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Sadly the well know owner of one of Hoseok's biggest fansites passed away from internal bleed in her brain.
and yet with this sad news, this stupid person decided to make a joke about it. This really pissed me off and I felt like I should share it with you guys to get what you guys think about it.
Aside from that bad thing here this... it's sad but sorta sweet in a way...
and lastly this is Hoseok and her. ♡ he apparently liked messing with her hair :,). I hope she rests in peace and is remembered / acknowledged by BTS.
that's so sad I never really got to know who she is but my heart goes out to her and her family it's sad losing somebody rip sweety may God be with you and hopie please stay happy
omg so many good people are dying or already dead that's just sad and whoever is making fun about this girl and her death fuck you poor j hope I feel so bad for him
aww this makes me so sad...I really wish I knew about her more but even though I don't, this actually really hurts me. My heart hurts for her.😔
@hopesforsuga711 @SimplyAwkward I know who the person is. Not personally but a few other army's and I were talking to this person
should we get a hashtag trending for J-Hope to see? Or is one already because J-Hope needs to know... he has a right too... :'c
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