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Dear Jackson, Last year I found out something horrible. It was something that I had to say, something that I had to ask, a question that had lingered in my mouth for far too long. I looked in your smiling eyes, ice cream dripping down our chins as we laughed. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Could you blame me? You were completely mesmerizing. I stopped moving as the question floated onto my head. Like a loose thread on my sweater, I had to let it out. "Do you love me?" My eyes watered. In your hesitation, I found my answer. I nodded slightly and rose to my feet. I ran out of that place into the coldness of the night. I ran and ran until I didn't know where I was and my feet screamed at me to stop. The chilly air hit my bones and I fell to my hands and knees. Everything seemed to hurt in that moment, however, everything was numbed out as I felt my body trembling. I remember that day as if it was just a few nights ago. Yesterday, dear Jackson, you found out something horrible. Like that cold December night, we were laughing with ice cream dripping down our chins. My eyes captivating yours, it was after all, pretty evident. You stood up and reached for my hand. I stood up, noticing the change of atmosphere, but a smile still lay on my features. You held me closer to you, and my eyes widened. "Do you love me?" You asked. And in my hesitation, you thought you found your answer. You dropped my hand and ran out. I dropped to my knees, you never let me speak. Dear Jackson, today I got a call from the hospital. You were struggling to keep living after you were hit by a car. They had a message from you to me, "I loved you all the while you thought I hated you. I loved you with everything I ever had." The last thing you said was my name. The last thing you thought of was me. The last thing you saw was my broken face turning into complete darkness. Dear Jackson, a year from now, twenty years from now, I will forever love you. Because in your hesitation, you were trying to find the rights words to say you love me. Just like in my hesitation, I was trying to find the perfect words to sum up what you make me feel. Dear Jackson, I'm still in love with you.
wae these dread tears