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1 gifs of GD dancing.
2 his best fashion choices, he is so gorgeous
3 GD With his cat ♡♡
4 GD with his dog
5 GD with different colored hair. He looks amazing with any color.
6 my favorite solo by GD is crooked I relate to this song so much. Plus he is so sexy/hot/cute and I just want to give him a hug every time I watch it. Plus it makes me want to go mess with couples in the street xD
7 GD eating I think I'm gonna go eat now XP
8 So he looks amazing in everything he wears even if it's weird so this one was a little harder to do. these are somewhat his worst fashion choices
9 my favorite live performance by GD is crayon ♡♡ it's amazing
10 he's asleep with other members
11 GD christmas..he is so hot
-the moderator team @BBxGD @KwonOfAKind @lovetop @SatinSkies -my tags @KaylaBurge @PrettieeEmm -link to enter http://www.vingle.net/posts/1891270?asrc=copylink so honestly I do not know how to actually link a page I hope that link works please tell me if I does or doesn't thanks ♡♡ The Hunt: 1) 5 gifs of GD dancing 2) 3 photos of GD's best fashion choices 3) 4 photos/gifs of GD with his cat 4) 4 photos/gifs of GD with his dog 5) 5 photos/gifs of GD with different colored hair 6) Video of your favorite GD solo song and why it is your favorite. 7) 5 photos/gifs or GD eating 8) 3 photos of your of GD's worst fashion choices 9) Video of your favorite GD live performance 10) 3 photos/gifs of GD sleeping on or with other Big Bang members 11) 5 photos/gifs of GD in Christmas attire Extra Credit (1 extra entry): If you could spend one day with GD, where would you guys go and what would you do? (Include photos!)
■□extra entry■□ If i could spend a day with Gdragon I would want to go to Disneyland ride all the scary rides that I would never ride. take photos with every character like Mickey Mouse. And eat ramen with him because ramen is life and play games. very simple but fun.
Thank you for your entry! I love how you would spend the day with him! Disney, rides, ramen, and video games sounds awesome!
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@SatinSkies awwww thank you :) yea I love disneyland so I would want to share something that I love with him if I had the chance :) plus it's the happiest place on earth XP except for like korea lol
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