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Um...I don't know how I'm gonna do this, but I'm Gonna try.

Yongguk and Namjoon.

I have Two Ultimate biases. I love Both of my Boys, they're both my Babies, and I can't choose between my babies.

5. Himchan.

Yeah, Sometimes I catch myself fangirling over ol' Himchan. I mean, Look at him. He's Gorgeous! Sorry, Yongguk Hubby!

4. J-Hope!

I mean, look at this Face! How can I not Fangirl over Hobi once in a while.

3. Kai

The pics explain it all. 😍😍😍

2. Zico!

I love this idiot! 😍😍😍 he's so funny and he's so Cute! And now My Major Number 1 Wrecker...*Drum Roll*

1. Ravi.

My Previous Ultimate bias. I've thought about adding him as a third UB, and letting him share with Gummy bear and Joonie, but It's a little complicated. Maybe one day.
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