Ha-won, he gradually falls in love with her. He originally met Ha-won at his mother's double funeral with Ha-won's mother, and gave words of comfort and his white arm band to her, while she gave him her white ribbon hair pin. It is suggested that their friendship was a brief one as they could not recognize each other when they were reunited after 10 years.


First off I love Jung Il-woo. He's such a cutie and his loving eyes just make me melt. This is definitely my favorite role I've seen him in. His character was cold to his family but kind to his loved ones. You can see him slowly fall for Ha-won and it's adorable. I instantly knew I was gonna love him the most out of everyone. My heart fluttered so much from him and from Hyun-min and Seo-woo. But I couldn't fall for Yoon-sung. He was sweet but I just couldn't connect with him like I did the rest of them. He was kind of just there for me. I don't know why most fans liked him the most but if I were to fall for any of the other guys it would be Hyun-min. I was already falling for him in the beginning but I wanted Ji-woon more. I just loved the little cute scenes and obvious jealousy he showed.


Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) - A smart, athletic high school student. Ever since her mother died, she lives a terrible home life because of the ill-treatment from her new stepmother and stepsister. In order to pay for her college tuition, she accepts an invitation to the Sky House and gets entangled with the Kang cousins.


I really loved this female lead, she's so endearing, hard working and sweet. I wanted to give her a big hug throughout the drama. She was always sad because of something and it broke my heart. Ha-won is such a bright, friendly and adorable character. She might be one of my favorite kdrama female leads and she's a natural beauty. She also made me laugh quite a bit "Get Lost". Favorite thing she's ever said.


Kang Hyun-min (Ahn Jae-hyun) - The eldest cousin, an arrogant playboy and smooth-talker who's used to getting whatever he wants in life. He firmly believes he can win any woman. At first, he appears to take an interest in Ha-won. However, he is in love with Hye-ji, his childhood friend and his dead best friend's sister, but chose to push her away due to a childhood trauma. He has a troubled relationship with his mother due her constantly pushing him to be Haneul Group's successor, and for abandoning him when he was younger, only coming back to ask about his position. Kang Seo-woo (Lee Jung-shin) - The youngest cousin, a popular singer-songwriter and top star. He is a sweet, playful guy who is affectionate towards Ha-won whom he starts developing feelings for. He gives up his first love as he gets to know about Ha-won and Ji-woon's relationship. Lee Yoon-sung (Choi Min) - The secretary of Chairman Kang, and bodyguard to the three Kang cousins and Ha-won. He treats Ha-won really well and helps her settle into her new environment at Sky House. He protects Haneul Group by voting against the removal of chairman Kang, going against his mother's wishes. His mother is revealed to be Ji Hwa-ja, Chairman Kang's fifth wife. Park Hye-ji (Son Na-eun) - A university student majoring in fashion design. She is a childhood friend of Hyun-min, and has liked him since they were kids. She tried using Ji-woon's crush on her to get closer to Hyun-min. She has a genuine and pure heart, but is constantly at battle with it because of Hyun-min constantly pushing her away. Especially after her twin brother's death.


I liked where this story was going a lot with the whole Cinderella theme. This drama lets me as a girl pretend to live with 3 hotties. Sorry Yoon-sung, too old for my liking. It has the Cinderella story mixed in because she is looked down upon by her step-mother and step-sister. She is told what to do by them all the time and sleeps in a small space while both of them sleep on a comfortable bed. I love the mystery behind the necklace Ha-won always wears and what actually happened the day of Ha-won and Ji-woon's mother's deaths. Both of their mothers died the same day but why such a coincidence? I did like the love interests on the side for the other male leads like Seo-woo, it's hinted that he might have ended up with Ha-won's best friend and Hyun-min ended up with Hye-ji his childhood friend.


So ADORABLE!!! That's all I have to say about them. I was always smiling when they were together. They have great chemistry and look great together. I'm so glad they put these two actors together, I love them. They make me laugh, cry and happy. I want more of them! I love the ending and how they end up with one another. They were fated to be together in the end. I don't know what else to say. I really love them so much!


1. "For You" by BTOB - This is the main song that plays the most. It's so fun and soothing to listen to. Of course it has a great break down and their voices are perfect for this song. I've always thought that BTOB is great for this music style and ballads. 2. "Without You" by Yoon Bo Mi (Apink) - Slow, but the build up is what I always look forward to. It sounds sad but I really love this song a lot! 3. "Only One" by ZIA - I really like this song, same as "without you" I love the build up of both of these songs. Then when it hits, it hits hard. It's a great song and her voice!


"I Love You, Drunk Kiss" - Ji-woon is playing the I Love You game and every time Ha-won responds with "Piss Off" after he tells her "I Love You", Ji-woon tries to become cuter and cuter. This is by far my favorite scene. It's so adorable and the kiss is even cuter. I just adore this scene and how cute they are with each other.


I really loved this drama although a good amount of people stopped watching because of the 2nd female lead, Hye-ji. But my view on annoying 2nd female leads is that almost every drama has one. I'm used to it by now, I just scream at my laptop because of them but I swear I'm used to it XD I liked the storyline and Ha-won had great character development. She became more confident and strong by the end. Great cast besides Hye-ji's character. I think they could've chosen a better actress and maybe just maybe her character wouldn't have been hated as much as it was. The actress had the same facial expression throughout and it was quite annoying unless she smiled which didn't happen a lot. She always looked angry. Ha-won's best friend is adorable and I so ship her with Seo-woo. So CUTE! >.< The soundtrack fit the drama perfectly and gave it a nice flow through the scenes. This drama definitely had it's clichΓ©'s but I don't mind that. The girl being saved and the rich boy and poor girl scenario as well. The main couple had great chemistry and were super adorable. They kept me smiling all the time and the kiss scenes! O.O They fit together nicely. It had a happy ending that had me screaming "FATE" left to right. It was really good and I'm so glad I watched it. RATE: 9/10 - I give this a solid 9. Great storyline, amazing soundtrack, happy ending, adorable couple, entertaining, really funny and sweet. I definitely recommend but only if you can handle annoying 2nd female leads because you won't like this if you can't handle it. But it's a great rom-com!

Have you watched "Cinderella and Four Knights", if so did you like it?

The 2nd female was soooo annoying and I just wanted her gone. I felt bad for Jung-shin though out the drama. His character was so sweet and he really cared for Ha-won. It was a cute drama, and the main OST is AMAZING.
Yes highly annoying! πŸ˜‚ I also felt bad for Jung Shin's character, he is so sweet and his song for her... But I shipped him with her best friend so it was good for me. Fully agree with your last statement!
her mom tried saving his mom and that's how she wound up with the necklace that was meant for him and that so screams fate.....I loved this drama
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@luna1171 Yay, I told you it had a great ending! I'm glad you liked it! 😁
I loved this drama ❀
Iam watching that right now!!!!.
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