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Tae Tae and Layla got something good for you. lol. yup I split this up in 2 views to see what's going on from their perspectives
Tae view**** Its funny they think none of us knew what happened after the concert. Jin was aware, so was Namjoon and Jimin who kept joking about it which got the rest of us to realize Yoongi had pulled Keri off to go fuck in a closet somewhere. Layla had blushed deeply when she realized what the guys were saying about her new friend. All through dinner I kept sneaking glances over at Layla, she was a pretty girl. With that long black hair and everything seemed to make her smile. She sat across from me and kept touching kooki's arm who she sat next to. Keri on her other side was silent and looking sad the entire time. After we left something must have happened between the two girls because she had been fine before then. "What do you think they're doing over there?" Layla asked me as I leaned against the van watching the pair. "I don't know. What did you two talk about to make her sad?" I asked her. Layla looked like she was thinking back on it and just shrugged. "Not much. Keri told me how she met suga and her friend Mel trying to go after him. That was about it" she shrugged. That wouldn't make keri sad. The couple had a really cute way of meeting and getting together, I even helped! "I also told her that I wouldn't tell anyone she's dating him." She added. "Really? You won't tell?" I asked. "No." She said taken aback. "I wouldn't try to start a rumor to hurt you guys. That would just be cruel" she said. Oh she was definitely a better friend the Keri's other one. Mel had done that and caused a bunch of mayhem. "I wonder what's going on with those two. They seem like they're - why is he laughing at her? Oh that's just mean. Keri looks really upset" Layla was observing the couple as well. "That fool" I said. It looked like yoongi was holding her back from leaving and getting serious. "So is this what you guys normally do after a concert?" Layla asked. "Not always. Sometimes we eat together sometimes we don't" I shrugged. I talked to Layla for a few minutes before I saw Yoongi and Keri coming back. "Keri are you feeling better now?" Kooki asked her when they came back. "Yes I'm fine kooki" she said. "What were you two talking about?" He asked. "Nothing that concerns you kook" yoongi said That was a little harsh. I mean we could all see she had been upset about something and Now he wasn't going to share. "Let's get in the van" Namjoon said. So we all got in the van. I sat on the other side of keri and layla sat next to Namjoon and kooki. "Are you okay?" I asked keri showing my concern. She patted my arm. "Yes I'm good. Just worrying needlessly about things" she reassured me. Why was it I was starting to have a funny feeling in my stomach when she touched me. This was my friends girlfriend. Maybe because I saw all the things that transpired with them and worried for her.
Layla view**** I can't believe I was actually hanging out with these people. Who knew that just by being nice to the girl I would be blessed with good fortune. Keri was really nice, I could really see how come one of these guys could fall for her. Yoongi seemed to really take care of her and make her feel special. I felt bad that I might have done something to make her upset but that blew over so fast. The next couple days after the concert went by and I was spending time with Keri and the guys. I was so shocked how they actually allowed me to still hang around them. I thought it would be a one time deal. Granted it was awesome being able to see them backstage at the concert and hang out with them. "Hey Layla do you want to go get coffee with me?" Keri had called me up this morning. I looked at the clock to see that it was 9 in the morning. "Uh when?" I asked her. "Hmm in an hour?" She said. "Okay I think I can do that" I said. She laughed on the phone. "Did I wake you up?" She asked. "No I was just laying in bed waiting to get the motivation to move" I said. "Oh well coffee is a good motivation" she chuckled. Maybe for the coffee addict she was. I could go for some hot chocolate. Or maybe bubble tea. "I'll see you in an hour. Um you know the Java house right?" She asked. "The place around the corner from me yes" I nodded. It also seemed to be where she always went to. "Then I'll see you there" she said and hung up. Slowly I got up and got dressed in a maxi dress that went past my feet making me feel short. I got a text from my boyfriend Tao as I was leaving the house. 'Hey babe. Want to go out tonight?' I hadn't seen my boyfriend in days. I kept being busy with my new friends. 