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1 gifs of GD dancing.
2 his best fashion choices, he is so gorgeous
3 GD With his cat ♡♡
4 GD with his dog
5 GD with different colored hair. He looks amazing with any color.
6 my favorite solo by GD is crooked I relate to this song so much. Plus he is so sexy/hot/cute and I just want to give him a hug every time I watch it. Plus it makes me want to go mess with couples in the street xD
7 GD eating I think I'm gonna go eat now XP
8 So he looks amazing in everything he wears even if it's weird so this one was a little harder to do. these are somewhat his worst fashion choices
9 my favorite live performance by GD is crayon ♡♡ it's amazing
10 he's asleep with other members
11 GD christmas..he is so hot
-the moderator team @BBxGD @KwonOfAKind @lovetop @SatinSkies -my tags @KaylaBurge @PrettieeEmm -link to enter http://www.vingle.net/posts/1891270?asrc=copylink so honestly I do not know how to actually link a page I hope that link works please tell me if I does or doesn't thanks ♡♡ The Hunt: 1) 5 gifs of GD dancing 2) 3 photos of GD's best fashion choices 3) 4 photos/gifs of GD with his cat 4) 4 photos/gifs of GD with his dog 5) 5 photos/gifs of GD with different colored hair 6) Video of your favorite GD solo song and why it is your favorite. 7) 5 photos/gifs or GD eating 8) 3 photos of your of GD's worst fashion choices 9) Video of your favorite GD live performance 10) 3 photos/gifs of GD sleeping on or with other Big Bang members 11) 5 photos/gifs of GD in Christmas attire Extra Credit (1 extra entry): If you could spend one day with GD, where would you guys go and what would you do? (Include photos!)
■□extra entry■□ If i could spend a day with Gdragon I would want to go to Disneyland ride all the scary rides that I would never ride. take photos with every character like Mickey Mouse. And eat ramen with him because ramen is life and play games. very simple but fun.
@SatinSkies awwww thank you :) yea I love disneyland so I would want to share something that I love with him if I had the chance :) plus it's the happiest place on earth XP except for like korea lol
Thank you for your entry! I love how you would spend the day with him! Disney, rides, ramen, and video games sounds awesome!