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EXO Sci-Fi
It's been three days since he'd seen the doctor about his dreams, even took one of the pills. He hated those pills, it made him feel lousy, like he's walking around half asleep, half awake. The dreams were stronger than before and it was making him nervous. He took a pill the night before, he nearly didn't wake up on time. He dragged himself out of bed still drowsy as hell but today was not a day he could miss. As he was taking a shower, he felt himself falling asleep under the warm water. He leaned against the shower wall, hoping it'll pass but it didn't. It was too strong, he sat down, letting himself fall asleep. He thought, just a few minutes, he'll be okay after a few minutes. The dream came like a typhoon, carrying him away quickly before he even closed his eyes. He woke up, back in that room. It was quiet. He didn't hear a thing until the door swung open. A man with a medical mask on his face and dressed in a black suit walked in, grabbed him and pulled him out. He was escorted down a long hallway. The other doors were open but no one was inside them. The man that held his arm, told him to wait there. He let go and walked through a huge door. When he came back, he took him by the hand and lead him through too. They went down another hallway, there were large windows that had an even larger room on the other side. He had not realized until that moment that they had been running. They came to another door. They passed through it like it wasn't there. On the other side of this door, they found themselves outside and the other boys were waiting. The older boys were holding the younger ones as they sobbed. There were two other men standing with them, the older looking one was waving his hand to him to come over. He looked up at the man who brought him there. This man, took his face mask off and kneeled down next to him, taking his small hands into his larger hands. “Kai” he said to him, “Kai, you must go with him. Do you understand? You have to go. Don't be afraid, I'll find you.” He hugged him tightly. JongIn pulled away, tears streaming down his cheeks, holding tightly to his arm. The man wiped his tears away. “Papa…don't leave me” little JongIn wept. Someone was shaking him awake. He opened his eyes. The shower had been stopped and a towel was laying over his naked body. He didn't know how long he'd been sitting there like that but his head hurt and his eyes stung. “JongIn, are you okay? Did you hit your head?” his roommate asked, “I heard a loud thump and came to see what it was.” JongIn got up, wrapping the towel around his waist. He rubbed his head and felt a lump on the back. He winced at the pain as his hand touched the back of his head. “I'm okay. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I didn't even feel it happen.” he said walking out of the shower. He yawned and shook his head. He remembered the dream and immediately went to his journal. He wrote everything down before it faded. His roommate followed and watched him curiously. “You keep a dream journal too?” His roommate asked, sounding a bit amused, “Before I came to stay here, one of the guys I roomed with before wrote in one of those. Weird that you do that too. Better hurry, you're going to be late.” He chuckled and left. JongIn tried to ignore him but once he got done and put his pen down. He happen to look at the clock. He cursed and jumped up and got dressed.   As soon as the van reached the front of the main building, he jumped out while it was still moving. He ran up the stairs because the elevator was taking too long. He sprinted down the hallway to the rehearsal room. He plopped down in his seat, breathing heavily. He pulled his notebook out and list of trainees. “I'm ready” he said. The others; head of make-up, head choreographer, a couple managers, and two executives, looked over at him. The head choreographer, who was sitting next to him, leans over. “You're late.” he whispers to JongIn “I’m sorry,” JongIn gets up and bows in apology, “I slipped in the shower and hit my head. If my roommate hadn't found me, I wouldn't have made it. I'm sorry.” He sits down nervously, thinking this looks really bad. “Be careful next time, don't let this happen again.” One of the execs says in frustration, “We’re here to select five more for the new group. With Kim JongIn, this will be a six member pop group. Let's begin.”