'I'm going out with keri today' I messaged back. 'Your always with her' he texted back right away. 'She's nice and a new friend' I said. 'Are you going to be with those guys again?" He wrote. "Like I have any idea. I'm betting not " I said to myself.  Really I'd seen them for 3 days and now they were gone doing concerts for the next week. 'I won't see them for the week I know cuz they went out of town' I messaged. 'Okay just checking' After that I stopped messaging him and went to meet up with keri. Shocking! She was already there drinking coffee and it looked like she was with someone. I went up and saw she was with some girl. "Keri?" I asked behind her. She turned and smiled at me. "Layla! Hi! You came early" she said. "Uh yes, I didn't know you were meeting with someone" I said eyeing the blonde. "I came early and my friend Mel was here so I was saying hi to her" she said. Mel. That sounded familiar. "Hi I'm Keri's best friend Mel" the blonde said with a little wave. "Hi" I said. "Keri are you replacing me as your best friend?" She asked Keri. "Uh no. Mel mel your my bestie, layla is my new friend" she said. Wait Mel! As in the friend who tried to get with Yoongi and the one who sabotaged yoongi earlier this year. Oh like hell I was going to be nice to her. "Hey Keri do you want to get coffee to go and walk around?" I asked nicely "Oh I thought we could all sit and talk for a bit" keri said. "Mel was talking about her fiance and their wedding" keri said. Fiance? This girl was getting married? Wait not focus keri actually wanted me to talk to her? Like nicely? I wasn't sure I would be able to do that. "Do you have a boyfriend Layla?" Mel asked. "Yes I do" I said plastering on a smile. "Well I'm going to get another cup of coffee. Hot chocolate for you Layla?" Keri asked getting up. She wasn't going to leave me was she? Oh no! No! I grabbed her arm which made her stop and look at me. "I'll go with you. I'm not sure which kind of chocolate I want" I said. "Oh yea, okay" she smiled. "Mel mel we'll be right back" she added. When we were farther away and in line I turned on keri. "You cannot leave me alone with her" I said. "Why?" She looked confused. "I may say a few bad things to her" I worded it out slowly for her. "Why?" She asked. "Because she's a bitch" I stated. "How? You've never met her" keri said."I didn't have to meet her to know that. Really keri. After some of the stuff you told me about her I can figure it out" I told her. "What did I say?" She asked. "Your playing clueless aren't you?" I narrowed my eyes at her. "Just a little" she laughed. "But I see you wouldn't get along with her" she said. "Oh let's order" she moved up. She got another coffee and I got a peppermint hot chocolate. When we got back to the table Keri said change of plans and she would see Mel a different day. I was glad I wouldn't have to say anything to her. I hated seeing people cry. Keri and I walked around and window shopped, looking in windows and taking pictures of random things. It was an entertaining afternoon.
hmm well it looks like Tae Tae is getting some kind of feeling for keri! oh no I really hope he can control himself! lol and yup I had given Layla a boyfriend, damn, is it bad that I want to get rid of him right away?
Aw, I kinda like Tao as Layla's boyfriend but it that ain't gonna work put her with Tae
I have to agree with JaxomB, he's a good guy I think even if he fell head over heals for Keri, he would never tell her in respect and love for both Yoongi and Keri.... I just love Tae Tae! damn I like Layla, i see some conflict in the future but Lays gonna kick her ass if Mel tries anything! whoop whoop! ~♡
I can see Tae having feelings for Keri since he is such a sweet guy and always concerned about her. He'll end up Uncle TaeTae though, and honestly, he'd probably be okay with that.
Tae best not be getting feels for Keri oh no... Also I was wondering how you where going to work things out with Layla and her boyfriend because I remember her mentioning him in line to Keri, I'm totally ok with him going bye bye though and oh snaps maybe Tae doesn't have feelings for Keri but actually has feelings for Layla and is just mixing them up with the timing of things. Oh and damn I can see Layla being savage af to Mel.
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Ideas ideas, I'm excited to see where else this story is going to go.
Oh how dare you give her a boyfriend lol and tao....oh no why you use him lol get rid of him! lol
Oh do you not like me using him???? lol💙💙 that drama is in my head okay!!! he got put in!!! 😂😂😂😂
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