December 8, 2016. A day we will remember. The day that Kyungil officially entered the military to fulfill his duties to his country.

120816 Kyungil: "Oppa's leaving"

Na Dokyun - "Let’s all. Meet. Again. Healthy." 2nd pic - "Always Together" Photo says "It's not the end until the end."
Manager Jo - "Cut super ultra exclusive awesome @ aurahana The first night at the training center won’t be easy.. Ah, thank you to those who came today *bow*"
Manager Jo - "Time’s flown and it’s already tomorrow There’s been a lot since debut and you’re just leaving for a short time, but thank you and I’m thankful hyung @ _ilstagram And thank you to all those who helped a lot during promotions and looked after us^^ Please support him so that he can go and return healthyㅎ I made something with some of the pictures from that time. Have a safe journey"
Sadly Sihyoung couldn't be there since he was at the hospital. "Since there are a lot of people who are asking where I was today…." [T/N: The envelope is from a hospital…]
We're going to miss you Kyungil oppa~ Come back safe and healthy~
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it's sad today. (yesterday) and we will cry, we will have snot running out our noses... but we will have those same symptoms when he returns and shows ABS! many of us will faint! when he returns. IT WILL BE AWSOME!!!