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Guys! We have raised about 33% of our goal in 9 days! You guys are absolutely amazing and we have no doubt that we will reach our goal by February!
We are pretty mind-blown over this and can't wait to see everyone holding up our banners during the Interlude performance!!
Please continue to support us and spread the word! If you have yet to donate, you can do so now:
Even if it's just $1, a dollar goes a long way!
Again, thank you guys so, so much! <3
I know there's TOOOONNNNS of fan projects going on for the BTS tour. To recap, our project is to have banners printed to hold up during the song Interlude: WINGS. On the back, the banners will have the fan chants to BST, Am I Wrong and 21st Century Girl.
Tier 1 [$1-$4]:
- Stickers
Tier 2 [$5-$9]
- Stickers
- Photocards
- Wristband
Tier 3 [$10-$19]
- Stickers
- Photocards
- Wristband
- Keychain
Tier 4 [$20+]
- Stickers
- Photocards
- Wristband
- Keychain
- Mug
Top donor will also receive a free Blood, Sweat and Tears tee or DOPE tee
* All items are fanmade
* Info/designs are subject to change
Donor goods!
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For the mugs do you get to choose which one or is it random?
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Oh yay thank you=)
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