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This week's theme for K-Pop was bromance. Hip-hop has the theme of idol x rapper collabs. So boom! Two birds with one stone!

I'm going to cover a collaboration by Luizy and Flowsik. I'll provide information on how this friendship started in an uncommon way and why they decided to produce a song together.

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Quick note so you're not confused as to who the idol Luizy is; because you've probably never heard of any idol named Luizy. That's because Luizy/Luizhino is the alternate moniker for Seungyoun of UNIQ. He uses this for his solo work. So Luizy lives a double life. One as a serious rapper and one as Seungyoun, the adorable ball of fluff.

You might remember him from Show Me The Money season 5. This is where the two first met.

Despite the fact that he was chosen over Luizy when it came time for the elimination, he still saw something in him.

That boy picked him as a competitor because he wanted to challenge himself, not because he was cocky. Flowsik definitely saw that.

Luizy's voice and style had been criticized from the very start, but obviously that wasn't an opinion Flowsik shared.

Video: Rap battle on SMTM

Because of that mutual respect, they became close friends instead of rivals.

More will be said about the bromance after discussing their collaboration. Including some cute videos.

Resulting in the awesome song Recipe!

It's very gritty in comparison to the lighthearted song Baby Ride that Luizy did with Hyunsik.

This was real hip-hop. When Luizy dropped that mic at the end, he sure as hell earned that right.

Recipe is without a doubt hip-hop. The biggest hip-hop fans I know say that it's legit.

In my opinion, he doesn't sound like an idol in it. This really showed that he had the chops to rightfully refer to himself as a rapper; not simply an idol that fulfills the role of the member that raps.

I believe this is the reason Flowsik decided to make a song with him. Not just because they were friends, but because he respected Luizy's abilities.

Perhaps he wanted to help Luizy prove himself. Showing people that although he's an idol, he can definitely rap alongside a rapper and hold his own.

Now for the cute bromance! Awe, look at that hug!

A game where they have to draw eachother.
Towards the end, Flowsik explains his drawing and goes on to say that Seungyoun reminds him of himself when he was young, his personality and his attitude about bettering himself as a rapper. So that's why he took such a liking to him and why he wants to work with him.
A cute game where they saw how much their likes and dislikes matched up.
About 80% matched according to them.
This is the "behind the scenes" for Recipe.

Do you think this is a sign that more friendships between idol rappers and rappers will happen?

Comment below!

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I'm hoping that it's a sign lol
nice. good for them. i liked them both
this is so cute once I'm out of work I'll have to listen to the song
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@BabydollBre it's not often when idol rappers can do it so it's awesome to see it when it happens