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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everybody~☆

Just want to get some news out there for your day. There is many exciting news going around on this fine day.
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1. This was uploaded based on Kpop music/group popularity this year~

The (+) number indicates that the group has gone up that many spots, the (-) number shows if the group has gone down that many spots, and the bold indicates just added this year and that weren't on there last year. NOTE: Monsta X has been added~ So proud of them!! :D Congrats to all groups/fandoms, though!! ♡

2. Monsta X will be coming back with a new reality show!!

JTBC2 will be airing a new variety show with Monsta X called "Monsta X-Ray" in January 2017!! (why can't I stop smiling right now!!)

3. Monsta X NOMINATED for International K-Music Awards!!

Monsta X has been nominated in the categories "Best Male Group" and "Best Mini Album" so please vote guys it's International fans turn to make Monsta (My Star) X shine!! (Link Here to vote!!)

That is all for now guys!!

Please be looking out for Monsta X-Ray and Please do try to vote~

Hope you have a great day!! :)

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