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What's good crew!? Ya girl Cindy logging back on the the Media Monster squad! This weeks theme was favorite labels. So if i had to pick a favorite label it would be illionaire Records! ok so Let's get this party started! * Rolls up sleeves*

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The Founders: The Quiett & Dok2 Friends and rappers The Quiett and Dok2 formed Illionaire Records on January 1, 2011. They signed rapper Beenzino later that year. The Quiett said that he wanted to start a small label to avoid the traditional k-pop major label system. "On major labels, the money made by the artists is first given to the company to pay the bosses, managers, and staff members. In our case, we’re the bosses," he said. Dok2 and The Quiett represented Illionaire Records on the third season of the TV rap competition Show Me the Money, where they were the producers behind winning contestant Bobby of the band IKON. They are confirmed to participate in the show's fifth season in 2016.
Illionaire Squad 1) Beenzino 2) Kim Hyoeun 3) Changmo 4) Hash Swan

Illionaire Squad!

Aren't they adorable!