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From London to Korea Pt 15

Yeah....... Um....... We'll just leave it at that.


It’s been a wild few months. I graduated top of my class, which wasn’t even my class at first. I was bumped up two grades after my freshman year, so I graduated two whole years before I was originally supposed to. And thanks to some help from teachers and my TS tutor, I moved from 5th in my class to 1st. All my academics changed, as well as many of my physical aspects. Once I got settled back into school and had fully realized I was a trainee, TS sent me a workout regimen to follow, as well as a diet to prevent any illnesses. Thankfully I didn’t have to cut to many things, just had to add a bunch more veggies and some more vitamin D. Between the diet changes and the workouts, my body toned up in new ways. So much that many of my clothes no longer fit right and I had to go shopping to get new ones.
During all this, I began to receive small paychecks. Not the amount I’ll be getting once I debut, but enough to start saving for any costs I’ll have once I make the move. And I secretly began to sneak some of it to mom to help with bills. I won’t stop once I’m gone, I refuse. That’s part of the reason why I tried out. To help mom with all the bills and the costs of living.
Well, graduation was a few days ago, and TS is letting me have my grad party before I leave, but to expect some reps to be showing up. Apparently some TS fans have already learned about my new status, and began to stalk every website they could find me on. So I guess it’s more of a security issue. Not that I mind, but I wanted to spend this last day with my family without thinking about it.
I’m sitting on my bed, lost in thought about what I’m going to wear for the party because my fashion sense is seriously failing at the moment, when mom hollers up the stairs for me to answer the door. She would’ve, but she is currently in the kitchen with my aunt and grandma cooking some food for tonight. I run down the stairs, almost face-planting right before I reach the door. Whoever is on the other side tries to hide, but I see a glimpse of hair that looks oddly familiar.
Opening it, I look around while saying, “hmmm. It appears there must be a little child here. Maybe it’s a girl scout?” Krista bursts out laughing, and it gets me going, too.
“Carrie! Argh! I’ve missed you so much!” She’s practically yelling as she engulfs me in a bear hug, trapping my arms by my sides.
“Urg! But we had practice yesterday, so it’s not like it’s been forever.” I try pulling my arms out, but to no avail. She had me in an iron grip.
“Ah, but our Skype practices don’t count! I haven’t given you a real hug in ages!”
“Honey, who’s at the door?” Right. Whoops. Mom Doesn’t know who’s who at TS.
“It’s Krista, my dance teacher.”
“Oh, hold up. Let me wash my hands quickly!” We hear a few clanks and the water running, followed by silence then footsteps running down the hall and mom flinging her arms around Krista.
“Thank you so much for helping my baby girl. You have no idea what changes she has gone through. Take care of her over there.” Mom drops her arms and steps back, while Krista holds a bewildered look on her face.
“It’s no problem, erm….” Oops, I haven’t made introductions yet.
“Krista, this is my mom, Angie, and mom, this is Krista.”
“It’s no problem, Angie. I try to look out for every foreign trainee. I went through it myself.” She was a trainee? What happened?
“Thank you anyways. She is all I have in life.”
“I know the feeling. Now, I heard we need to get you ready for this graduation party tonight?” Krista turns to face me.
“Yeah, I have everything laid out on my bed. It’s all set and will take a few minutes to get into.”
“Nope, we’ve got some plans for you.” I see mom and Krista exchanging glances, looking like they have something up their sleeves.
“What are you guys up too?” I made no effort to hide the curiosity and excitement in my voice.
“Well, Krista and I actually have been talking about once a week. She gives me weekly updates, but doesn’t tell me all the personal stuff you make her swear not to tell anyone. Naturally, she tells me.”
“I figured, mom. But that’s besides the point.”
“I know sweetie. We have a girl’s day planned!”
“What your mom is trying to say, you two are going to go and get some beauty treatments, hair cuts and or styles, and have some time together before you have to leave.” The smile dropped from my face and I felt like a bowling ball hit my heart when I remembered today will be my last day in London.
Apparently my eyes started to water, for mom looked at me with concern coming off her in waves. “Honey, please don’t cry. We wanted to make it a fun day for you.”
“I know, it’s just hard and scary to think about. And I didn’t want to think about it too much today, just enjoy the party.”
“Well, you guys go continue to have your mommy daughter date, and I’ll stay here to help with the cooking.”
“Heads up, my aunt and grandma are a little crazy.”
“Crazy is good. I haven’t experienced it in a while. But you two. Get out, and don’t come back until just before the party starts.”
“Yes ma’am!” Mom and I reply in unison.
We gather our things and head out, mom knowing exactly where we’re going while I am sitting in the dark.
We arrive at a strip mall, full of the perfect shops for a day with my mum. There was a spa, few clothing stores, a massage store, and food spots. Couldn’t get any better.
“We should go shopping first, then head to our appointments. Are you ready?”
I don’t think I was processing for a good few minutes, being as we never went out and did anything like this.
“Hello? Carrie? Are you sure you’re still alive?”
“Yeah, mom. Just so not used to this.”
“I know. I wish we could’ve done this more, but finances were tight.”
“And they won’t be anymore, mom. I’m helping out.”
“No, you aren’t. You’re going to save that for everything you’ll need in Korea.”
Please just let me help you! I don’t want you to lose the house and everything else trying to save it! “Mom, I’ve saved up from my part-time job, and from TS. I have plenty because you would never let me help. Now, let’s go have some fun!” I hope I put my foot down gently enough, but I want to help! She always told me to focus on my studies and auditioning, so I never helped out. That all changes now.
Hope this was enjoyable! And I may or may not have another part up today, depends on my classes.
Love you guys ~Elayne
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