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Wahh it's time for some facts about our Monsta X Wonho (Shin Hoseok❤) Enjoy today's card~
Ahh too cute my heart his smile/laugh is just jsjdjeksd (/^\)❤❤ anyway haha Fact 1: Wonho jokingly said that he likes Jogger pants because of how comfortable they are. Fact 2: When asked how to act sexy he replied with "How am I supposed to act sexy, I was born sexy?" Fact 3: Back when he was a trainee, he was a backup dancer for Sistar. Fact 4: Wonho can do a body roll with only his belly and raise both eyebrows individualy. Fact 5: Wonho can do taekwondo.
Fact 6: Wonho was once asked by a fan at a fan sign to kiss her, on the lips. However Wonho told her, "Are you sure you want me to kiss you? If I do, you know I'd have to kiss 100 other girls as well." After that, the fan changed her mind. Fact 7: After getting up in the morning, Wonho would most likely go back to sleep. Fact 8: Wonho loves listening to his groups song's. He even listens to their songs to cheer himself up. Fact 9: Wonho never said he didn't want to get married, just that he doesn't want to get married now, but probably later, when he's older. Fact 10: Wonho originally wanted to be Taekwondo athlete when he was younger, but he ended up injuring himself and had to take a break. During his break he received a call from Starship. He saw the way the trainees worked hard and was moved by their dedication, so he decided to join.
Fact 11: Before debuting he would not visit his home often because his mom advised him not to come. The reason was because his family almost went bankrupt trying to support him while he was training. They ended up selling almost all of their furniture, and it is difficult for Wonho to talk about this. (His mom now owns a cafe named "MoMo Cafe"❤) Fact 12: Wonho is a former high school Ulzzang. Fact 13: Wonho has a big fear of heights, he had to take medicine to distract him from the heights while filming the "Hero" MV. Fact 14: Wonho loves eating his mothers kimchi fried rice. Fact 15: Wonho and his brother both live their lives doing what they want and achieving their dreams because according to him, his parents raised and encouraged them to be this way.
more reasons for me to love him
He is literally an angel. T_T
@Keldra yesss he is (/^\) 💕